Not Sad


I wish I could tell everyone not to feel bad for me.

I know I can't get out of bed ever, 'cuz I was born weak and can't do too much. But I'm never ever bored. All I have to do is look out the window and I can go away to lots of different places. Or I get Mommy or one of my friends to tell me a story about traveling, or sailing on the ocean, and it's just like I'm really there.

I can't go out and play with friends, but that's ok, because I have lots of friends who come visit me. There's my Big Brother, only he's not my real brother and he looks kinda funny with those two dragons on his back. But he's really nice, and he promised he'll visit me whenever he's in Herlie. Sometimes he brings his friends, like that blonde guy with the goofy clothes, or the pretty blue-haired girl who always tries to help me.

(Once he brought along a red-headed girl who showed me some kind of pet she called a “bo-bot.” I think that Big Brother likes her. I wanna tell her, but I don't know if that's a good idea or not. Maybe I should ask Mommy if I should tell; Mommy knows just about everything.)

People get sad when tell them that I'm ok with not getting better. Like Big Brother - I think he cries about it when I'm not looking. I wish I could make them understand. I have friends, people who love me and tell me stories... so why should I cry for something I'll never know when I already have so many good things?

I wish my friends didn't feel so sorry for me. I just want them all to be happy.