Link's Diary

By: Kenneth Vendelboe

Disclaimer: Characters and places are ™, , , and all that have roughly the same effect, from Nintendo of Japan. You've probably heard about them if you read this.

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December 24th.

Epona has just given birth; the best christmas present I've ever had. It was a male, and both mother and son are fine and at good health. It's gonna be the best christmas ever...

Christmas... my friends all see so much happiness in that time... why can't I? Has it got something to do with my lost seven years? Is the Christmas Joy nothing but memories from your childhood? At least I can find the happiness with Epona. Wonder what we're going to call the newborn? Oh well, all in due time. It's late, and I should get some rest. Besides, if Malon catches me writing by candlelight, right next to the hay, she'll definitely kill me.

December 25th.

As always I get up before the sun, ready to feed the horses. I'm still surprised when I see Talon up and about. It seems like yesterday he was being so lazy... then again, it is almost yesterday when it comes to me.

I went to check on Epona and her son. They were both well, and Apon, in the stall next to them, seemed very interested in the foal. His son. It's strange, but when Epona and Apon looks at each other, I can swear that I see true love in their eyes. And maybe I do. At any rate, Malon gave up using him for breeding. He's only interested in Epona. Luckily, my reputation amongst the Gerudo's had become quite good after saving Hyrule, so I had them trade her a new stallion. In return, they had free supplies of Lon Lon Milk for the next year or so. Oh, was she upset. Speaking of her... she's standing next to my bed, frowning at me. Too bad I'm not an artist, that face should be put down here. Well, we're off for the party.

December 26th.

What a party! So many people I haven't seen for a long time. Zelda, for example. I didn't believe my own eyes when I saw her. I thought she would cancel her idea about becoming a normal citizen, but... and the man she showed up with! I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before, and he gave me a bad feeling. Unfortunately, Zelda is the only to still be upset at me, so I couldn't tell her. He looked like... He looked like Sheik, but since that was actually Zelda... I don't know. The day today is probably going to be lazy, with all that food we ate last night. Oh, my stomach. It hurts just thinking about it.

Apon and Epona were put into the double stall with the foal. Apon had spent the entire night trying to get to Epona. His stall is a wreck! At least I'm not gonna be sweeping the courtyard tomorrow. Hmm. The ink bottle looks like it needs a refill. Well, Apon, you'll have to take me to Zora in the morning. We have to deliver some milk there, anyway.

December 27th.

It's late night by now. The journey to Zora took longer than I expected, partially because of Ruto. All of a sudden she walked up to me, and started talking about when we first met. What's up with the world? Everybody is thinking so much about the past lately. Call me superstitious, but I'm ready to call it an omen.

Malon just left, and she confirmed my suspicion. The last month or so she's been talking about wanting to get married soon. Now she didn't. Either they are all planning a "Here's your life, Hero", or something really bad is going to happen. Epona seems uneasy, too.

The Zora's were happy for the fresh milk, and paid a lot of Rupees. I'll say one thing about this Ranch: One delivery of milk, and we have enough money for food for the rest of the month. It's nice.

December 28th.

It's early morning, and something terrible has happened. Epona and the foal is gone. We woke up due to Apon freaking out in the stables, and when we got there, Epona and their son were gone. Not a trace. What on earth is happening to my surroundings?! I'm writing this while riding Apon towards Kakariko. I need Zelda's help here. I have to gain entry to the Chamber of Time. Sadly, only her Ocarina can do that. I have to get hold of the Master Sword. Whoever stole Epona is going to taste the Sacred Blade! Malon's riding next to me, on the now two year old Gerudo stallion we obtained. Fortunately, he and Apon get along quite well. As long as Kuna (the other stallion) doesn't get too close to Epona, that is. Well, I see the stairs to Kakariko now. I wonder if Zelda will help me...

December 29th.

Trouble. I explained matters to Zelda, and she finally agreed to help me, after Impa telling her how stubborn she was. Problem is... the sword was not in the Chamber! I had planned to pull it out with a rope, thus avoiding to be sent through time, but there was no sword. Somehow, a thief has broken into the Temple, and stolen the Master Sword. I'm leaving the girls in town, and leaving for Gerudo. They've got some explaining to do. And poor Epona... and her son. Funny, but sometimes I think best under stress. I just came up with a name for him: Beska. An old Sheikah word for attention. And that's what he's getting now. There's the valley. Oh, am I steaming!


The good news: Epona had, for some reason, taken a walk with the foal, and had left Gerudo for the ranch, just one hour before I came. Apparently, they went one way around the cliff, as I went around the other. Pure coincidence, but at least they're safe and sound.

The bad news: The Gerudo's knew nothing of the Master Sword's disappearance. I know they are telling me the truth; they did last time, and as a reward I let them off the hook. The previous Skulltula family weren't happy about it, but after having Zelda threaten to turn them into spiders again, they fell silent. Rich people. Sheeesh! Glad I chose Malon over Zelda; maybe I had ended up the same way? Well, I'm walking back to the ranch. Apon, that traitor, ran after Epona and Beska. He's not gonna get groomed tonight, that's for sure.

December 30th.

For the first time in more than a year I stayed in bed until noon. OK, I wasn't home until 4:30, but I still felt guilty. When I finally woke up, I talked with Malon for a while, about the Master Sword. She reckons no one stole it, but that it has just moved forward through time, until it is needed again. I'm not quick to jump to conclusions, but I don't buy it. Yes, the Master Sword is partially magic, and yes, it would be a disaster if it was gone when it was needed... Seeing the words following the pen, it suddenly seems much more logical... I don't know, nor do I care at the moment. There's gonna be a giant party to celebrate the new year, and as last time, I'm the main attraction. Problem is, I'm a bit out of shape, unlike last year. I'd better be starting some practice. If I don't, they'll spend the entire next year picking me up all over Hyrule!

December 31st.

I fear I'm not in enough practice, but I can't let them down. They've been looking forward to it. And after all, part of this party is the celebration of Ganon's defeat... Hard to believe it's been a full year. Anyway, all I have to do is drop a bomb at every ClockStone, until all thirty are armed. Then, I have to use the Longshot to get up in the top of the tree. All within five seconds. Then again, I had a full second in spare last time. Good luck, Link.

January 1st.

My right foot hurts like H***! Some wiseguy was practicing archery... with MY Fire Arrows! And of course he hit one of the bombs, making it blow a full second before it should! I knew I should have put them in a locked closet. They are now, and that kid... I'm repeating myself, but I've seen his eyes somewhere. It was the same feeling I had about Zelda's date last week...

January 2nd.

I HAD seen him somewhere, and Navi would probably have told me, if she hadn't gone back to live in Kokiri. His eyes were the same as Ingo's, while he was brainwashed. What is going on here? Is someone trying to kill me? I've been spending time polishing my shield, feeling I was going to need it soon. By all three Goddesses, let me be wrong. I've also taken out Biggoron's sword. It still hasn't got a scratch, unlike the one I got from his brother! All I can use that for, is a paperweight.

