OK, here's the final (?) version of this walkthrough. It looks much better now. I ho[e you'll enjoy it ;)

The Rusty Sword
New Allies
The Great Forest
Fire and Ice
The Empire


  • After you fall down the waterfall, you land in a strange lake. Go down a bit, you should see a sword buried in a stone. Go on the other side of the stream. Randi realizes that he needs something to cut through the bushes. Get the rusty sword....
  • Now, you must learn how to use the sword. You'll find some rabites in the Forest Off Limits. They're very easy to kill.
  • Talk to everyone in Potos. It seems thatt he village is being attacked by the monsters. Talk to the elder in front of his house.. He tells you that your sword is the legendary Mana Sword. Villagers realize that you are the fault of village's trouble =( Sudenly, the earthquake comes, and the first boss attacks.
  • It's easy to kill becouse you just can't die!! If your HP is at 0, strange man will revive you. When you beat Mantis Ant, he will pull you up. He tells you a bit more about your sword. It must be re-energized, and only you are able to do it...The trouble begins....
  • The elder banishes you from the village -_- Go to the Water Palace, like Jema told you. If you wish to use Cannon TRavel (on the right of the village, right after you exit it) , you can fly to the Water Palace for free. If you want to walk, find Neko's place, to the west. You can't enter Pandora (to the south) yet. Talk to the soldiers near the Palace. Then, enter it.
  • Jema's waiting for you in front of the Water Palace. Go to the stage room, you'll meet Luka (isn't Square obsessed with this name? ). She's a 200 yearls ols sage who guards the Water Mana Seeds. Listen to everything she says very carefully...You find out about the Empire and its plans, the legendary Fortress, dwarfs in Gaia's Naivel, trouble in Pandora, etc.. You'll seal the Mana Seed of Water (go to the status window, you'll notice that you have 1 Mana Power ) , and get another weapon, the Spear. When you leave the Palace and try to reach cannon Travel or Pandora, you'll probobly get captured by the goblins. A blonde girl shall save you....


  • Now, you should go to Gaia's Naivel. There are many things you can do. They're listed below:
  • If you want a new party member, go to Pandora's Castle. You'll find the girl who rescued you from the goblins. She's looking for her boyfriend, Dyluck, and wants you to help her. Her name is Purim. If you let her join you (you don't really have a choice ) , you'll get a new party member, and a new weapon (gloves). If you go to Gaia's Naivel with Purim, she'll abandon you. So...
    a) Get Purim in Pandora, abandon her in Gaia's Naivel. You'll get Popoie (look below). Then go to the haunted forest, and kill 2 werewolves to get Purim in your team (again).
    b) Don't get Purim in Pandora (just leave the castle alone), get Popoie in Gaia's Naivel, then go back to Pandora for Purim ;)
    c) Get Purim in Pandora, don't enter Gaia's Naivel , go to the Haunted Forest instead. You'll find 2 statues blocking your way. You can't get rid of them without an axe. Now, you can come back to Gaia's Naivel, and Purim won't leave you alone =)
    d)Get Popoie in Gaia's Naivel, and go to the Haunted Forest for Purim (you'll have to fight the werewolves).
    e) Don't get anyone, and go to the Hanuted Forest. You'll have to fight the werewolves by yourself :( They can be a pain... If you manage how to beat them, Purim will join you (pretty funny scene ^_^ ). Then , come back to Gaia's Naivel for Popoie.
  • Gaia's Naivel is your first serious dungeon. Kid-goblins and blats are easy to kill ;) Drops can be tough, but they give you a lot of exp and gold. The cave isn't long. It has a "secret" (not really...) room with the Magic Rope guarded by 2 goblins. To get through the cave...
    a) - You begin in the cave with 2 blats. Get out of there, go north (like you have a choice...) . You'll find the stairs leading deeper into Gaia's Naivel.
    b) Another room is filled with lava. Ge left, fight goblins in the corridor, and activate the switch skull ( strike it with your sword) . Go back. Lava is gone ;)
    c) Go down. To get the Magic Rope, go left and enter the room with 2 goblins guarding a chest. Magic Rope is inside.
    d) Time to go even deeper. Next room is filled with water. Follow a small path that leads south. If you go east, you'll find nothing but trouble. Kill some goblins on your way, and you'll find yourself on the other side of the lake. Stones blocking your way can be removed ( the Axe ). Hit the switch skull, then go downstairs. You've found the Dwarf Village! =)
  • Talk to the dwarfs, sleep in the inn, buy some armor. See the Sprite's show (then go behind the stage to get your money back), see Watts. Make sure you've saved your games, becouse Tropicallo, your first serious enemy boss attacks!
  • It's easy to beat, especially if you have Purim in your party ;) Charge your sword to lv.1, and slash it! It'll die very fast. Popoie will join you after the battle. You'll also get 3 new weapons - Boomerang, Bow and arrows, and an Axe. Learn how to use them, then get Purim (if you haven't already ) in Pandora's castle.. Then, go to the Haunted Forest.
  • Haunted Forest is pretty long. You should find Neko att he beginning. Go right, then go downstairs. Kill Eye-Spy , then activate the teleporter. Go back, get rid of the statues ( hit them with the Axe ), and continue your journey.
  • Elinee's castle is HARD!. Very good armor is a must... Werewolves will kick your a$$ many times. Find Neko in the prison, and buy everything - 4 Cups if Wishes, Chocolates, Candys, even Royal Jams.. You'll figh the hardest (?) boss of the game...
  • After a while , you'll reach Elinee, the witch. She doesn't like kids, does she? Here, you hear about mysterious Thanatos in the ruins south of Pandora...Then, Spikey Tiger attacks! Dude can be very tough. You need 2 characters alive all the time. When Spikey engulfs you with his spells, switch players (select), and use Medical Herb on the engulfed character. Bow is very useful against this boss. Charing weapons doesn't really make sense. There's no strategy that'll make Spikey easy..He's always gonna be tough :|
  • When you defeat him, Elinee turns to a normal elderly lady with ni magic powerf left. Sge gives you another Mana weapon, the Whip (my fav weapon ^^ ). Save your game, then exit the castle. Nice scene takes place, and Luka calls you to the Water Palace...


