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"Flight Bound for the Unknown!"
The Legend
Lost Continent
The Mana Fortress


Now, you can use Flammie!!!! He can travel all over the world very quickly, and he can take you wherever you want.
  • Take Truffle back to Matango, he'll tell you about the Palace of Darkness in the Lofty Moutnains. Mandala is a very old village... There's nothing interesting in the temple to the north (you can explore the videos inside, they have recorder some events from the Mana Fortress war ). If you go down the mountain , you'll find the Palace of Darkness. Let me guide you through...
    a) Go right
    b) Break the spikes on the right
    c) Go down, left and up, you find a switch, activate it.
    d) Go down for another switch. Now there's no barrier at the beginning.Don't go back there yet.
    e) Go downstairs, enter the corridor. It's pretty long and dark! Buu!!!
    f)Go upstairs, use your whip, press the switch
    g) Come back using Magic Rope. You're at the beginning. Go left, up, cut the spikes on the left, enter the room.
    h) Press all switches and follow the light.

  • The boss is a little tough. It'll use dark magic on you. Its normal attacks are painful as well. But Fireball will finish him....After the battle, Shade will give his powers to Popoie. NEVER use Evil Gate. It really sux, and costs 8MP. Dark Force is pretty good spell though. If you need some money, hang around the mountain, it's a good place to earn GP.
  • Head for the Gold City. They have some GOOD armor over there. In the city itself, you'll find nothing interesting (Watts owns a shop here ^^ ). There's a guy walking around on the city-wall. Talk to him, he'll tell you about how Tasnican spy stole the key to the Gold Tower. Well, who's the only Tasnican spy we know? Mara! Fly to Southtown and get the key from her, then go back to the tower..which really is..The Light Palace!
  • Again, good armor needed. Beast Zombies are pretty good for exp ;P But they're tough too... The tower isn't a dungeon or anything, just a tower ^^ Soon, you'll have to fight Blue Spikey. No magic and no weapons will really work. The only way to kill him is to keep casting Earth Slide (or Thunderbolt). It won't work too good (80-90 damage), but still, it's the ONLY way to beat him... Save your game, then fight another boss, Gorgon Bull. Beware of his magics! He uses Earth Slide on lv 8.. :( Kill him using Thunderbolt. After you defeat him, you find Lumina. Purim receives her powers. Lucent Beam works great on undead monsters!
  • Raise your new spells to lv.4 or 5, then go to the Moon Palace. To get inside, you must land on that little green spot near the Sky of Wanders. Karon will take you to the Moon Palace. Very sad and empty place..No boss here,so don't be afraid. All you have to do is to find the crystal orb (man, it's my favorite place in the game, no doubt ). Lumina's magic shall trigger it. You meet Luna, she gives her powers to Popoie & Purim.


  • After you raise Luna's spells (should be fun ), fly to Tasnica Castle. Jema will be waiting for you inside. He tells you about the imperial spy in the castle (like you wouldn't figure that out by talking to the people..."where is the spy?"). King is waiting for you in the throne room...But..NN?? Dark Stalker attacks you. It's ver yeasy to defeat. Actually one Lucent Beam will kill it! (watch out though, his attacks are strong. Wouldn't risk attacking him with weapons ). After the battle king is back to normal, and gives you the sword orb! Talk to Jema (important), he tells you that you should see Sage Joch to learn real courage.
  • Go back to Mandala, and climb up the mountain. Enemys should be easy for you now ;) This time, Sage Joch WILL see you. You must take the test of courage... The cave is really tough. Field enemys cast lv.7 magic!!!!! Run like hell until you reach a room with your shadows..The real test begins now....
  • This battle can be hard, but if you cast Lucid Barrier on yourselves, shadows won't be able to hurt you at all! Randi's shadow is the hardest, and has a lot of HP too. You might want to know that if one of your allies die, their shadow will die too! So a nice way to do this, is to let Randi and Popie die, then kill Purim's shadow. =P If you win the battle, you pass the test. Jek turns out to be Joch, and tells you that you should immediatly fly to the Tree Palace. The hidden continent is about to raise........