Malon says the horses are doing fine, and I sure hope she ain't lying. I see some great potential in Beska. She had also noticed something else, something that also confirms my theories about Epona and Apon. Normally, he should be more than normally interested in her by now, but he isn't. Kuna is, though, to Apon's greatest disapproval. Can't say I blame him.

Malon also took time to remind me about the hole in Apon's stall. What does she expect me to do? I can't stand on my right leg! I don't like to do it, but I'll have to spend some money on ordering one of Gran's Magical Potions. They cost a fortune, but...

January 3rd.

The potion worked, and immediately Malon started dealing out orders. Her excuse was my lying lazy about for two days. LAZY!? What did she call her father a couple of years ago, then?

It was nice to see Epona, Apon and Beska again. They seemed happy to see me as well. So did Kuna, when I poured some of the potion on a wound, Apon had given him. Apparently, they'd been arguing about Epona. Kuna stayed away from her ever since; he hasn't even looked at her! Horses are quite funny creatures at many times.

January 4th.

I'm making Apon run faster than ever right now, heading for Kakariko. A pigeon was sitting in my window, carrying a message from Zelda. Apparently, when Impa went to the Shadow Temple last night, she was denied access. It might be nothing; a result from Malon's "prophecy" regarding the Master Sword. If the Temples aren't needed right now, the Sages might not be Sages anymore. Then again, the Dark Form might be returning. If he is, I bet they expect ME to get rid of it.

January 5th.

No entries.

January 6th.

Two days in that hole, and not a trace of Evil. I've normally got a long fuse, but I hate the place! And two days down there is not my idea of a good start on the new year. And guess what. Apon went home. That means a 10 hour walk to get home! I'm going to talk to him about this. Maybe he just wants to be there for Epona, and that's fine with me, but I have needs to.

January 7th.

My life is changing fast. It's almost midnight, and I've been listening to an incredible story all day; Zelda will have to verify it tomorrow. It appears, that the Goddesses have been seen in the Lost Woods. Zelda, as the most powerful Sage, should be able to feel their presence. If it is true... it can't be. The Goddesses have no business in Hyrule. But it might be a way of removing the Triforce of Power from Ganon. If only I knew who would get it then... would the battle ever stop?

Beska is making remarkable improvements. Only two weeks of age, but it seems as if he was two months! He has just today tried eating grass. However, he has the body and stomach of a two-week old, so Epona did what she could to stop him.

Speaking of Epona, Kuna is still ignoring her. After that wound Apon dealt him, I don't really wonder.

January 8th.

I didn't have the time to visit Kakariko, so I sent a pigeon instead. The answer arrived in the evening:

"Link." (I noticed she didn't start with "Dear Link." She's still angry, I suppose.)

"I've heard said rumour as well, but neither I, nor any of the other Sages believe it. For all we've been able to gather, the rumor was started by the Head Carpenter. I've hired him to take Care of Hyrule Castle Town, but if there had been others, I had never chosen him. You ought to know, anyway. Each Goddess became a part of the Triforce. You hold one: Farore, Goddess of Courage. I hold Nayru, and sadly Ganon has still got Din. Nothing can be done about that. Not in our time.


She didn't finish with anything but her name. She IS angry!

January 9th.

Apon and Kuna got in a fight last night. It's strange, they've always been best of friends. It took Malon and me all night to calm them down. Strange, but whenever I asked Apon what got into him, Epona started pushing me. I wonder why?

Luckily, none of them got hurt, and Kuna has apparently decided to give up on Epona. She was probably the reason for their fight. Lucky for him. I'm not gonna tell Malon, she loves that horse, but if he hurts Epona, Apon or Beska, I won't take long to hurt him just as much!

January 10th.

Seems Epona and Apon decided to increase the family, anyway. Fortunately, Nabooru has put out a standing offer on any foals from either Kuna or Apon, so that part is taken care of. Also, it might give some peace and quiet around the stables for a change. Kuna looked angry when he realised what was going on, but appears to have accepted it. After all, there's not much he can do.

Malon took the opportunity to ask me when I was going to propose to her. I fended her off with a teasing "soon", but I hid the truth from her. I'm not going to propose until I know what is happening here. It wouldn't be fair in any other way. I'm going cold on my idea that Ganon is returning, but I'd better go talk to Nabooru tomorrow. Partially because she's a Sage, and should be able to check the Seal, and partially because I have to tell her about Apon and Epona. Duties, duties, duties... Sometimes I miss that bit of childhood I had in Kokiri.

January 11th.

Nabooru was unable to find anything wrong with the Seal, and was even so nice as to double check it. After I told her of the upcoming foal, she invited me to their shooting range. I'd never tried it while riding Apon, and was eager to give it a shot. And guess what, I beat every prior record. A pure perfect! 2000 points. Nabooru looked very surprised, especially when I didn't want the money price right away. If only she had known... I had been so careless, I'd left my wallet on the night table. That wouldn't have happened while Ganon kept me on my toes. I'm slacking off, I'm afraid. And if I am, there will be no more firing rockets the Link way on New Years Eve! My leg still hurts, despite the potion.

There's been another improvement with Beska, and this time I'm puzzled. This morning, he started jumping over sticks lying on the ground. It reminded me so much of Malon's obstacle course. Could Beska have a future as a race horse?

January 12th.

I woke up through a strange pain in my hand, and found the image of the Triforce glowing softly. I'll have to remember asking Zelda about that.

Beska was sleeping when I got to feeding the horses, but Epona hurried and woke him up. Strangely, Apon looked as if he hadn't been sleeping all night. Oh well, horses probably suffer from insomnia just as much as humans.

I'm thinking about telling Malon what it would take for me to propose. Problem is, if I tell her, she'll think I've gone nuts. What should I do? When I look at Epona and Apon, they make life look so easy. It isn't.

January 13th.

Malon won't talk to me at the moment.

I couldn't sleep last night. I went out to the tower, and looked at the moon from there. Whenever the moon is full, I always start thinking about the past. Why?

While standing there, I suddenly heard a sound behind me. It was Malon, riding Kuna. She asked me why I wasn't sleeping, and told her about my thoughts of the past. She listened interested, and the conversation ended with us discussing memories from the last year or so.

Then, she asked me again when we were to get married. Heaven knows I want to, but as long as my instincts tell me that something is wrong, I just can't. Stupid as I am, I told her. She just nodded, said "Oh", and left. Now she won't talk to me. Good grief, Apon. If you could talk, I sure would like some hints on what to do from here.

January 14th.

I just met someone I hadn't ecpected to ever see again. Kaepora Gaebora, The Ancient Owl.

