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[ Votes: 140]
The Art Corner Wei-Ling Lorelai Wu
An art critique site run by yours truly ^_^ This site was inspired by the discontinued "Critique Corner" that debuted on RPGamer in mid-1999. Come and visit us; you'll find a *lot* of familiar RPGamer faces...

[ Votes: 27]
Penumbra Sarah Trout
The official home page of the upcoming RPG, Penumbra

[ Votes: 248]
Project X Daniel Steinke
A site detailing 5 High school seniors' quest to create an RPG. Complete with project logs, screens, downloads, and even some other stuff we did while having fun with a digital camera.

[ Votes: 53]
War of the Red Dragons Stephen Pipoly
Play on of the greatest free online RPGs, all email based so you play on your own time! Create your own character, using him in an intricate story and participating in challenging battles.

[ Votes: 2]
Druman Productions Brixbee
Home of Druman Productions, find out more about Tierrus and the upcoming RPG Maker called RPGMagic as well as many upcoming PC RPG titles.

[ Votes: 5]
#SSTrax - Digital Music Tracking at its Best! BrianXavier
#SSTrax is an IRC channel on EsperNet. The page features music by our members, non-member uploads/reviews, the biggest Squaresoft Music archive anywhere, and tons of tracking compos, (contests!) Your favourite Squaresoft trackers are sure to be a part of

[ Votes: 8]
Novasoft aderax
Home of several future PC RPGs, such as Prophecy of Kadhyre and Dark Phantasy.
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