  • As you enter the Palace, you find The Emperor, Sheex and Fanha inside. It turns out that Sheex was the spy in Tasnica. Now, he wants revenge.... He can be very tough. If your Shade's magic isn't on a good level, you won't be able to dispel his Wall. Sheex's magic is very strong, his normal attacks are even worse. :( Earth Slide works pretty good, but once again, watch out for his Wall...
  • After the battle, go upstairs. Thanatos has already sealed the Tree seed.. Dryad appears and warns you that the hidden continent will rise any minute. Dryad isn't in a good mood, but fortunatly, he joins you....The Lost Continent is rising..
  • Now, you'll have to find your way to the Underground City. a). Talk to Jema, then go left and downstairs, to the lake.
    b). Enter the city, and get the boomerang orb in the treasure chest.
    c). Use the axe to cut down the spikes blocking your way. Don't go left, go up. When you're at the top, go left(duh). Fall down the waterfall, and hit the switch (on the left side of the waterfall) with your axe. Water will dispappear. You'll get to another waterfall, hit the switch on the LEFT(the other ones are fake).
    d). Now, you will fight Hydra. Use Exploder a lot, and it will eventually die. After you defeat it, Fanha wants to get her revenge on you, she's really pissed about you killing Sheex =) and stuff.. But Vandole says they have no time for "these kids". They leave.
    e). Another part of the city begins, it's one of the game's toughest moments, Or it is the toughest? Go downstairs, enter the middle door, step on the left escalator and go down(won't work with a barrel).Enter the hidden door on the left side, and press the switch. The barrier downstairs shall disappear.
    f) You find the resistance base, but no save point :( Krissie will heal you(if she's not there,exit and enter the base again), and Watts will do his job.
    g). Go to the end of a corridor, then to the left to find another escalator. Go on the right to press the switch, a barrier in the large room is gone. Don't worry about that barrier near the switch, it's important later.
    h) Another long corridor full of monsters. When you're done, you see 4 yellow dots on the floor. Step right in the middle of the area they show, you'll get rid of a barrier.
    i) One more corridor. Find 4 light switches and activate'em in the following order:Red - blue- yellow - green. Go down.
    j) You shall find a place with 2 Kimono Wizards. REMEMBER. Press the switch BEFORE you go down, otherwise you'll have to go through the entire city over again :(
    k) Go up. Remember? The old barrier from #g is gone!!!
    l) You find the..SUBWAY!!!!!!! The ancient civilization was just like ours.. I hope WE will not go through the war of the Mana Fortress,oh well..=) Subway is full of old good Ghouls, they shall be very easy for you right now.. This is the easiest part of the city. Exit the subway, and find old pals, the Scorpion Army! THE UNDERGROUND CITY IS OVER!!! Did I explain it well enough? ^^
  • Talk to Jema. He tells you about the shortcut to the Grand Palace. Go on the right, then downstairs. Enter the Grand Palace...
    a). Go forward, don't go upstairs. Remember to have Wall on yourself all the time. At least try. Then go right for the water crystal and left for the crystal of earth. Go back...
    b). Go upstairs. "Whip the gaps", you'll land on the left part, get the crystal of wind. Go down, then far right for Salamando's orb.
    c). Just a little on the left , and down for a "secret" passage. Left for the light crystal. get the sword orb, then right for the crystal of darkness...
    d). Go left (upstairs), and trigger the switch on the wall, and the barrier is gone. Go upstairs.
    e). Left, downstairs and you shall get to the stairs. Press the green switch on the left , and another one, then whip yourself down to the last, Luna's crystal of moon!
    f). Go on the right side, which looks exactly the same as the one you've just been to. Go upstairs and you find yourlsef back in the Tree Palace with Sanp Dragon!!!!!
    g). One of the easiest bosses I know. He's actually easier than one of Heck Hounds. Couple of fire spells will kill him :)
    The end ^^
  • The Emperor's in the stage room...But..He's dead!!! Enter the door behind the stage. It turns out that Fanha and Thanatos got rid of the Emperor.. Time to beat Fanha....
  • She won't be hard. Earth Slide works just great. She can pygmize you, so make sure you got the Midge Mallet. Save your game, and prepare for the final showdown with Geshtar...... THIS battle will be very tough. Geshtar casts Wall on the time, so magic will be useless. Charge your weapons, and attack him. You'll probobly need 4 Cups of Wishes, Fearie Walnuts,etc. Geshtar has about 4500HP..
  • You've failed..The Mana Fortress has been activated by Thanatos. Talk to Jema, he tells you about the Mana Tree in...


