My Animals
By Kailyssa Lockheart

Look at these animals! Aren't they pretty? And it's MY job to take care of them! I like to watch them wander around the fenced in area.

Do you see this pretty cow? Cows are my favorite animals, next to sheep. I remember how Grandpa used to take me to his farm and let me ride his cow Audrelia. She was such a huge cow! She was very fat and moved very slowly, but I still loved her.

One day I ran into the barn to say hi to Audrelia, but she was lying on the ground, asleep. I yelled for Grandpa to wake her up, and Grandpa kneeled down in front of her and told me he couldn't wake her up. She was asleep forever, he said.

I didn't understand what he meant. Now I am older and I know that everyone sleeps forever sometime. I wasn't sad, because Audrelia had a baby cow, and I named her Auna.

There were lots of other animals on Grandpa's farm. Chickens, sheep, horsies, piggies, they're all so cute! I loved to play with them, and I was very happy.

But one day, the Impial Army came and took them all away. I wasn't sad, though; I took my sheep and hid them really good in the forest. They never found them! But when the Impial Army left, I couldn't find my sheep either! I looked and looked, but they were gone.

I started crying; but then a nice boy came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told him about my sheep, and he found them for me! I was so happy. He told me he owned a castle and wanted me to join him. I looked up at him, then around me at my sheep and the forest. Then I said yes, but only if Grandpa and sheep could come too. They boy smiled and said okay.

Now I couldn't be happier. I live in a huge castle, with a big open field for all the animals the boy gives me. Grandpa told me I must take care of the animals, that it was my job.

This is my job! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go feed the cows.