  • You're told to go to Undine's cave, behind the Water Palace. It shouldn't be too much trouble. The boss is really easy. Move away from him - you must be far enough to avoid his attacks, and close enough to be able to hit him with your whip. Just continue hitting him every time your whip reaches 100%. He'll use Cure Water 3 times.
  • You meet Undine, the Water Elemental of Mana. She gives her magic powers to Popie and Purim. Popie can use Freeze, Acid Storm and Energy Absorb. Purim can use Cure Water, Remedy and Ice Saber. Raise your magic to lv. 1 (just keep casting a spell to raise a level ), and head for the Underground Palace.
  • More trouble. The Palace is short, but it's full of very nasty enemies. Don't waste your time trying to kill them.. In the middle of the palace, you'll find a gap. You'll have to use your whip to cross it. Fight your way to the stage room..
  • Gnome won't let you in. Suddenly Fire Gigas attacks! If you have Undine's battle magic on level 1, he's a whimp. Just keep casting Freeze on him, and heal with Cure Water when he changes to fire balls. After the battle (funny scene ^_^ ), Gnome gives you his magic powers. Raise Gnome's level, and head for Pandora's ruins....
  • There's a blue-haired girl walking around near the ruins. Talk to her. When she disappears, "check the ruins down there". There are many spooky enemies inside. But they CAN be killed. I hate that place, you keep getting poisened, slow down, etc. The ruins aren't really a dungeon, they're just a loong corridor full of monsters. After a long while, you'll reach Thanatos.
  • He's EEEEVIL!!! =( After the scene, you'll encounter Wall Face. If you have Earth Slide at lv.2, use it 3 times on the middlen eye, and you'll kill it!! Really easy ^^
  • Happiness returns to Pandora! Go to the castle, and talk with the king. He'll open his secret treasure room for you. Some energy orbs, and money. Grab the treasures, and go back to the Water Palace. Water seed's been stolen!!!
  • Use Watt's shortcut to get to the Dwarf Village. Talk to Jema, and enter the hole...Weird music, ain't it? You find yourself in the Underground Ship, with some idiots who got the Water seed! They plan to conquer the world using their robot, Kilroy. You'll have to fight him (du-uh). Earth Slide works well, but weapons even better. He can moogle you, so be ready with Medical Herbs. It'll be easy to kill anyway.
  • Bring the Water Seed to Luka's place. Get yourself a Fearie Walnut before you enter the Palace. Monsters in the Palace give you a lot of exp and gold, so hang around there for a while to gain some levels. You'll meet Geshtar, from the Empire, in the stage room. Oh-oh, trouble! Doesn't mater if you run away from Geshtar or give him the seed. You'll fight Jaberwocky anyway. His attacks can be painful.. Use Cure Water often, and keep casting Earth Slide on him. He'll eventually die ;)
  • Now, you can finally get out of this place! Talk to Jema and Luca, recover the seal on the seed, and talk to the Cannon Man near Potos. He'll take you to the Upper Land forests!


