Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator - Screenshots
02.13.2005 Explosion of Screens
Pushing a turnstile Pushing more crates Able to leap small platforms in a single bound?
Hang in there! Quiet, kid! Avon calling!
Does she really look like she needs a makeover? Ugh, bring me some Tylenol. I said, "Bring me some Tylenol!"
Raquel up close Heh wasn't me! Born to be wild...ARMS!
Raquel wanted water to wash down the Tylenol They set us up the bomb! The strange glowing thing is going to get it
Get back! He's got a torch! No, I don't want any Girl Scout cookies. Ahh, refreshing!
Brrr! Is it being healed or blown up? That'll leave a mark
Rockin'! Here's hoping he sticks the landing Jude's battle stance
Raquel's battle stance Yulie's battle stance Arnaude's battle stance
Fire! Falmel comforts Krushnik Ramda appears
01.22.2005 Gobs of New Screens
Jumping on a giant spring Don't let go! Leap
Edge-of-your-seat suspense Ahh! Dashing through the crates
Working through a puzzle An eerie forest road Anyone know how to get back onto the main road?
Snooping around outside Bird-watching Some more spring action
Just can't get enough of those birds, apparently What could be in there? Ok, go ahead and check already
A save point, I assume The perfect place to save: before a fork in the road Arranging the crates
Running around Platforms galore I think I can, I think I can
Time to get down to business Don't look down! Battle stance
Dealing damage Intense battle action Flash!
It's raining pain! Get out of the way! Strategizing
Ka-boom I don't see the enemy in this one Look kids, it's a vagrant
Some more hot, puzzle-solving action He looks smarter than I Laugh it up, wise guy
Smoking kills Are you sure you know what you're doing? No, don't jump!
I told you so... You say you've done this before? Looks like a long way up
10.27.04 First Blurry Screens MB
Spooky Yep, this is definitely a Wild ARMs screenshot Red glow
Kids, don't try this at home A church Owned
Lookin' good, Raquel
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