He claimed to have just dropped by, and we started talking. I asked him about the Master Sword, but he wasn't really worried. As a former Sage of Spirit (who had been replaced by Nabooru when she was old enough), he knew some things about the Sword. It had been created by the Goddesses, and contained a small, but vital part of the Triforce of Courage. Therefore, only I should be able to pull the Sword from the piedestal. I, or a descendant of mine, when the land was once again in great trouble.

After saying that, he just took off. I've relaxed a bit, but I'm still not sure nothing is going on. I just can't forget that kid's eyes.

January 15th.

I'm taking some time off, and plan to investigate Hyrule inside-out. First stop is Hyrule Castle Town. The carpenters are doing a great work, and Zelda is there at the moment, helping with the blueprints for the new castle. Apon seems much more calm today. Maybe it's because he's not worried about Kuna... *grin*


Nothing was wrong at the Castle, and I found no trace of anything in the ruins of Ganon's Tower. Zelda was surprised to see me, but her voice is still very cold. Do I really have to save her life a second time, before she will talk to me freely again?

I'm heading for Kakariko now, and should be there by nightfall.

January 16th.

Impa's been able to enter the Shadow Temple again, so if anything was wrong that while back, at least it's over now. According to her, Zelda will just need some more time to get over me. How much time does she need?

Kakariko looked fine, and Death Mountain should have a change of name to Life Mountain. Birds and trees are everywhere on the sides, and Dodongo's Cavern only contained Gorons. So did Goron City. I still think something is wrong, though. Next stop, Zora's Domain.

January 17th.

It's late night, and I've still found nothing. Zora was as beautiful as ever, and Lord Jabu-Jabu is behaving himself, according to Ruto. I even spent time going throught the Ice Cavern, but to no avail.

I went directly from there to the Lost Woods, planning on checking the Forest Temple, and then talking a little with the Deku Tree. Nothing in the Temple, and according to the Deku Tree, Kokiri is as peaceful as ever. I took the opportunity to return the Kokiri Sword, doubting I was going to need it again, and checked my old house, just in case I'd forgotten something. I hadn't. It's off to Lake Hylia, then. I've sent Apon back to the Ranch, and plan on just using the Ocarina.

January 18th.

Checked both Lake Hylia and the Haunted Wasteland. Lake Hylia was crystal clear as always, and Ruto had closed the Water Palace.

The desert was hotter than I remembered it, but it least there was no sandstorm this time. Apart from the heat, everything was normal. However, my feeling of trouble is stronger than ever.

January 19th.

What is happening here? The Master Sword is back... but why? Is it that omen I've been waiting for? Zelda was here at the Ranch, when I returned from Gerudo. It appears, that when she entered the Temple of Time, just to check if it needed repairs, the Master Sword was just lying there on the floor... broken. She had it with her, and as soon as I touched it, my hand hurt like never before, and the Triforce of Courage was shining harder than back in Ganon's Tower. The blade then started moving, patching itself back together. I was as surprised as anyone. The sword is now lying here next to me; we all agreed that I should keep it.

Kuna has been behaving himself quite nicely; it appears that Apon has managed to re-establish his rank as leader. Epona and Beska are fine, and Epona seemed to have missed me the last couple of days. I'm starting to give her a bit of exercise after the birth. Beska is almost four weeks now, and, according to Malon, his development is straightening out. As I've written earlier, he seemed very advanced for his age. Apparently, he was just more curious than normal. That's a good thing; we don't need a foal at two months of age, thinking it was an adult!

There's a strange sound in the stable now. I'm going down to check. With the Master Sword.

January 20th.

Oh dear, I'll have to talk to Talon about this. That sound I heard was Malon, riding off on Kuna... without a saddle. I had no choice but to just jump on Apon, and hope for the best. I followed her, not knowing why, to Gerudo. Admittedly, I didn't have the faintest idea what she was doing there; it couldn't be business. Not in the middle of the night. She went to talk to Nabooru, of all people.

I stayed outside the building, eavesdropping on their conversation. I got seen by a guard, but luckily it was one that knew me, and didn't sound the alarm.

The conversation was about Malon's mother. A subject I've been avoiding. All I knew, was that her mother died when Malon was just a baby. But why was she talking to Nabooru about her? And why were they discussing memories of her? Could Malon's mother possible be... a Gerudo? It would explain why she was so set on getting a Gerudo stallion for breeding, but... why hasn't she told me? What else is she keeping from me?

January 21st.

I was right, her mother IS a Gerudo. Or at least a Gerudo that had left to start an honest life on the farm. Talon had fallen in love with her, and they had gotten married. About a year later Malon was born, and inherited her mother's fascination of horses. According to Talon, Malon is a bit ashamed that her mother is a former thief, and that could be the reason she didn't tell me. I'm going to confront her with what I know. Talon told me to. He also allowed me to make it clear he had told me; thus avoiding an argument about why I followed her.


I've just been talking with her, and she admitted it. I'm glad she did. Fortunately she knows I don't think bad of the Gerudo. Why should I? They've helped me out a couple of times. I could see how relieved she was that knew. However, she's still upset that I won't propose yet. Women. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Apon, do you have the same problems with Epona? I doubt it, honestly.

It's Sunday tomorrow, so I might go fishing in Lake Hylia. I'm not in the mood for meat loaf.

January 22nd.

I never got to Lake Hylia. First of all, I had a couple of things to do in the stable. That didn't take too long. It was just some quick sweeping. But just as I was ready to leave, Malon told me to deliver some milk and bread to the carpenters in Hyrule Castle Town. Strange, but I thought they had enough supplies to last the rest of the month. They had.

Zelda had sent for the supplies, because she needed to talk to me. She dragged me into the Temple of Time, and told me to look closely at the piedestal. I did, and found some very small grains of gold dust. I don't know how it got there, but she promised to keep the Temple 100% sealed off. Every window was shut, and both windows and doors were sealed by magic, using our combined powers. Only when we both agree will it be opened again.

As I got back to the Ranch it was almost dinner time... we had meat loaf.

January 23rd.

WHY do they put meat loaf on the menu, when they know I get stomach aches from it? Sometimes I think that I'm not considered part of the family, no matter what they say.

Beska will be a full month tomorrow. How fast time flows! I'll try and get somebody to paint a picture of him; in a year I'll have forgotten what he looked like as a foal. He's parents look as much in love as ever. Even Nabooru (she'd been visiting yesterday) says so. According to her, only once in a million will that kind of bond be created. We've been lucky, then.

January 24th.

Zelda just left, very upset. When she had woken up this morning, she found our seal on the Temple of Time gone. Not just broken, but GONE! She has no idea how it happened, but we now intend to strengthen the seal, using the powers of the Sages, as well as our own. If needed, we'll take power from our parts of the Triforce. If that can't keep the seal in place, nothing can. It will be done tomorrow, and could easily take all day.

I've been looking through this diary, and it appears things started to change when Beska was born. This is probably just a coincidence, but I'm glad I started this diary back then. It reminded me of Zelda's date back at the Christmas party. I talked to her about him, and he turned out to be just another Sheikah. Nothing strange there.