  • You land in a strange forest, full of moogles. Popoie loses his memory (again?!). If you go south, you'll find Neko. Upper Land consists of 4 seasons - Winter (where the moogles are ), Spring (where Neko is ), Summer (near the Cannon Travel Center) and Fall (where the owls are ). Go to the Summer, and enter the Moogle Village (west of the entrance to the Fall ) . There are 3 Pebblers inside. Defeat them, then try to leave. Moogles are back! =) Save your game, and "walk the seasons from Spring to Winter"!
  • Simply, walk from Spring, through Summer, Fall and Winter (DON'T turn back ). When you get to Spring (again ^_^ ), the gate to the Wind Palace will open.
  • Popie's village has been abandoned, and you have to fight Spring Beak. 3 Earth Slides will finish him! After the battle, you can enter the Palace.. You'll hear a sad story, and receive Sylphid's magics.
  • On the west of the Spring, there's a crystal orb. Cast Air-Blast on the crystal to get rid of it. Now, THIS is the GREAT forest :) It's really huge... Brace yourself, and try to reach Matango, the mushroom kingdom!
  • These mushrooms are friendly to you, so talk to them. Watts is inside, so you can reforge your weapons. Talk to the king. He tells you something about a white dragon on the east of the Fung Castle. You also get a new energy orb.
  • Okay, here's what you do in the cave:
    a) Before you enter the White Cave, you'll have to pass a large rooms with Steam Crabs etc. It's a great place to raise Sylphid's magic (it should be on lv.3 by now). You can also get some Fearie Walnuts over there!
    b) The cave is filled with KImono Birds, Pebblers, and Nemesis Owls. They all fear Gnome, so Earth Slide will be extremely usefull (as usual). Soon, you'll have to cross a gap using your whip.
    c) Go downstairs. Cross another gap, and go downstairs (again ^^ )
    d) Go to the left (if you go to the right , music will change to Matango music , but you'll find nothing ).
    e) You're on a loong track full of monsters. When you find large rocks blocking your way, go upstairs and find the Crystal Orb. Earth Slide will trigger it. The rocks are gone.
    f) Go deeper into the cave, and you'll find the Great Viper. Use Thunderbolt ( see? told ya you should have it on lv.3 ^^ ), and you'll kill it rather quickly. Find the White Dragon. Her parents were beaten by the viper. Poor baby can't even fly! =(
  • Truffle wants to take care of Flammie until she grows stronger. He also tells you that Cannon Travel in the Great Forest is reopened. Well?


