Shining Force - Screen Shots
05.06.2004 A Wonderful Remake
Purple Stone Chatting with the King Omniview
A map and a plan Shopping! More transactions
Battle on the mainlands Choose your own adventure Blast! Guards!
The Runefaust Region Does he ever A simple attack
1 vs. 1 Well then, slaughter him! Or something... Depths of a dark, dank dungeon
01.24.2004 Remake screens!
New quest select screen. New character art, same characters. Why are his sprite's eyes red?
Same winning conditions. New yes and no selections. New character and enemy sprites.
Same equipment system, new descriptions. He doesn't appear to be showing as much leg anymore. While the sprites look a bit out of place...
...I do like the new game art very much. New(and weird) enemy art.
04.13.2002 Classic Screens
The beginning of our tale I hate when they vow that Dark Dragon who?
A frightful bunch The title screen Simone
A time-honored tradition Hero training King smartypants
Assembling the Force Trust no one Grrr! Argh!
The token goblin Feelin' the burn A clean death
Mmmm... Pointy... Trademark Elf with Bow Taking a Beating
Magic vs. Science The Fierce Battle The sky rains fire
Peeking at the boss A standoff Kooky inventor
Mushashi strikes Legend of the sword Mysterious prophet
Mountain town Chill, dude Moving into position
Spectre of death Werewolf fury Fighing fire with fire
Sneaky ninja The end draws near  
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