January 25th.

It's noon, and I'm writing in my diary to prevent myself from falling asleep. The Great Seal wsa cast this morning, and I had only just gotten back to the Ranch, when the sky gave way to the rain. It's raining so much out there, I can't even see the stable from the window! I had been hoping to get cleaned out the tower in the back of the Ranch, but I'm not going over there in this weather! It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Malon's been very jumpy whenever I've entered her room. What could she be doing in there?

January 26th.

The raining's stopped, but the weather is so cold. I've started reading a book; it's quite good. It's called "Revival", and is about a couple of teenagers, that stumble upon a gate to a different dimension; The Valley of the Dead. It's prolonged like anything, but it's exciting. I expect to finish it in a couple of days.

I bet the Zoras are worried about the cold. For what I know, most of them still have nightmares from being imprisoned in the ice. Terrible.

January 27th.

Malon is being so secretive! I've been thinking of some reasons, and decided she must be preparing a birthday present for me, even though it's not until March. If something bad was going on, she would tell me... wouldn't she?

I've been out to check on Beska; cold isn't the best thing for a foal. He appears to be all right, though, and so does all the other animals.

The weather is warmer than yesterday, and I managed to pick a small bunch of snowdrops for Malon. She appreciated it. Maybe I've just been nervous the last month's time. Things are looking so good for the future.

January 28th.

I just had to write that last sentence, right? Zelda came and woke me up around midnight, and told me to play the Prelude of Light, and thereby go to the Temple of Time. I did, and found the place unlocked. Whatever it is that is happening, it had broken the strongest seal ever created. I now fear, more than ever, that Ganon can escape from the Sacred Realm. According to Zelda that WILL inevitably happen someday, but she doubts it will happen this fast. It would require descendants of the Sages to be sent directly to Ganon. For as long as that situation is avoided, Hyrule should be safe. I hope she's right.

When I returned to the Ranch, Malon was very angry at me for just leaving. If I had been able to just warp to the Ranch, she would never have found out. I'll talk to Zelda; see if anything can be done about that.

January 29th - February 4th.

No entries.

February 5th.

I've been neglecting my diary while a warp point was created here. Thankfully, whenever Apon leaves me somewhere, I can beat him here! That'll be fun.

Speaking of Apon, he's been a little down lately. I don't think he's ill, rather bored. I haven't had the time to exercise him lately. I'll go for a long jog with him tomorrow. I need to see something other than the Ranch, anyway.

February 6th.

I tried to go for that jog, but Apon just isn't in the mood. That had me worried, he's normally so energetic. Maybe he's having marital problems with Epona! I'd better not say that to Malon; she'll think I'm crazy.

Malon... After I found out about her mother, she's been acting so strange. I have nothing against the Gerudo, but I sure hope the only thing she inherited from her mother was her love for horses.

February 7th.

I've arranged for Saria to come over in the morning. I told her of my plans to have a pictured painted of Epona, Apon and Beska, and she wanted to try if she could do it. Saria was quick to forgive me for choosing Malon. But when I'm not a Kokiri, it'd never have worked out between us. At least we're still friends. I would have hated losing her friendship.

Malon came to yell at me about the warp point. Apparently, she hadn't been watching her feet, and had tripped over it, spilling gallons of milk. Comical, actually. She called it "just another way of being lazy". Maybe she's right.

February 8th.

Saria is a fantastic artist! The picture of the three horses is so lifelike. It's going to be put over the fireplace.

The fireplace... I remember so well when we build it. It was shortly after I'd started here. It took us three weeks, but it is more sturdy than the rest of the Ranch. Maybe we should start remodelling the entire place? Nah, they'd never agree on that. I had a hard enough time getting my fireplace. Lon Lon Ranch stays the way it is.

February 9th.

Can't say the day has been exciting. I accidentally mentioned my idea of changing parts of the Ranch, resulting in Malon slapping me. My chin still hurts. When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?

According to Nabooru, it ought to be Apon's 9th birthday tomorrow. I've been considering getting him some sort of present, but... I actually don't know what he would be wanting, other than a warm stable, permanent access to food, and Epona and Beska. He's lucky.

February 10th.

Epona and Apon are starting to act strange towards each other, and we're contacting Nabooru, to see if she knows what is happening. The events taking place are so... human. It all started with Beska biting at Apon. He got angry, but before he could do anything towards Beska, Epona almost killed him! Honest, if the gate hadn't been open, he might not have been lucky enough to survive. I truly wonder what is going on? I can't help returning to what I wrote about them having marital problems, and I'll mention it for Malon.

Could it have something to do with his birthday? I doubt it, to be honest.

I'm drawing a sketch for a new piedestal for the Master Sword. I'll have to make sure it never falls in the wrong hands. The Lost Woods will be where I place it; only the Kokiri can find their way around there, and the Kokiri have never been reported to be evil.

February 11th.

Navi came around today. We've made up, but I still think she's angry at me for the way I spoke to her, after defeating Ganon. She deserved it, but I'm sorry I did it. Anyway, she came around for some chitchat. She tried to hide it, but I got the feeling she was trying to get information out of me. Sad for her, but when I find out about things like that, people never get anything out of me. Today was ne exception.

Malon has started humming her mother's song again. I like the song honest. It reminds me of all the happy hours I had with Epona. But listening to it all day can drive ANYONE crazy. I caught myself thinking her mother had given Ganon the same treatment! At that point I went and took a little rest. Before I exploded.

Apon and Epona has made up again. I wish I knew what happened yesterday. The entire situation was so tense, I... I don't know. I'm probably just stressed. My reaction on Malon's humming points in that direction, too. I'm considering taking Malon on a vacation during the next week. We need some time alone.

February 12th.

The day was spent delivering milk around Hyrule. Now that I can also warp to the Ranch, horseback is only for fun. During the evening, Malon and I discussed my plans for a vacation. We finally agreed on camping near Lake Hylia. They've been doing some digging there, and the Lake is almost twice it's original size. It's going to be a lot of fun. We're taking Kuna and Apon with us. They're getting along quite nicely now. Which reminds me, I haven't even described neither Kuna nor Beska!

Kuna is an almost shining white stallion, around 6 feet over the shoulders. For comparison, Epona is almost his size, and Apon is a full 7 feet over the shoulders.

Beska is the spitting image of his father, bit with a white diamond in the forehead, a brown marking on the tail, and a white stripe on each of his shoulders. Truly a beauty.

Malon and I will leave early in the morning. We're already packed. I'm so excited.

February 13th. - February 19th.

No entries.

February 20th.

We're back from our vacation. Sadly, I'd left my diary at home, so I haven't updated it during the last week. I'll make up for that now.

Day 1: We arrived at the Lake around noon, and put up the camp. Kuna and Apon were arguing a bit about who was in charge, but Apon quickly put Kuna back in place. Night came fast, and I finally got to properly see the sun setting near the edge of the Lake. Quite a sight.

