The 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha - Screen Shots
Super deformed action!
Info screen Clouds or ice? I can't tell Mecha fresh out of the 80's!
Ramming speed. Selecting your fighters. Checking fighter stats.
Targetting. Select your mech. Let's go shopping!
A big tactical melee, mmm. Prepare to kick ass. Space battling.
Infiltration. Destroy the static space satellite! Easy target.
Those aren't solar panels. They're my butt. Space grid. Message!
Battling around an industrious place. It's Quatre! The characters... are all retro-mecha stars!
I can hear it already...GEKIGANGER! Chatting in battle. Destroy the big... thing!
It's Duo!
12.04.2002 First Screens
Yow! Watch out! Dramatic sunset battle Take that!
Battle in the field Looks uncomfortable Smacked down with a stick
Howling at the moon Taking damage Hack 'n' slash
Watch your balance Glowing troll-man...? Hyper attack!
"I will have you, yet..." "Hey! Bring back that donut!" Sharing special moves with each other
Mile high fighting club
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