WarriorÕs Promise
Chad Riley

AuthorÕs note: This game series allows you to name the main character and the castle. So my fan fic uses the names that I chose while playing. If this bothers you, I am sorry about it. This story takes a few liberties and contains (Very) minor spoilers to those whoÕve never played before. However, the spoilers are such that, really, you know they are going to happen. That and I havenÕt finished the Second game yet so my knowledge of what happens is sketchy at best. This is mostly conjecture.

The BlacksmithÕs golden hammer rang as it struck the blade, Tenegaar, again and again. Heat emitting from the forge warmed the room. Hix watched in fascination as the master smith used his power to create and enhance. There were fewer blacksmiths in the citystates. He remembered Maas and company back in the Toran Republic. This poor fellow had only one apprentice, but still his work was beautiful.

"ThatÕs probably the finest design I have ever been given to work with, lad," The smith said as he worked, "Maybe you should be an artist. YouÕve got skill."

"Maybe I should," Hix thought to himself. He watched as his blade was transformed by blood, sweat, and magic. The blade, Tenegaar began to adjust its form, the blade lengthening, it took on the color of polished brass. Elven runes glowed and etched themselves on the flat of the blade, evenly spaced between the runes were six fire run pieces. The hilt was a simple silver circle with more runes cut into its surface, the grip was then wrapped in black serpent skin with an onyx dragon roaring for the pommel.

Hix held the blade in his hands after it was finished, he swung it and then whispered itÕs name.

"Tenegaar," The blade burst into flames.

Startled, Hix dropped the blade. The flames died instantly as it clattered to the ground. He picked it up and again summoned the flames. He stared into their depths. This time it was soothing. He silently commanded the flames to die and sheathed the sword. He looked from Olympia CastleÕs roof as the sun set. He sighed and shook his head, it was now time to act. He dreaded this more than facing Luca Blight or Neclord.

* * *

"Flik?" Hix asked his commander and fellow citizen from the WarriorÕs Village in the Toran Republic. The elder Flik was a famous warrior, a veteran of two succession wars and the Leader of the mercenary bands and the Revolutionary Army.

"What is it Hix?" Flik looked out over the sea. He had spent most of his time up here, hiding from Nina and pondering his next move. It had been almost a year since the war with Highland had finally ended. Once again, the young savior of the day had left for further journeys, much like Ryu McDohl had before. Flik wondered why all the great leaders of his day had taken leave when the fighting was done. There was still much to be done, but there were bureaucrats for that, he supposed.

"Flik," Hix said at length. The young man always seemed deliberate in his manner, or distracted, "Flik," He said again, "I-I was hoping that y-youÕd honor me by being my second when I marry Tenegaar." His face flushed, Hix looked away quickly.

Flik smiled at the youthÕs shyness. He remembered Hix as a child when he had left on his own Journey of Manhood, the young boy and Tenegaar, the chiefÕs daughter followed him around all the time. They pestered him to show them how to fight, and tell them of his adventures. He remembered them fondly. He had been surprised when Master McDohl had brought them to the Silver Castle during the Purple Moon Empire War. They had aided Viktor and McDohl in defeating Neclord, the Vampire. Now the boy was a man and asking for him to return to his home village. He hadnÕt ever intended to go back. But for this, for this, he wanted front row seats.

"I would enjoy that honor very much Hix."

"T-thank you, Sir Flik." Hix looked him in the eye for the first time.

"WhenÕs the wedding?"

"As soon as I ask."

With that, Hix left Flik to himself. He watched the children play below, the birds fly above and the stars rise over the sea. Flik smiled to himself.

"Odessa, I promise we will be together someday, but I havenÕt finished my duties here yet. I miss you, Odessa. I feel lost without your words to lead me, your eyes to give me strength, your hand to hold me. I love you, Odessa. WeÕll be together again, I promise." Then he put his hand to the hilt of his sword that bore her name and turned to go back into the Castle. He had to prepare for a journey.

* * *

The moonlight flooded the garden of Olympia Castle, breathing silver light on the flowers that had been cultivated by Pierre and the gardeners. Tenegaar walked among the flowers and breathed in their aroma. She hadnÕt seen Hix all day, he had been neglecting his training and seems to have been avoiding her. She frowned in frustration as she thought of Hix, he was obviously a good warrior, but he needed guidance, he tended to stray, he could be as good as Lord Flik or Lady Valeria one day if he trained more. He was such a baby some times! She shook those thoughts from her head and sighed. She had seen a lot less of him since the war had finally ended. Lysander, the hero of the City State, had chosen Hix as one of his lieutenants during the final days. Hix spent a lot of time with his troops, they loved him but they didnÕt train enough, Milokov trained all the time. Hix and his men spent most of their time talking with the citizens of Olympia Castle. How could he do that? He was from Warrior Village! Her father was the chief, how could Hix not see that he needed to be a great warrior if they were to marry?

"T-Tenegaar?" She whirled around at the sound of HixÕs voice, it had been so long since she had seen him! She had to help him train!