Day 2: We took the opportunity to sleep for as long as we wanted, and didn't wake up until 10:00 am. The horses had been awake for some time, and were grazing a while back. We had a combined breakfast/lunch, and enjoyed ourselves with some two-man volleyball. At evening time we warmed some marshmellows over the campfire. Sadly, I managed to burn more than half of mine. Malon won't stop reminding me for some time, I'm afraid.

Day 3: Got up early, and decided to go for a long trot on the horses, travelling around the entire Lake. It took almost twelve hours, and it was dark when we reached the camp. We really had fun, but were too exhausted to avoid falling asleep, as soon as we got into the tent.

Day 4: It was raining, so we spend the day reading. I finally finished "Revival". Man, that book flopped in the end. I'll have to remember to sell it. I won't risk reading it again.

Day 5: The sun was shining again, so we went outside once more. For the season, it was actually quite warm, so we took the opportunity for an early sunbath. We both got some tan, actually. I also realised how good looking Malon is. Darn. I hope she doesn't read my diary, or I'm in trouble now.

Day 6: Sad that the vacation was almost over, we decided to practice some horse racing. Both Apon and Kuna have great potential, and we suddenly realised, that they had never been tested against each other. Believe it or not, but they turned out to be true equivelants. We agreed to try again some other time, under more controlled conditions.

Day 7: Packed our stuff, and went back to the Ranch. We both agree it was the best week in a long, long time. I have the feeling we've gotten a lot closer to each other. My bad feeling about the recent happenings have disappeared as well. Who knows, maybe it was all just a coincidence.

February 21st.

I'm not going on a vacation again for some time. There's so much to do when you get back, I'm not sure I'll ever get finished! Sweeping, sweeping, more sweeping... My back's killing me!

Apon was happy to see his family again, and they were also happy to see him. However, there's been a bit of a tragedy during the night... Kuna's first child was born, but at the expense of the mother. Therefore, Epona was declared temporary foster parent. Neither of the horses seemed to mind. It's really sad. The newborn's mother, Krija, was a very sweet horse. I'll miss her, but not as much as Malon; she was devastated. Krija was one of her favourites. That was also why she was the first Kuna got a chance with. I'll go down and comfort her.

February 22nd.

Malon's really taken a blow from yesterday's incident, and I've invited Nabooru to come and stay with us. I explained what had happened, and she agreed to come immediately. I truly hope she can cheer Malon up again.

At any rate, the newborn (a mare) is doing good. Apon's nursing her as if she was his own, yet allowing Kuna to get close. Something Kuna knew never to try with Beska, when he was just a few days old. It's almost as if they all know who her parents are.

February 23rd.

Malon's a little happier today, but there's still a long way to go. However, either Nabooru was a very close friend of Malon's mother, or Epona's Song is actually a commonly known Gerudo song. I'll try and squeeze the lyrics out of one of them someday. Wait a minute... no, Epona's Song was created by Malon's mother. Then Nabooru knew her personally.

I've been doing some calculations, and the next birth won't take us by surprise. The foal should be due around a month from now. We can't have more horses dying on us!

February 24th.

Zelda had somehow heard what had happened, and rushed here. She's been talking with Malon for a while (they're friends again?), and then wanted to see the foal.

She fell in love with her at first sight, and apparently she wants her. She wanted her to be called Kutan. A Sheikah word, means "Sorrow". A fitting name, actually. Malon couldn't resist a small hint of a smile when I told her. She'll get over it, question is just how much time it will take... Kuna's already starting to miss her.

February 25th.

I delivered some milk to Kakariko today, and almost trampled over a kid there. It was the kid that had stolen my Fire Arrows. When I got a good look at him this time, there was no trace of those strange eyes. It must have been my imagination.

Malon was up and about today, and is showering all of her attention on Kutan. It's just a saying, I know, but seeing her happy makes me happy. Maybe I am going to propose to her soon. Apart from the strange things happening in the Temples, the boy was my last hint at some evil presence. It's for the best. Hyrule has never been so peaceful as it is now. According to Zelda, Hyrule Castle Town is more than a quarter restored, and they expect to be finished before summer. Good.

February 26th.

A storm is brewing, which is certainly not good news for Kutan. At only a few days of age, a foal truly doesn't need harsh weather! Well, to look on the bright side, it was the same situation with Beska, and he couldn't be better today. Oh well, health is an individual worry.

The horses don't seem as worried as the storm as they should. That could be a sign that it won't last long. I hope so.

I've been thinking of a quick trip to Kakariko and back again. If the storm's gonna stay for several days, I want some proper reading. I am not re-reading "Revival". I'm not that desperate. Maybe Malon's got a good book or two? I'll ask her.

February 27th.

The storm's at it's peak at the moment, and should be gone again the day after tomorrow. Actually, Malon says it's gone by tomorrow afternoon, but I don't feel very optimistic, so...

Malon didn't have any books I found interesting, so we've decided to just play some board games. I'm starting to be pretty good at that chess thing!

February 28th.

Neither of us were right about the storm, it stayed until late night. We've just been out checking on the horses, and they're all doing very good. Malon also went to check on the cattle. Though they are our main means of making money, they don't really interest me.

Kutan's growing fast, even faster than Beska. It's already been possible to make out what she will look like as an adult. She's got her father's white color, but with some silver strokes from her mother. Just the horse for someone like Zelda.

Speaking of Zelda, it might be a good idea to go to Hyrule Castle tomorrow. They need supplies by now, and I want to see if the storm has destroyed their recent projects. If it has, March is a two-man show on the Ranch, with all that plowing and stuff. I might be able to lend the carpenters a hand.

February 29th.

I'm off to see Biggoron today, and write this while riding. I could have just warped there, if Malon hadn't tried washing my Goron Suit. It shrunk, so I'll have to shell out another 200 rupees on a new one. Malon will get to pay for it, that's for sure.

Anyway, the reason I have to see Biggoron is our plowshares. Two of them were broken during the winter, and without them we can't plow the fields.

Apon is not fond of having something he knows is sharp lying on his back, so I've had to wrap the plowshares up in some carpets. Problem is, I don't know what to do with the carpets on the way back. I might have to leave them behind. Wouldn't wonder. If I do, Malon's gonna get angry at me. The Ranch makes so much money, a few carpets worth five rupees shouldn't matter. A 200 rupee suit, however, does matter.

March 1st.

Spring started today, and so did the plowing season. Kuna and Apon can cooperate when they have to, and since they are the two strongest and most endurable horses on the Ranch, they had the honour of pulling the plowshares.

Watching the way nature always seems to do things at the exact time it's supposed to makes me feel rather stupid at times, but today it just filled my heart with joy. What's changed?

Kutan is at good health, and after talking with Nabooru, it seems she's out of the worst by now. Beska is getting a little jealous, but I doubt it's anything serious.

March 2nd.

