Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Screen Shots
03.27.2004 More PSP Screens
Fire! Scary stone thing It's Olha
Duck! Move in for the kill Isha is on the PSP too
Run! Run! Or you'll be well done! Don't forget Geis
12.18.2004 First PSP Screens Impress
Guys with eye patches and long ponytails always mean business Tera gazing out over the water A perfect spot for a picnic
Imbued with fire Probably not the safest place to stand Swiping away at our hero
Trouble seems to follow this guy where ever he goes If only these walls could talk Guys with huge scars across their faces always mean business as well
A mystical shrine Who needs knives when you've got ears like those? Looking determined
I don't think that dinky little knife is going to be much use here Flanked by two blue flames Almost there
Some sort of puzzle, perhaps?
10.30.2004 English and Japanese Screens
Choose your path, warrior Isha doesn't talk much Olha introduces herself
For the last time, DON'T CALL ME DURING DINNER! Jumping down Ugh...dizzy...
Adol leaps over the attack Yeah, c'mere, you Leav bares gifts
Welcome to the Woods of Quatera Isha's sense of self-preservation leaves something to be desired See the sword. Be the sword.
Who needs an airplane to break the sound barrier? Next time, Adol will remember his compass I'm sorry, I forgot your lunch
Fortunately, Adol brought it for her Oh, sorry, that was Adol's lunch
08.22.2004 New Screens The Magicbox
Geis the mercenary The entrance the Rehdan village Nice place, Sola
Hola Ohla! When animals attack Careful of that rock
Very pretty landscape Hot swipes Spinning very quickly
Improving a sword What is it old man? Special effects
In the lab you say? High vantage point There was shade right over there.....
Ord, you know better than questioning that Was that crane always in the middle of the room?
05.17.2004 E3 Screens
Wood Walker? Weapons Decisions Olha in English!
Ord in English, too! Ok so, English Isha too. Taking a swipe
Colorful Bum Rush Critical Smitical
09.25.2003 Several More Screens impress Watch
Title Descend to the unknown Forest of confusion
"Where am I?" "Funny meeting you here." Taking a nap
*Gasp* Market place "Come in, young man."
"Run for the hills." Crying "I hate it when strangers show up too."
"What's wrong Terra?" A nice view Attack!
Combo hits Too many monsters Healing
Running is dark dungeons is fun Monsters spit their acid Upgrading weapons
Wasting magic Tornado Big bad boss
Big bad boss, number two That bug has a spear
08.30.2003 Even More Screens Softbank Games
You hang out here often? Who's their decorator? This monster has quite a bit of HP
Down strike Adol can jump again What's that writing on your chest?... *SMACK*
Sword of Fire Now to use the Wind Sword There isn't a shortage of items
A nut Sorry I'm late Nice palace
You don't see elders like this anymore
07.19.2003 More Screens
Scenic town Adol's looking the wrong way Run away...
Lost in the big city This street looks awfully familiar "I should think about moving here"
Round and round in the tower Brave kid One of many bosses
"Now where did that kid run off it?" Big old temple ...Beautiful...
06.25.2003 A Few Screens
Cute Girl Adol at his best Spooky
Look what washed up
02.08.03 First Screens
Look at the new spell I have You can't hit me if I'm spinning around Bridge battles aren't tough, they just look that way
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