Tear My Pride Away
Derek Thompson

I hate the rain.

While I defended him,

I defended myself

closely guarding what is mine.

I hide my heart in my pride.

But really, I am defenseless.

My pride was torn away years ago.

In the rain.

If not for pride, then

why do I hesitate?

When the thunder claps,

all I can think of is his arms.

Arms that could stop the shivering.

When the lightning strikes,

I want to dive into them.

But even the rain reveals

that my heart is a storm of tears.

If this is not my path,

then my path is dark indeed.

My sword will give the answers.

I pierce his body,

but my heart is what bleeds.

I am never coming back.

There is nothing left

but vengeance.

I pray it cures the shame.

I hate the rain.