"Hix! Where have you beÉ" Her voice trailed off as she looked at him. Hix was wearing his knightÕs uniform. After Lysander, and his sister had gone, the new leaders of the City State had asked him to stay on and help lead the army in times of peace. They had knighted him and given him a uniform for his rank. It resembled FlikÕs somewhat, a dark gray dress uniform with a single blue stripe down the side of each leg. The doublet was opened at the top and revealed a blue undershirt, silver medals adorned his left breast and a silver medallion pinned a blue cape to the uniform. He wore a blue bandanna like Flik, his boyhood hero. At his side hung the sword he had named for her.

"T-Tenegaar, daughter of Chief ZorakÉ" He stumbled, his face reddened.

"Hix? What are youÉ" He cut her off with a pleading look.

"I Hix, son of Torax," Saying his fatherÕs name gave him strength, he then went on in the tradition of the WarriorÕs Village, "Slayer of Neclord, Lieutenant of the City States, Veteran of the Toran Republic war and War of the HighlandsÉ" He drew his sword and held it flat in his hands as he bowed to her feet, "Éand wielder of the sword of your name, the blade TenegaarÉ" He placed his sword at her feet, "Édo humbly beg for the honor of taking you as my bride."

"H-Hix?" Tenegaar looked at him, bowed at her feet, he looked so dashing and sounded so strong. For once she was speechless. "I will marry you," She whispered as she took the sword up and handed it back to him. She turned away from the moonlight so that he wouldnÕt see the teas welling in her eyes.

Hix stood then and took his betrothed in his arms.

"We will leave as soon as I hand over command of my troops to Lord ????????"

He had never spoken to her like that, he had always followed her lead. Tenegaar rested her head on his shoulder. Whatever expectations she had had of him, he had surpassed them on this night.

* * *

"Since no man has come forth with any reason why these two should wed," Zorak said solemnly, "I now pronounce Hix and Tenegaar, man an wife, by the power vested in me as Chief of Warrior Village."

The gathered warriors cheered. Flik handed Hix the ring, and the young knight placed it on his brideÕs finger. She then placed a band on his.

"Well, now, Son. You may kiss your bride," The Chief said, his eyes tearing up at the sight of his only child and her handsome groom, "But, save her father a dance will you?"

The cheers erupted again. Almost three hundred wedding guests from the battles of two kingdoms had gathered. The reception was held at The Silver Castle. The flowers had been sent from Milich Oppenheimer, a Flight of Dragons flew and several musicians played. Sheena, son of President Lepant, made time with many of the ladies present. The dancing and feasting continued into the night and next morning. As the sun rose over the seas surrounding Silver Castle, Hix found Flik by the shrine for Lady Odessa.

"Thank you Sir Flik, for everything." Hix took the older warriorÕs hand and clapped him on the shoulder, it seemed so strange to look on this man as an equal. Flik smiled.

"So what are your plans newlywed?"

"That depends." Hix said as he laid a flower at the shrine.

"Depends? On what? TenegaarÕs wishes?" Flik smiled, he new how headstrong the ChiefÕs daughter could be.

"We talked already. No, it depends on you Lord Flik."

"Me?" Flik was taken aback. "What do you mean.?"

"There have been rumors that you are leaving to wander the world. To see lands youÕve yet to travel. Many of the knights who served under you have told me so."

"Humph" Flik muttered, now he looked away from the younger warriors gaze.

"Where are you going Lord Flik?"

"Stop calling me ŌLordÕ, Hix." He said, he turned away, "Yes, I have spoken to Viktor, but he intends to stop travelling, now. He says that he has been lucky so far. I just canÕt stay, the City States are safe. The people donÕt need a hero. IÕm a swordsman, a warrior, I am not a politician. This is why Lysander and Ryu have booth continued wandering the Earth after their wars have ended. I intend to explore and walk the world."

"Righting wrongs as you go, settling down only when the call of adventure is quieted within your bones?" Hix smiled, he seemed to understand.

"I thought you didnÕt want to be a warrior Hix?"

"ThingÕs change, we change. The world changed and I changed with it." The young knight look Flik in the eye.

"Lord Flik, there are thirty to forty good men who will follow you, and another twenty that will follow me and Tenegaar. We wish to travel with you. The Knights of Odessa can spread the light of justice throughout the world."

"Knights ofÉOdessa?"

"Well, uhm, you have been fighting in her name for so long I, er, t-thought it should be official."

Flik looked at his young friend and smiled. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders.

"I do believe that you have a point. Captain Hix!"

"Yes Sir!" Hix Cried

"Get the men ready. We will leave in a ten-day. Tell them to have the time of their lives because its going to get rough out there in the unknown world!"

"Yes Sir!"

* * *

"ThatÕs how our order came to be found young Thadeus. Do you have any questions?"

"No Sir." The young knight said.

"Then kneel Thadeus of Muse." The old knight, the fifteenth Lord of the order drew himself to his full height. He took his sword, Kataryna and rested its tip on the youthÕs shoulder. "Now Rise SIR Thadeus of Muse, Knight of Odessa."

The other knights cheered their newest member into their brotherhood. The Keep of HixburgÕs great hall echoed with the joy and camaraderie of new blood. The standards of all fifteen lords hung from the rafters. The legacy of heroes began a new chapter.