This is the list of most of the SD3 bosses, their stats, and strategies how to kill them. There are still some bosses missing, I'll get their stats as soon as I can..IF I can...
In each final dungeon , you'll fight some stronger versions of bosses you have fought before. Their attacks and spells are exactly the same , only their HP is higher , so they won't be on this list.
Very special thanks to Aki, this list wouldn't be possible without her help!!!

Full Metal Hagger
Cave of Waterfall
HP: 1500
EXP: 24
Gold: 414
Weakness: Shade
Special Attack: Bubble Breath
Magic attacks: Holy Ball

He'll be easy, but watch your HP. Bubble Breath can be painful. He seems to have a lot of HP, but you'll destroy it in no time ;)

Machine Golems
Crack of Earth
LV: 4
HP - 605 each
EXP - 16 each
Gold - 113 each
Level recommended: 7-8
Weakness: Wind
Special Attacks: Rocket Punch, Drill Missle
They are easy. You have to kill 2 of them, third one will blow up ;P.. Keep HP HIGH, and you will win in no time :)

Tail Eater
Cave of Jewels
HP - 3380
EXP - 48
Gold - 843
Weakness: Wind
Special attack : Buchi Komashi
Magic attacks: Gem Missle, Earth Slide, Slow Down
If you have good level, weapons and armor, it'll be really easy. Keep attacking it with weapons, heal often, and it shall die in no time (6-7 minutes).

Corridor of Wind
HP - 1808
EXP - 160
Gold - 1220
Weakness: Earth
Special Attack: Feather Needle
Magic attacks: Air Blast, Thunderbolt
Buy a lot of Dichi no Coin and Barette no Uroko in the Black Market, and use them. Then finish him with weapons. His attacks can be painful (he casts magic on all memebrs of the party), so heal often. Make sure to have some Medical Herbs with you (or Charu ^^ ) , becouse he puts the heroes to sleep. You shouldn't have too much trouble with this guy ;)

Lv: 12
HP: 3065
EXP: 260
Gold: 790
Weakness: Water
Special attack: Melt Wave, Summon Gate
He can be a pain sometimes.. Attack him with weapons (don't even try magic), and pay no attention to all the blue enemies around you. make sure to have a lot of healing items and stuff. Keep HP high.

Bill & Ben
LV: 12
HP: 900
EXP: 156
Here, you have to heal all the time. The Ninjas use dangerous ninja magic, and they cast it on the whole party. Attack them with weapons, and try to stay out of their reach.

Ghost Ship
LV: 21
HP: ???
EXP: 1120
Gold: 999
Magic attacks: Evil Gate
This will be hard.. If you have Angela in your party, cast Holy Ball. Otherwise, attack him with weapons. Having only 2 people in your party makes this battle pretty tough. Watch out for his attacks, and....good luck! =)

Beast Lugar
Moon Reading Tower
LV: 21
HP: 3461
EXP: 1120
Gold: 999
Magic: Moon Saber
TOUGH!!! I strongly recommend lv.24 or higher. He uses extremely powerful attack that can hit the entire party for 250 HP :( His regular attacks will also hurt. Attack him with *WEAPONS*, DON'T use magic no matter what. You'll give him just enough time to kill everybody ;) But he doesn't have too much HP, so if you follow these instructions, you'll beat him soon!

Lamp Flower Forest
HP: 8245
EXP: 1610
Gold: 1835
Special attacks: Spined Kelp, Hammer bean
Magic attacks: Sleep Flower
A lot of HP, but easy to kill, especially if you have strong fighers in your party. Kill him with weapons. Pay no attention to minor monsters walking around (they'll keep putting you to sleep ). When he's almost dead, he'll morph into a giant monster. Watch out, he'll use some strong attacks against you.

The Mana Beasts:

Fiegmund (Ice)
The Ice Wall Maze
LV: 29
HP: 10750
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Weakness: Fire
Special attack: Ice Cradle, Icicle
Magic attacks: Freeze, Acid Storm
Like all the other Mana Beasts, Fiegmund will be a pain. Attack him with weapons, or Exploder magic. He'll change your characters into snowmen, so Medical Herbs are a must. If you don't have fire magic, buy Fire Coins in the Black Market.

Zanbie Xanvier( Fire)
Valley of Flames
HP: 9292
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Weakness; Water
Special attacks: Giga Burn, Lava Wave
Magic attacks: Exploder, Fire Ball
This mana Beast consists of two monsters: First one, which I call "Dragon Head" is the one that attacks you. Second part is just..Fire, in the back =) Kill the Dragon Head, and the whole thing blows up. The most nasty thing it does, is Fire Saber on one of your characters. When something like this happens,either kill the character asap (just don't cure him ), or cast another saber on his/her weapon, becouse he/she'll keep healing the beast :(

Corridor of Wind
LV: 29
HP: 21136
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Special attacks: Air Slasher, Exploding Lighting Ball (?)
Magic attacks: Thunderstorm, Air Blast

This guy has a LOT of HP. If your weapons are very good, attack the Beast with your weapons. If you have Earth Slide magic, use it. Dangaard uses many nasty attacks and spells, so bring a lot of healing items.. The battle will be really long, tiresome and boring... But the graphics RUKE!!!!