We finished over half of the fields yesterday, and expect to be all done by evening.

There's not much for me to do during these days. Malon's walking with the horses, keeping them in a straight line, and Talon's planting the corn. Doesn't leave any work for me. I've been reading through my diary instead, and I suddenly realised something: I've never talked to Zelda about that glow from the Triforce of Courage. It's probably not important, anyway. It could have something to do with the Master Sword returning. Well, I'll take them both by surprise, and have dinner ready for them when they come back. It'll be fun to see their faces!

March 3rd.

Finally something for me to do. I just had to travel the entire area collecting reservations for fresh corn around autumn. Why it couldn't wait until August beats me, but at least I feel like I'm doing something.

Since Apon wasn't available, I've spent most of the day playing the Ocarina. It's amazing how dry your mouth gets that way.

When I got back, dinner was already on the table, as a thanks for yesterday. Luckily it wasn't meat loaf.

March 4th.

Not much to say, really. We've been putting up some scarecrows in the fields, and that took all day. Boring, really, but if it isn't done there'll be a great shortage of corn during the next winter. After all, Lon Lon Ranch stands for almost 50% of Hyrule's corn production. It gives great money for christmas presents.

March 5th.

My hand is starting to hurt again, so I'm off to talk to Zelda. Malon thinks I'm going to the Castle to help repair the place. I'll leave her that way, there's no need to worry her...

This pain seems so unnatural, almost soothing. I doubt any of us will ever understand what the Triforces are actually capable of. There's the castle in the horizon. I'll have this thing over with, once and for all!

March 6th.

I almost died today, and so did Zelda. We were saved by the one thing we share: The Triforce parts.

We had entered the ruins of the Tower, talking about her hand hurting as well. We were looking at the two parts, when a great rock suddenly tipped, and started rolling towards us. There was no escape, but as we tried to protect ourselves, our hands met, connecting the two Triforce parts. A blue triangle surrounded us, and the boulder was smashed against it.

After finding out about this, we agreed to never tell anyone but the ones we trust. In short, that means Impa and Malon. Having written this, I will guard this diary with my life.

We talked about what happened, and we've reached an agreement. Apart, the Triforce parts are strong, but can never outweigh another force. However, bringing two of them together makes them a lot stronger. It also reminded Zelda of the last prophecy about the Triforce:

"The three must be brought together. But only one with a balanced soul can hold all three at once. Otherwise, three must agree to their usage. No person can hold only two pieces. Long ago, the Triforce was split, just as it is now. It ended up in a temple, with the holder of Courage seizing the Power. The holder of the Wisdom appeared, and a battle started. They had been lovers until then. The holder of Wisdom was thrown to the floor, and the holder of both the Courage and Power fired a spell at her. But doing so, he lost the Courage. It protected her instead. She stood, and spoke the ancient prophecy.

"Thou used the Power, without the Wisdom. Ye can no longer hold the Courage."

Realising he was turning into his enemy, by the corrupting Power, he gave up his own life. Doing this, the Power was released. The Triforce re-gathered, and sent itself to the Sacred Realm. His soul went to guard it. He lost his life, but kept his soul..."

That's all very good to know. Ganon can't escape, unless one of us helps him... somehow. I wonder what Malon will say about this.

March 7th.

Malon was not happy about it. In fact, she slammed the door in my face. Not exactly the reaction I expected for good news. The fact that Ganon won't escape for centuries IS good news, right?

However, after talking to Nabooru, who was visiting, I found out her reason: Her mother's tomb had been robbed during the night. I understood her reaction then. I tried to comfort her, but she wanted to be left alone. I'll try again tomorrow.

Nabooru also had something else to talk to us about, and since Malon was in such a bad mood, I would "have to make do"! The nerve of that woman!

Well, a silver mare had just been born in Gerudo, and they would like to borrow Beska when they were both old enough. I couldn't see anything wrong in that, so I agreed. I arranged to drop by during the weekend, so I could see her.

March 8th.

Malon went to Gerudo today, to check on the damge on the grave. Luckily, the coffin was untouched, relieving her a bit. However, all the jewelry her mother had been buried with was gone.

Her mother... At least she's once known her mother. And her father is still alive. I've never known my parents. I'm considering leaving for Kokiri tomorrow. I want to talk to the Deku Tree about them. Maybe it still knows something it hasn't told me.

March 9th.

I was in Kokiri today, talking to the Deku Tree. Not that it had anything to say I didn't already know, but it was nice to have my memories refreshed.

It's sad that there are still so many things I don't know about my parents, especially with my birthday approaching at high speed. I guess I just have to learn to live with it.

Beska hasn't been behaving himself lately, and this evening Epona got angry at him. We found him shivering in the far end of the stable. I don't know what he had been doing, but he probably deserved it. I hope it will make him calm down.

March 10th.

Malon seems to have forgotten all about the incident with Krija, and has found her normal happy mood. However, it worries me that she hasn't mentioned my birthday yet. After all, it's just a few days away. I'll be twenty then. It just feels so strange!

I'm going to Gerudo tomorrow, but not by the Ocarina. Since it drops me of at the Colossus, I would have to walk through the desert. That's easy enough, provided there's no sandstorm. There is today, so there probably is again tomorrow.

March 11th:

I've been to see the new foal in Gerudo, and when Nabooru says "silver", she ain't kidding! That foal isn't white with a few silver hairs, it's silver with a few white hairs! She is one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen.

Nabooru also wanted to talk to me about what had happened with Malon, and the things she told me Malon had said made me realise a lot of things about her.

For one thing, I learned what had happened to her mother. She had been out riding, when she was attacked by some thieves. They weren't Gerudo; if they had been, she would have been safe. Even though she wasn't a Gerudo anymore, she was still included as one of their own. Due to the tragedy that befell her, Malon was accepted as one of them as well. I don't think I should mention it without Malon starting the conversation. I just risk destroying her friendship with Nabooru. And probably myself as well.

Another thing I learned was about her relationship with Krija.

Krija was the horse her mother had been riding, and although she wasn't found until several days after the accident, Krija had stayed with her, and only Malon had been able to make her come home to the Ranch. I'm not afraid to admit that a tear left my eye when Nabooru told me this, and now again as I write it down.

Well, it's getting late now, and there's a lot to be done in the morning. I sure hope Malon isn't pretending to be happy again. If she is, it might be very difficult for me to get through to her again. I've seen it before, back in Kokiri. If somebody starts faking their mood, they will end up collapsed some day.

March 12th.

I was talking to Impa today, hoping there was some Sheikah way to cheer Malon up completely. Sadly, not even the Sheikah know of any cure other than time. However, as I left, Impa told me an old Sheikah saying:

"Kon utrae mol gonde kutan, noi lo kutan fro hirn rae dolra tul."

Translated, this means "There exists no greater sorrow, than the sorrow of what you never said." Somehow, I can see why she told me this. Malon still has things she should have had a mother to talk to about.

