That kid is such a little brat!

OK, I guess it's kinda weird that I'm not being grateful. I mean, he did give me a present. I know he probably meant well by it, you know?

It just… well, something about the way he said it just bugs me. It just seems like he made it because he thought he could do better. And he'd only been around for, like, a couple days or so? It took me years to get all the bugs worked outta that punching-arm design, and that little kid made this in a few days!

It's just. Not. Fair!

…oh, well. At least I don't have to mess around with it for hours to get it to work, you know? That would've made me really mad. And it's kind of cool that he took me seriously. Most people, they just figure that machines like this are a waste of time, and they don't bother.

You know, he is pretty important up in Lacour… maybe he can help me find a job at the castle labs. When I'm ready for one, I mean.

He's still a snotty little brat, though. Stuck-up, too. Thinks he can do better than me just because he designed that Lacour Hope… I bet his parents did all the hard work and he just sat back and took all the credit.

Hmm. Maybe I can talk some sense into him after we get back from El. I'm sure he'll admit that I'm right when I prove it to him. He's a little smart-aleck, but hey, my old man says I'm the biggest smart-aleck he knows. That's just gotta count for something, right?