Moon Reading Tower
LV: 29
HP: 9839
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Special attacks: Spiral Moon

This is possibly the toughest one. Its attacks are extremely nasty (if you have Riesz at D, use all the spells she has to make Doran weak ), some of them will hit the party for more than 400 HP. The Beast uses them all the time.. :( Healing items or/and a healer are a must. Attack Doran with weapons, magic won't work that well...And beware of the Spiral Moon!! It reduces your total HP!!!

Forest of Wonder
HP: 13483
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Weakness: Wind
Special attacks: Kill Stinger, Grenade Bomb (sounds familiar? ^^ )
Magic attacks: Posion Bubble, Sleep Flower

This is the only easy Mana beast ^^ The only hard thing to deal with, is the annoying volcano music.. Attack the Beast with weapons or wind magic, it'll be doomed in no time.

Valley of Gemsdorian
LV: 29
HP: 7652
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Weakness: Wind
Special attacks: Hyper Cannon, Earthquake
Magic: Stone Cloud, Diamond Missle, Earth Slide

Hard... Landamber's attacks are really a pain in the butt.. I usually die at least once before I beat him. Anyway, keep your HP high, attacks him with weapons (they work fairly well), or Thunderbolt. Enjoy the cool music! ^^

Light Gazer
Ancient Ruins of Light
LV: 29
HP: 10932
EXP: 2670
Gold: 5579
Weakness: Shadow
Special Attacks: Prisoner, GuiseBlast
Magic attacks: Saint Beam, Holy Ball

This will be tough and long battle. I had to spend 40 minutes to beat him once =( I assume that you don't have dark magic (if you do, great ^^ USE IT!!! ), and you'll have to try to kill it with weapons. Buy some Dark Coins in Baizel, those will always help. Attack him when you can, heal when he's flying around. Also, bring some medical Herbs with you, Light Gazer moogles the whole party once in a while...Good luck!

Zable Far
HP: 9999 (right/left - 5052)
EXP: 7800 (r/l = 0)
Gold: 10517 (r/l = 1 )
Weakness: Light
Special attacks: Hell Southern Cross, Dark Blazon
Magic attacks: Dark Force, Evil Gate, Death Spell, Dispel Magic
This will be HARD!!!!!!!! Zable Far isthe most creepy looking boss ever made.. It scares me every time I fight it.. *shudder* Anyway, kill the l/r heads first (like you have a choice ^^ ). They will use some dark magic on you. They will also keep poisoning you :( If you have Saint Beam, use it. Otherwise, attack with weapons. After you get rid of them, the main head shows up, and revives the other ones..Vacation is over, prepare for doom. Right after it's revived the r/l heads, it'll use Hell Southern Cross. This will damage the party for 500-550 HP :( The Main Head will use this attack several times in the battle, so keep HP VERY HIGH ALL THE TIME (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Concentrate on the main head. It'll use Death Spell (someone's dead - - ), once in a while.. You'll hopefully be able to kill it before you run out of Cups of Wishes..And again, keep your HP HIGH!!!!

>From now on, final bosses will be different, for each scenario. If the final dungeons, you'll meet some stronger versions of bosses you've fought before. They are not on this list.



Jagan no Hakushaku (Earl of the Evil Eye)
HP - 15947
EXP - 8310
Gold - 1293
Weakness: Fire
Special attacks: Ghost Road, Psycho Wave
Magic attacks: Evil Gate, Dark Force, Death Spell :(

This battle will, of course, be extremely tough. You also have to defeat the Bloody Wolf and Camilia Queen. I suggest taking care of the wolf first, he can be pretty dangerous. Kill Camilia Queen while hitting Jagan no Hakushaku. Bring 9 Cups of Wishes (duuh), becouse Jagan casts Death Spell. Keep HP high, attack Jagan with fire magic, or weapons (he's hard to hit with weapons though ).. If you don't run out of Cups of Wishes, you shall win!!!

Bijuu (Beautiful Beast)
HP - 15947
EXP - 8310
Gold - 1293
Weakness: Fire
Special attacks: ???
Magic attacks: Change Form, Moon Saber..Anything else?

