Shining Force II - Screen Shots
General Screen Shots
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Portraits - Main Characters
Our youthful hero, Bowie.
Bowie, all grown up.
A nice painting of Bowie.
Sarah, the young cleric.
Chester, our lovable centaur hero.
Jaha, the dwarf.
Kazin, the mage apprentice.
The adorable Kiwi.
The rodent thief Slade.
Slade, now the skilled ninja.
Peter, the friendly phoenix diplomat.
Peter, risen from the ashes in his colorful glory.
May, the female centaur.
Gerhalt, the wolfman.
A more lupine Gerhalt.
Luke, the birdman warrior prince.
Rohde, the ingenious tinkerer.
Rick, a centaur.
Elric, the elven archer.
Eric, the centaur knight.
Karna, the cleric.
Randolf, the axman.
Tyrin, the mage.
Janet, an elven archer.
Higins, the centaur soldier.
Skreech, the birdman warrior.
Jaro, the winged centaur knight.
The guiltful Frayja.
The big-bearded Gyan.
Sheela, the skilled fighting monk.
Zynk, the robot.
Chaz, the scholar's son.
The immortal vampire Lemon.
The mysterious and rocky Claude.
Portraits - Supporting Characters
Granseal, king of the kingdom Granseal.
Sir Astral - schoolteacher, sage and main advisor to the king.
The beautiful Princess Elis.
The bony-faced gentleman, Creed.
The goddess Mitula.
A generic man says hello.
The humble cleric who blesses your wounds and raises your dead.
Portraits - Devils
King Galam hides evil secrets.
King Galam, the exposed devil-possessed.
The scheming Cameela.
The always polite Geshp.
The tragicly evil Odd Eye.
The hideous Zeon.
Portraits - GIF Animations
Sarah has a vacuous facial expression.
Chester is enthusiastic.
Sir Astral mumbles under his beard.
Jaha speaks with adolescence.
Slade stares off into space.
Slade is much cooler now.
Peter gets most of the lines.
Gerhalt has a long snout.
Luke is likable.
Randolf speaks.
Higins speaks with authority.
Jaro has a big scar.
Lemon never stops yappin'.
A generic man speaks, showing a lot of teeth.
Battle Scenes - GIF Animations
Bowie swings his sword.
Chester lunges a spear toward his enemy.
Slade's blade is deadly.
Peter fights for the good of his friends.
Gerhalt is one to be feared.
Other GIF Animations
The Sega logo bounces onto the screen.
Granseal Kingdom meets its demise.
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