The Legend of Zelda - Screen Shots
05.17.2005 E3 Screens
Look proud and stand tall He's just so cute! Raaa!
Epona the chick magnet A face in the shadows Crossing the dark bridge
Look out for the bats! Battle on the bridge Two monsters square off
Link takes on some piranha plants Walking through a nice, golden forest So... where are we?
Charging out from the castle Whirling boomerang Alley-oop
Heading for the dragon's mouth
05.02.2005 A mix of clarity and blurriness Jeux France
That'll do pig, that'll do Waiting at the bus stop Off the bridge with ye
"Isn't my huge forehead adorable?!" Zantetsuken Link prepares to show for the baby shower
Looking determined Following the leader of bad examples Bum rushin'
Having a swinging good time Attacking the traveling gypsie caravan One false move...
Reminiscent of Hyrule Castle's gate CHAAARGE! Dash & gash
Link tries a hand at cattle herding Milk does a hero good
04.26.2005 Link, down on the farm Jeux France
The hills are aliiiive~ Eat wood! Git along little...big cows
Road rage The poor man's skydiving Comparing each other's britches
Demonstrating violence to tomorrow's future Epona's competition? Ridess ze shoopuf?
04.25.2005 Spiffy new screens Jeux France
Attacking the cuckoos once again! Link faces off against Prometheus Link sheds some clothing for the ladies
Epona and Link on a romantic date Link, he come to town, he come to saaaaaaave the Princess Zelda
03.10.2005 Second Set of Screens
Between puzzle solving and moster killing, Link takes time to pet the kitties... ...And then it's back to hacking people in the face You're gonna need more goons with more flaming arrows than that to take Link down
Let's dance "Didn't I kill you guys when I was a kid? Ooohhh, now I see how this works..." "If I had a dollar for every boomerang thrown by a monkey that I've dodged..."
Link must have studied under Sephiroth Glug...glug I think I read about this guy in Weekly World News
"The princess looks a lot different now. Come to think of it, this thing I saved might not be her at all.." Represent.
11.24.2004 Second Set of Screens
My, what big teeth you have! Swords a bit burnt Flying Archer
05.12.2004 E3 Screens
Haunting Castle Hillside Stampede Forest Wanderer
Link in the Rain Clash! Firey Chainman
Determined Link Ready for Battle Link Jumping
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