Also, she told me that Zelda was giving up on sealing the Temple. She'd been trying several times without my help, and now she just gave up. I asked Impa if she knew why the seal was dissolved every time, but she didn't. Darn. I just hoped to play wise-guy in front of Zelda, getting the seal right in first attempt. I don't really know why, but she's been bugging me the last few days. Ever since I needed her help to survive that boulder, actually. Coincidence?

Anyway, I'm going to tell Malon that saying tomorrow. She was sleeping when I returned to the Ranch. It's funny, really, but ever since I got home before Apon for the first time, he's been standing waiting for me on every trip we've been on! It was a waste of money to have that warp point created!

March 13th.

Malon came into my room last night, claiming she wanted a quick chat. However, once she started talking, I couldn't get myself to stop her again. It was as if she finally had the things about her mother come out in the open. Most of the time tears were flowing from her eyes, but there were moments where she was laughing as well. She didn't leave until dawn. It doesn't matter that I didn't get my sleep. As long as Malon is happy again, I'm happy. She hasn't had that sad tone in her voice today, either.

Anyway, Epona's caught a cold. I'm going to Kakariko tomorrow, to get some medicine. I could have gone today, and I did, but they were closed... due to sickness. That's bad advertisement, if you ask me.

It's my birthday the day after tomorrow, and I'm actually looking forward to it.

March 14th.

Zelda came by today, and spent the entire day with Malon. She's even starting to speak to me without icicles in her voice!

I don't know what they were doing, but I suspect it's got to do with my birthday. But why Malon would need Zelda's help for a present...

I got the medicine today, and Epona's already looking better. I hate it when one of the animals here get sick.

Well, tomorrow's the big day, Link. Your 20th. birthday. I hope it's not over-hyped.

March 15th.

OK, they really got me this time. Everybody I talked to acted as if nothing special was happening. At times I feared they'd forgotten my birthday altogether!

So when night came, I was ready to believe nothing would happen, and went out for a quick stroll on Apon. I can't have been gone for more than an hour, and the Ranch was dark when I returned. But when I opened up into the stables, every inhabitant of Hyrule appeared from hiding places on the Ranch, for a great surprise party. Apparently, they had all used that new warp point to sneak up on me. Smart, actually.

The party lasted into the early hours, and most of the guests haven't even left yet. Actually, I'm writing this at March 16th., but I'm tired of empty pages in my diary.

Malon had needed Zelda's help for the present. They had taken my sword and shield (explains why I couldn't find it this morning), and enhanced it. The Master Sword is at the moment powered by both the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Wisdom. That might be the only way to defeat Ganon some time in the future. The Mirror Shield had also been improved, shining more than ever, and with the addition of the Hylian Coat of Arms. Truly one of the best presents I've ever had. Now that I think about it, it's only beaten by my christmas present: Beska.

But no matter how good the day has been, everything comes to an end, and I'm heading for bed now.

March 16th.

Apart from getting up a little past noon, and the presence of quite a few Gorons and Zoras, today looked just like any other day on this Ranch.

Apon has gone for a run in Hyrule Field, and Epona is taking care of Beska and Kutan.

Malon was already up when I woke up, and didn't go out of the way to point it out. Talon later told me that she had only woken up five minutes before me. That little rascal. But then again, that's what I like about her!

March 17th. (?)

I am not certain what day this is, only that I am writing in the last rays of a setting sun.

After Ganon destroyed Hyrule, a wise man said the words "How did the world turn so ugly so fast?" He died shortly after, unfortunately.

I am sitting in a dungeon, Malon sleeping next to me. Those words have sprung into my mind so often since we came here... No, I'll start at the beginning.

I was woken up by some loud explosions, and Malon rushing into my room. She was already dressed, and so was I two minutes later. I took my sword and shield, and we hurried into the stables. We took out Apon and Kuna, and took a straight run towards Hyrule Castle. I knew what had happened, minutes before we entered the Town... but I didn't listen to my instincts.

As we entered, a barrier of darkness sealed the entrance behind us. And in front of us stood a cloaked figure...

I am happy to say that Apon backed away from the figure, and that Kuna did the same. He removed the cloak from his head, revealing two evil, red eyes... the eyes of "A wicked man from the Desert", "The man symbolized by thunder clouds", and all the other names he was given. It was the eyes of The Evil King... Ganondorf Dragmire.

We were taken prisoners, paralyzed immediately by his magic, and put in this dungeon. I don't know what he did to our horses, but I hope his Gerudo childhood has prevented him from harming them. Then again, Apon was originally put under a spell, so...

I also worry about Zelda. What has he done to her? I doubt the carpenters are still alive; he requires nothing they can give him.

These last rays of sun won't last long, so I am hurrying to write down these last thoughts. I know that Ganon must be defeated once and for all. But how? He took my sword and my shield, and will probably store it on his own body. And how should I ever get out of this dungeon? And should we get out, how will I be able to protect both Malon and myself? At the moment this diary seems like a waste of time, so I'm giving up on it for now. If we don't escape, no one will ever get to read it, anyway.

The last rays of the sun left the window, and Link closed his diary with a sigh. Those last lines had only made him depressed. The situation was so hopeless. He had defeated Ganon once, but back then he had been in so much better shape than now. Sighing again, he curled up next to Malon, putting one arm around her. Forcing himself to relax, he finally fell asleep an hour later.

Link was the first to wake up the next morning, responding to a very faint sound. Fortunately his senses was making a quick comeback, almost as sharp as back then, almost 15 months ago. The sound came from the window, high above him, but almost at ground level. All he could see in the morning light was a single hoof. Brown, with a small white sock. His heart skipped a beat when he suddenly recognized Epona.

"What are you doing here, girl? Get out of here, quick!" But Epona didn't run away. Instead, a couple of boots suddenly dropped to the ground next to her.

"'Zat you, Link?"


Malon had woken up by then, and came to the window.


"I saw what was happening here, all the way from the Ranch. That ugly Tower is back in place. So, when neither of you came back, I took all your old stuff, Link, and came here."

"My old stuff?! Does that include the Kokiri Sword? It would be an excellent lockpick! ... Darn, I forgot. I returned it, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did. But at least there's still that giant sword of yours, and the Hylian Shield. It's better than nothing, right?"

"Talon, can you somehow remove those bars?"

"If I attached some rope to them, and had Epona pull... it should work."

"You do that." Link turned towards Malon.

"Malon, you, Epona and Talon gather in a circle, and play the Ballad of Fields, taking you to the Ranch. There you must use all of your power on that purple gem, breaking it. That should create a protective field around the place, keeping Ganon away."

"But what about you?"

"I'll confront Ganon one more time, rescue whatever prisoners I find, and liberate our horses. Then, I'll try to get out of here before the place comes falling down on top of me. Don't worry, it's a piece of cake."

"And if you don't make it?"

"That won't happen."