  • PureLand is a strange white island on the west of the Ice Country. The enemies over there are the hardest in the game, so you'll need very good armor. Go behind the Tree Palace, Neko has some good (and expensive ) stuff. PureLand is a very cool place, but dangerous too.... Mushglooms are the worst enemies ever (maybe besides Master Ninjas ) . Your spells should be on lv.6 or 7 by now. You'll need Sylphid, Gnome, Undine and Salamando.
  • The first boss in PureLand is such a pain! His magic is extremely powerful (Earrth Slide lv.8 ) , his normal attacks, such as Baloon Ring can take off more than 600HP :( Thunderbolt will take care of him...

  • You'll reach the First Gate of PureLand. Save your game, then fight the Snow Dragon. Pretty easy, use Fire magic, or dragon weapons (Dragonbuster, Dragonlance, and such ^_^ ). Go back, and pass through the gate.

  • The next part of PureLand ,will be a spooky cave full of Ice Thugs and such. There's Axe Beak in the middle of the cave. He can be easily defeated. Undine will work nice :) Exit the cave, and find the Second Gate. Bump off the Red Dragon in his cave, and get to the Third Part of the Mana Valley (nice name, isn't it? ^^ )
  • Thunder Gigas has a lot of HP and strong magic, but just like the other gigases, he has a weakness :) Keep casting Gnome on the dude, and you'll win. The last boss in the forest is Blue Dragon. He fears Gnome, so use Earth Slide...Then..Pass through the gate... To find the Mana Tree (it's one of my favrites scenes in Square games... gotta love it! ^^ )..


  • The final dungeon. Not realy a dungeon, but ya know what I mean ;) Enemies are hard, and there's lots of them.. No save points..No escape (Flammie won't go in there, Magic Rope won't work )... The first part will be full of Tsunamis. Pass the room with Tsunamis, another one with Fiend Head and DarkStalkers, and another one with Heck Hounds (I wonder if it was Hell Hound in J version... ) . You'll have to press the switch (Tsunamis will attacks you ), then cross the gap. After a while, you'll get to the point where 2 Turtlances are walking around. You can either go left, or use a whip to cross the gaps. The first option is a looong dead end. Cross the gaps, you'll find yourself in a weird room full of blue spikes (not Blue Spikeys =) ) . Cut them off with the Axe. Do NOT press the switch in the middle. Soon, you'll find Buffy, the Vampire.
  • Defeat him in the same way you defeat the last one, but use Lumina's magic. If it's on sucky level, use Earth Slide. He's a whimp ;) The next part of the Fortress will be harder. Exit the room with Buffy, and go left. It's a nice shortcut ^^ Fight your way to another boss, Lime Slime... Now, REMEMBER, cast Wall on everybody before you start a fight!!! His magic is really nasty. You'll need Shade on lv.6 or 7. Just keep casting Dark Force. It'll grow bigger and bigger. It has 5000HP but is quite easy to kill.
  • The third part of the Fortress is the longest, and the hardest. Also, full of the hardest enemies in the game, Master Ninjas. They can kill you with one hit =( Keep away from them. Terminators are also tough, but can be killed with one Dark Force ;) After a long, tiresome journey through the dungeon, you'll eventually reach the end. When you get to a big, empty room , heal everybody, cast Wall, Lucid barrier, Light Saber, Moon Power and such...
  • Thanatos and Dyluck are in the next room. The sorcerer is about to steal Dyluck's body..He's very weak.. "Enjoy" the scene, and face Thanatos as..Dark Lich... Ah, he looks cool, doesn't he? Too bad he's so easy. Some of his attacks are dangerous, but Wall will save you from most of them. Watch out for his beams. If he's underground, NEVER EVER touch his hands, your character will die immediatly. Lucent Beam will work perfect. Earth Slide is not bad either. Thanatos has 6666HP (coincidence? ^^ ).
  • After you defeat him, there's another cool, hard to understand scene.. The Mana Beast shows up. Like the Mana Tree said, it's not evil, but has a little control over its rage. If the heroes decide to kill it using the Mana SWord, Mana will disappear forever. If they don't kill it, the world will be destroyed.. It's a hard decision.....
  • The final battle:
    Okay, here's what you must do. The only way to defeat the Mana Beast, is to smash it with the Mana Sword. To restore the sword, Popoie and Purim must cast Mana Magic on the hero (hand him the sword first ). However, Mana Magic expires quickly. The Mana Sword is green. If it's not green, that means Mana Magic expired. Just cast it again, and again, and again. The Beast can be hurt only when it's in front of you. DO NOT charge your sword, just hit the beast every time the sword reaches 100 %. To avoid its attacks, use Cure water 2-3 seconds before it hits you. Using Moon Powers on Randi will help a lot.. Well, 'tis is it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! =) =) ^^ ;)

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