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David Looney - November 14 '03- 20:00 CST

   See I THOUGHT the 13th was the second anniversy of my being the curator of guides, but it seems it was actually november 3rd. Oops. Still this is the offical celebration, we now have a new look. Thanks once more to tuinte. Also we have a new archive, thanks in part to Foxworth for the coding and Viper for most of the entering. I am slowly filling it in, it should be done in a few weeks. I am at the rate of a few games a day.

    Dude check this update out, 3 new guides and an update. Go read the FFXI guide if you are playing, it will help you much. Go to the forum, and tell me how much you love the new look.

    Before you ask, no, I didn't not steal this setup from news. They stole it from me. It has been ready for nearly a month, I just wanted to wait to use it. I think it was worth it. Savory_Snax gets the shout out this week

Snax: I'd just like to say what's up to all my peeps out there on the internet. Go here and here

Thanks Snax! If you want a shout out in next week's update, just give me a correct guess of what song/band the title comes from, the title is dedicated to Kamikaze! It is a punk band. So go find it. Last week's title came from Nerfherder's song "Is there life on mars". Hard eh?

New look!

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* N E W *

Final Fantasy XI

version 1.0

by BlackRagnarok

* N E W *

Final Fantasy X-2

Import Walkthrough
version FINAL

by IiNcX.z

* N E W *

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken

version 1.10

by Junta

* N E W *

Kingdom Hearts

version Final

by Mogg 13-42 and Akram Ajlouni

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