At that point, the bars were ripped from the wall with a large noise, and Talon lowered a rope into the cell. Malon climbed it, and threw Link's equipment to him.

"Take care, fairy boy!"

"What did you call me?"

"That name I gave you more than eight years ago! Fairy boy! Don't you remember?"

"Doesn't really fit without Navi, does it?"

"Without who?" A small light came plummeting through the window. "Can't let you do this alone, can I?"

"Didn't think I'd ever say this, Navi, but it's actually nice to hear your voice again!"

"Watch it, or I might leave you alone again!"

Link nodded at Navi, and turned his attention to Malon. "You remember what I told you?"


"Good. Then get going. And don't worry about me, I'll be quite all right."

With those words, Link went to the door, and quickly broke the lock with his sword. Behind him he heard the Ocarina being played, followed by deep silence. He closed his eyes for e second, saying a silent prayer for his friends. He then focused on the work ahead, slipping into the poorly lit corridor. Ready for another showdown.


The Tower was as gloomy as ever, and looked nothing like last time.

"Navi, where do you suggest we go from here?"

"You mean, do I feel where Ganon is? No, I don't. So why not take that door straight ahead?"

"Why that one?"

"It's the closest."

"Oh." Link nodded, and started walking towards the door. Luckily, his instincts was back to normal, and he spotted the trap from far away. He stepped back a little, and took out the bow. He loaded an arrow, and fired it at the small trip-wire. As the string broke, a large ax fell from the ceiling. If he had been standing there, he would certainly have been crushed.

"Close one."

"Ganon's become more clever during his year of imprisonment. There were no traps last time."

"He must have decided that it is better to overestimate than underestimate."

"Who knows what else is around this place?"

"Just keep your eyes open, Navi."


"That won't be necessary!"

"Link, watch out!"

Link threw himself to the side, just as a lightning bolt scorched the wall where he had stood. He turned, and stood face to face with Ganon.

"As fast as back then. But you are still no match for me. I hold the Sacred Blade now!" With those words, Ganon unsheathed the Master Sword. "I thank you for powering it with both parts of the Triforce. It makes it so much easier for me. And my complete victory..."

Ganon made a sharp whistle, and two horses, one black, the other white, entered the room, and went to his side. "Do you recognize them? They are now under my command."

"Apon..." Link looked for a small glimpse of recognition in Apon's eyes, but saw nothing. He lowered his head, realising his approaching doom.

Ganon pointed the Master Sword at Link, and at his command light shot from the tip of it, engulfing Link. The pain was intense, but he could not move. He knew that it would last only seconds before he lost consciousness. Then he saw Apon moving his head up and down in an inner battle, and clinged to his last life energy.


Apon was filled with Ganon's presence, and didn't dare to try and fight him. But then he saw his best friend needing his help, and the inner battle was starting to turn to his advantage. At long last, he managed to break the spell, if only for a split second, and used that time to kick the Master Sword with all the power he could find. It was flung from Ganon's hand, and landed by the door. At the same time the door opened, and Malon entered the room.


No one saw her. Link was fighting to get back up, and Ganon was reinforcing his mental bonds on Apon. Therefore, Malon was free to pick up the Master Sword, and walk behind Ganon.

Navi saw her, and quickly whispered it to Link. He had obtained enough power to stand, as long as he supported his weight on the bow. He only just had enough energy to charge an arrow, and aim it at Ganon.

"You're going down!"

He released the arrow, and Ganon saw it come flying towards him. But as he shielded himself from it, Malon saw a chance to penetrate his defences with the sword, and stabbed Ganon in the back. He spun on his heels, pulling the sword from her hands. However, by doing this, Link was given a chance to take the sword, and he did.

Pulling the sword from Ganon's back re-energized Link, and he felt his power flowing through his veins.

"Leave her out of it, Ganon!"

"And the whelp speaks without being asked! Such insolence should be punished. Severely!" Ganon threw a bolt of lightning at Link, who quickly dodged it. Getting up, he saw Malon at Apon's side, playing the Ocarina. He didn't recognise the song, but it reminded him of Epona's Song. But he had no time to think about it, and turned towards Ganon again.

"I beat you once, and could do it again, fiend!"

"Ahh, but last time the odds were equal. This time, I am draining power from the Sacred Realm."

"I am still a better fighter than you."

"But are you now? Let's find out." A serrated blade appeared in Ganon's hands, blackened by it's owner's evil heart. Ganon then lounged at Link, that only just managed to parry his attack. The battle then shot back and forth, with Ganon dominating the fight. However, Link had a chance to find his pattern, and quickly changed his way of fighting. This had Ganon obviously confused for a second, and that was all Link needed. Taking the greatest chance he had taken so far, he threw himself towards Ganon, the Master Sword stretched forward, and pierced the Evil One.

Ganon sunk to the floor, with the Master Sword still going through him.

"You win again, kiddo. But you will never be able to escape. And your Princess... she is still imprisoned in the Sacred Realm. So you win... but you win an empty victory..." Ganon's body dissolved, and Link hurried towards Malon, that was just playing the last notes for Kuna. The spell was broken on both of the horses, and without asking any questions, Malon started playing the Ballad of Fields.

"Wait for me! You aren't leaving me behind, are you?"

"Zelda?! But Ganon said..."

"So that you would leave without me, and find my body when you cleared up the mess. But now I'm here, and we should go. However, use the Ocarina of Tima. It's own magic makes it easier to transport so many people." Link nodded, and took the Ocarina. He quickly played the tune, and just as the Tower collapsed, the friends disappeared, and emerged at Lon Lon Ranch.

March 20th.

It's a couple of days ago that we escaped, and I'm finally in the mood to continue my diary.

Ganon's defeat seems total this time, and peace should be here to stay.

And with that no longer hovering over me, I finally feel confident in my future. So tomorrow I'll have Malon's biggest wish come true: The golden ring I'm looking at now will be put on her finger. It bears the symbol of the Triforce.

And speaking of the Triforce, I think I know where the Triforce of Power ended up: Beska has a small marking in his forehed, shaped like a golden triangle. It's replaced that white diamond. It seems logical, when you think about it. Why should humans be the only ones able to carry it?

However, there are things I'll try to straighten out for myself now: If Beska truly holds the Triforce of Power, that would be an explanation for all the trouble starting when he was born. The Triforce wanted him as it's new master, and thus, Ganon needed to be destroyed.
With Ganon's revival, he could have blown the Great Seal from within the Temple. The seal was never supposed to withstand that.
And maybe Malon was right about the Master Sword's disappearance. But with Ganon returning, it might have yanked itself back from the future, thus destroying itself?
Even I am doubting these things, but it's the only LOGICAL explanation.

And who knows? Maybe one day, long into the future, the truth will reveal itself? At the moment I don't care, really. It's late, Ganon's gone, I'm a Hero once more... and I'm ready to start sleepwalking, if I don't find my bed VERY soon.


Kenneth Vendelboe, Denmark


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