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We Must Push On

David Looney - February 4th '04- 20:00 CDT

   See this is why I hate the new year. I took about 6 weeks off, so I could recharge and to avoid the new year and what happens? No one updates for me. Go smack Google for not updating. The reason I didn't start updating till now is because I get seasonal allergies and I've been busy with real life, so it left little time for the computer. This is the longest I have sat at my computer since novemeber.

    5 Guides this week, 1 new, 1 semi-new and 3 updated ones. Check them out. 2 are from first time FAQ writers. So go give them love. Go to the forum, and tell me how much you hate me.

    No shout outs this week. Sorry. Last title was from Anti-flag's song of the same name. This week's title is from a band I went and seen in November. Good luck and seeya next week.
Pet Me Michele. I've updated.

Bad TRC no cookie.

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