Amethyst Gold

An instant flashed by,
But froze on the way past.
In that instant,
Your arms were around me,
Warming my frigid heart
Beyond what I thought was possible.
Did you taste my tears
When your soft lips met mine?
The tears I had shed like rain
When I lost all,
Even my emotions?
You kissed them away, even so,
And bandaged what was left
Of my shattered heart
So that it had hope of healing.
An impulse, an instant,
Nothing more,
Yet in that instant,
Although, admittedly, startled,
I felt safe and sound
As I had never been.
But aren't you my enemy?
Aren't you one of the people
That I am dying to destroy,
As you first destroyed me?
Why, oh, why
Did you do what you did
In that instant?
How could you create such a bond
That I cannot afford,
Refuse to afford?
Such a bittersweet instant,
But somehow, I'll never regret
Allowing you to embrace me,
To kiss me,
To steal me.
That instant, like any other,
Passed and fled,
Just like you.

(Note: I always thought Lise and Hawk should have gotten together, regardless of whatever Jessica was to Hawk. This poem was inspired by the scene in which Lise is in your party and Hawk is not, you are fighting the Navarre ninjas at Rolante, and Hawk appears. For those of you who have not seen the scene or played the game, in that scene, Hawk, who is a rebel thief from Navarre, begs Lise, the princess of Rolante, not to kill the leader of Navarre's ninjas, Isabelle, as this woman is linked to Hawk's friend, Jessica, in a way that, if Isabelle is killed, Jessica will die. When Lise reluctantly agrees, Hawk declares himself so grateful that he can kiss her. Which is exactly what he does before running off.)