Hard...VERY hard.. Isabella will turn into Beautiful Beast, and become very hard. She summons some kind of a monster once in a while, it's her strongest attack (keep HP high of course). Be careful with using magic, since some spells will heal her. Weapons work nice but DO NOT , under any circumstances, use sabers. If you're lucky, and have Anti-magic spell, cast it on Bijuu right after she uses Moon Saber...This is it, good luck! ^^


HP - 53499
EXP - 11780
Gold: 50271
Weakness: Variable (changes)
Special attacks: Don't even ask.. Hell Souther Cross sounds nasty enough :(
Magic attacks: Everything. I mean it ^^

This is the hardest RPG I've ever faced (excluding the Black Rabite ).. It took me 90 minutes to kill Kuro no Kikoushi...
First part:
He'll be changing colors to dark, moon, fire, eart, water and wind. Each color gives him different spells and attacks, he'll cast a special attack just before he turns into a new elemental. Beware of that attack!!! Moon is the deadliest (remember Doran's spiral moon? ), so keep HP at MAX when he's Moon. Dark is also extremely dangerous... make sure your level is very hight (53 + ), so Death Spell will not work. When he's Earth, his final attack will be extremely nasty.. When he's Fire, Wind or Water he isn't really dangerous, but keep your HP high anyway....It's gonna take you a long time to beat him...Try not to lose more than 2 Cups of Wishes in this part of the battle..
Second part:
Now, he'll become much harder. One of his attacks will hit the party for more than 500HP damage. Keep HP at max, and SAVE MAGIC POINTS. If you happen to have Tree Saber, that'll solve the MP problem. Attack him with your strongest spells (like Rainbow or Ancient), and special attacks. He'll be extremely hard to beat....*sigh* , do not give up! The ending is worth it!!!


Kokuyou no Kishi (Dark Knight)
HP - 17132
EXP - 8310
Gold: 1293

Well, he'll be very tough.. He doesn't use elemental magic, but his sword attacks ARE deadly. Some of them can hit the party for more than 500HP damage... Dark Knight also likes to use 2 or 3 attacks one after another, so even if your HP is at max, you may die in an instant.. If you have Riesz at dark classes, you can make him weak by casting Power Down. Heal all the time, and attack him with weapons or strong magic.

Guren no Madoushi (Scarlet Magician)
HP - 14722
EXP - 10540
Gold - 1417
Magic Attacks: Holy Ball, Lucent Beam, Gem Missle, Earth Slide, Fire Ball, Exploder, Ice Smash, Acid Rain, Evil Gate, Dark Force, Air Blast, Thunderbolt and more :|

As you can see, the red man's elemental magic is extremely powerful. He casts it on the whole party too..The Magician can cast 3 to 4 spells in a row, and each spells hits the party for 150-200 HP damage. If you have Wall, he'll be a rabite ^^ He has one special attack, which I call Meteor Rain. It's extremely powerful... Attack the Mage with weapons, Elemental Magic will not work.

HP - 55551
EXP - 11780
Gold - 50201

This is the easiest one of the final bosses, but he's still VERY tough. I beat him on lv.51, so you don't have to worry about level building this time ^^ Attack him with your strongest attacks, save MPs, and watch your HP. His strongest attack will hit you for 450 HP. When the music changes, you're in the middle of the battle. No matter how strong you are, the battle's gonna take you at least 30 minutes. Good luck!


Shi wu Kurau Otoko (Death Eating Man)
HP: 12606
EXP: 8310
Gold: 1293
Magic Attacks: Holy Ball..?

He'll duplicate into 3. Cast magic on all of them to see which one is real. The other ones are just gonna keep pissing you off. Anyway, he'll be very very hard. It's really hard to hit the right one with weapons. Their attacks are very strong. Death Eating Man will use some kind of light that kills your character (yeah, like Death Spell). Concentrate on the real Death Eating Man, and you'll make it ;)

Ochita Seija (aka Hiis, the Fallen Cleric)
HP: 11543
EXP: 10540
Luku: 1417
Magic Attacks: Saint Beam, Holy Ball, Black Curse

ARGGHH!! This guy is a PAIN!!!! I think he's even harder than Bijuu Isabella and Ryuutei.. He uses really nasty call spells (ghost, zombie and many other ones), some of them will mute you, hit you for big damage,etc. The worst thing about Hiis is that he keeps healing himself..If you have Kevin in your party, make sure he's a werewolf. Give him some power up spells, so his offensive power will be great. You'll either beat him in no time, or.... Anyway, don't waste time for magic, unless your magic is REALLY strong. Attack him with weapons, and make your characters as strong as possible.


HP: 49846
EXP: 11780
Luku: 50251
Weakness: Variable - changes.
Magic Attacks: Lucent Beam, Death Spell, Tree Saber, Speed Up, Power Up, Dark Force

This final boss is harder than Ryuutei, but much easier than the Prince of Darkness. You've seen him before, haven't you? :) He looks awesome this time.. Dark Lich will use some elemental magic once in a while, but he also has couple of very strong special attacks. Remember that Meteor spell Scarlet was using? It's BACK! One of his nasty attacks will hit your character for 800HP :| Fortunatly, he doesn't use it too often. He'll probobly use Death Spell only once in the whole battle. Anyway, have fun, cuz this boss RULES!!! ^_-

Well, this is it...I hope you liked it! ^^
Hope you liked it ^^