"Suikogaiden Prelude" by Pam Peregrino PatPeregrino@compuserve.com

I watch them wearily.
That's all that I am good for,
Watching and waiting.

They wage wars,
So noble is their cause.
Even as I watch with eyes of an outsider,
I am still there with them.

The shield listens-
with his heart.
He speaks until the dawn,
Of his fire dreams,
That burns with his life.

The sword embraces pain-
Tightly in his arms.
He covets power,
And with his hands,
He will take happiness.

The Soul Eater walks-
Drying the tears.
Even words can't express,
The fire of pains and wounds.
His courage branded upon the door of his heart.

The former smiles-
Through the tears.
Passing memories of a stolen yesterday.
He chooses his path,
His smile everlasting in memory forever.

They are free, untamed,
These children of the runes.
Setting wills into motion,
Spinning destiny into history.

Escaping the shackles of fate,
Enduring burdens far too painful.
Their lives the fire of hope,
The people stand courageously by their side.

I doubt they will ever notice me,
From the darkness and shadows,
Smiling at their love and failures,
Perceiving their victories and pain.

I've come all this way,
As a lone swordsman with a mission.
I came still searching,
Hoping to find a meaning.

I watch them wearily,
That is all that I am good for,
Watching and waiting.

~Nash Rakiie~
Swordsman of Harmonia