Shenmue Online - Screen Shots
10.13.2004 Gameplay Screens
The game features the ability to play as a total prep "Just jump up. Seriously, I won't drop you. Oh come on!" Running around, looking all ripped
ATTENTION! "This place is not beautiful enough for me" ...Up for bids?
The soda machine returns! All Alone in the big, big world And from a reverse angle
Strike a pose Who does this kid look like? Ru-fi-ooohhh!
08.05.2004 First Look The Magicbox
Smelly hands? Looks familiar... Weee sand...or something.
Somebody's about to get the smackdown A Chinese man in traditional clothing Fighting suits.
What MMORPG is complete without an attractive girlie or two? Looking down an alley A girl in a blue dress.
A large city
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