    Now, you can either go to Kakkara desert, or the Ice Country. I suggest going to Kakkara first.
  • NN?!? Now what? Where are you? I guess the Cannon Man had a bad day... You better find a town fast! Finding anything in the desert is really boring.. You never know where to go... If you're lucky, you'll find the Sandship!!!
  • You end up as a slave in the engine room. No way out.. Talk to Sergo the pirate two times, he'll help you run away. Now, you must find the rest of your allies ( it always reminds me the BlackBird from Chrono Trigger ^_^ ). Popoie's eaten all the food, so they'll be glad to have him out of there!! ;) The soldier on the top of the ship can save your game. To find a girl, you must find a "hidden" door. It's in the southern part of the ship.
  • You got your party back, but the Empire attacks!!! You'll have to face Geshtar again. Mech Rider can be easily defeated with weapons (Sword on lv.3 ) or magic (Earth Slide, Thunderbolt). The ship is destroyed, but the Empire runs away.
  • Talk to one of the soldiers, and tell him you want to leave. Go north to Kakkara village. Save your game, buy new armor, etc. Then use Cannon Travel to get to the Ice Country (going to the Fire Palace now is no use. You'll need Salamando's magic ).
  • Aye, you WILL need a GOOD armor. Enemies in the Crystal Forest are very tough (for your level... ), but they also give you good stuff. In the middle of the forest, you'll find Santa's hut, but it's deserted. Only the Spear Orb is inside.. At the end of the Crystal Forest, you'll have to fight Boreal Face.
  • This boss is tough. No magic will efect him, his attacks are very dangerous, and it's hard to hit. If you're desperate to use magic, Thunderbolt on lv.3 will do 80-90HP damage.... Charging your sword is the best way to defeat him. And remember to cure very often. Do watch out for his 20MP, he can cast Burst lv.4 on your entire party , 2 times in a row...
  • You're in the "Hidden Paradise"!! But what's with this music? The Scorpion Army again... Talk to the "boy" near the bucket in the middle of the village. Then, release Salamando! He's cool, isn't he? =D Now you can use the power of FIRE!
  • Now, I suggest going back to Todo, and raisng Salamando's magic to lv.3 (Ok, it's a MUST ). Then, head for the Ice Palace.
  • North of the Hidden Paradise you'll find the Frosty Forest. Neko's on the left ( SAVE! ), Ice Palace's on the right.
  • Ice Palace (cool music ) - Not a dungeon, but indeed, a tough place full of tough enemies... When you get to the crossroad, you can go right for an energy orb. Don't try to kill the enemies in the magic library, their magic attacks are horrible! Run for your life, until you get to the first enemy boss.
  • I wouldn't use magic on them (you'll need it later). just charge your sword on lv.4 for BIG damage ;) Try not to wake the thrird monster if you didn't kill the first ones yet.
  • Now, fight your way to the Frost Gigas. His magic is very strong, but so is yours :) Keep casting Fireball on him, and he'll be doomed! =P After you defeat him, you got the Fire Seed back (finally). Now, head for Kakkara and the Fire Palace!
  • Now, you'll need Undine's magic on lv.3.. K, the directions are right here!
    a) Cast Exploder on the crystal. Go upstairs.cast Fire Ball on another crystal.
    b) Go upstairs (again?) . Then go down (kill everything that moves, except your allies) and...Go upstairs!
    c) Keep going, until you can go downstairs. Trigger the switch...this place is familiar to you, isn`t it? Go downstairs, use your bow to cross the gap.
    d) Cast Freeze on the crystal. Trigger the switch. Only two lamps are on fire, right? Try to go between them. you have to face minotaur!
  • His magic is very strong (lv.7 ), but he doesn't have too much HPs. Thunderbolt will come in handy in this battle! Whatever you do, try to stay away from him, or he'll knock you down. You've finally put the Fire Seeds back where it belongs...Return to Kakkara.


  • Kakkra's Cannon Travel can now take you to the Empire! You land in the Empire's southtown (my fav SoM town BTW ^^ ) Don't buy any new armor yet (wait 'til you get to Northtown ). Talk to Mara, old fat lady who looks really weird.. She'll give you the password to the sewers leading to Northtown.
  • Northtown is the capital of the Empire, city full of your enemys. You also meet the resistance, led by Krissie. She tells you about the situation in the town, and about the ruins to the north..Could Thanatos be involved? Buy GOOD armor, and check out the ruins...
  • VERY VERY tough. Once again, great armor is a must... I wouldn't waste time and HP by trying to kill the monsters. They're awfully tough. The ruins are long, but not very complicated. If you're lucky, you'll get to Doom Wall (looks familiar...). Defeat it in the same way you defeat the last one. Earth Slide. Then, enjoy the scene...
  • Another enemy boss, Vampire, attacks. He won't be THAT easy. His attacks can be a pain, and he's got 2500 HP =( Earth Slide will work very well here (again. This spell just rukes) .Use Cure water very often. After you defeat him, the monsters, Thanatos and Dyluck are gone....
  • Go back to Northtown, and go to the Resistance Base. Krissie say that the emperor wants peace! Could it be true?? Follow Krissie to the Palace (it's on the north ). And..you're trapped! Talk to the imperial soldier to get out of the cell. You'll have to fight Metal Mantis.
  • It uses no magic, but its beams are nasty. The can frost you, engulf you, poison you, etc. But it doesn't have too much HPs. Earth Slide and Thunderbolt will work nice :) After the battle, you'll have to find your way to the Emperor (again). Monsters aren't so hard (Embermen give you hell of EVERYTHING - exp, gp, gold, etc. keep killing them for 30 minutes, and you'll gain about 10 levels and 50000GP!!!!!!!!! ) .. Remember to visit the right wing of the castle to get some energy orbs. Then, enter the main part of the building. When you have a choice to go left or right, go left (if you go right, you'll get to the living room, but nobody's there). You'll reach the room with many switches on the floor. Use the right switch, it'll take you on the left =P . Just before the next switch on the floor, there's a small (hardly visible ) switch on the wall. Activate it, and the floor switch will let you pass!
  • You'll find the Emperor, Fanha, Sheex and Geshtar in the next room. Geshtar will ask the Emperor for "one more chance". Another Mech Rider attacks. Nothing has changed... Weapons and magic will work very well ;) After you destroy him, Geshtar is about to burn the whole place. But..Truffle saves the day!!!

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