The Final Fantasy Adventure Script
Written by Squaresoft
Compiled and Typed By JM Stalker

Final Fantasy Adventure was the first game of the Seiken Dentesu series.  It was followed by Secret of Mana and Secret of Mana 2 (or Seiken Dentesu 3.)  It was also a Gameboy game, thus making it a great game for a car trip.  If you think I have too much time in my hands, it's because I did 75% of this in the car, 20% in a hotel, and 5% at home.  The game's a bit depressing, due to the high death and casualty rate suffered by the characters.  This script is divided into three sorta-equal parts.  Everything in italics is the Narrator speaking, bold is me saying what happened next, (bold in parentheses) is a comment by me, and plain text is, er, the text in the game.  Isn't it boring hearing me talk?  Of course it is!  So, without further ado, let's begin....

Part I
Tree of Mana grows with the energy of will from each and every thing of this world.
It grows high above the clouds in the air on top of Mount Illusia.
Legend tells that it gives eternal power to the one who touches it.
Dark Lord was trying to find a way to the Tree of Mana to get the power to conquer the world.
The Boy and Girl are named.  For the record, the Boy's name is Matt and the Girl is Rose.   The game opens in Glaive Castle.
Dark Lord: Now fight!
Matt kicks the enemy's butt! :D  The screen blacks out.
Matt was a fighter for Empire Glaive.  Matt and friends were forced to fight everyday just for the entertainment of the Dark Lord.  Many fighters have fallen from their wounds.
Matt is shown in the castle dungeon beside a friend.
Matt: ....Willy!
Willy: Matt..Mana is in danger now..We must let the Gemma Knights know about it.
Matt: ..Gemma..?
Willy: See Bogard at the Falls.  He is a Gemma Knight.  He should know what to do.
Matt: Gemma?  Mana?  What are they?  ..Willy?  ..Willy!!
Willy passed away.
Matt: Willy....I'll avenge you!
Matt explores the dungeon.
Amanda: I'm sorry about Willy.  We have to get out of here!!  I wanna go home and see my little brother....
Man: The entrance for the monsters leads to outside.  Take your chance!  (This guy looks alot like Sabin...... NOTE: This man is different from the one you meet later in the game.)
Matt goes upstairs to the Castle.
Dark Lord: Now fight!
Matt kills the enemy again and sneaks outside.  He finds two men at the waterfall.
Matt: Dark Lord and Julius....What's going on?
Dark Lord: You say the Mana Tree is above the Falls..?
Julius: Yes, Sir.  The tree is in a shrine up there.
Dark Lord: How do I get there?  ....Up the falls?
Julius: Miracles occur sometimes, Sir Dark Lord....
Dark Lord: ..How?
Julius: A girl has the key to it.
Dark Lord: ....Good.  Work hard on it.
Julius: Yes, sir!
Julius warps out.  Dark Lord notices Matt.
Dark Lord: ..What?  Who is it?
Matt: ....!!
Matt feebly tries to escape.
Dark Lord: I won't let you leave her alive!
Dark Lord knocks Matt off the edge and down the waterfall.
Matt: ....Ouch!  Where am I?  ....Where is this?
Matt walks around.
Girl: HELP!  H E L P!!
Matt saves the Girl from a couple of weak enemies.
Girl: Hasim's got a serious wound!
Hasim: Oh..please..take this girl to..Wendel..and..see Bogard......He will take care of the rest....
Girl: ....Hasim?!  ....H A S I M!!
Hasim passed away.
Girl: Oh..No..Don't leave me alone, Hasim!
Matt: I'm looking for that Bogard, too.  Why don't you come with me?
Girl: Oh..Can I?
Matt: I can't leave you here alone....I am Matt.
Rose: Call me Rose.
They journey and eventually find a village.
Villager (1): Hello, young man!  Welcome to Topple!
Villager (2): Dark Lord is looking for a girl, I heard.  Do you know a girl with the secret of the Tree of Mana?
Villager (3): The old man by the Waterfalls is such a weirdo!  He used to be a gallant knight, but not anymore!
Villager (4): Hello, young man!  Welcome to Topple!  (Seriously, two people say that!)
Villager (5): Dark Lord is so cruel!!  I can't stand it any more!
Villager (6): Tree of Mana is watching us from above the clouds.  It's protecting us from evil things.
They leave Topple and travel to a house in the Falls.  Matt decides to ASK Rose.
Rose: Let me treat your wound, Matt. (HP Gradually restored!)
They reach the house.
Matt: Excuse me.  I'm looking for a man named Bogard.
Old Man: I don't know anything!
Old Man: Go away!  ....That is..the..Pendant of Mana.
Rose: ..My mother gave me this.  Are you the Gemma Knight?
Bogard: ..Yes.  It was when Vandole was trying to conquer the world with the power of Mana.  We fought against them to retrieve peace.  But..We were losing..The power of Mana was too strong.  But there was a lady who assured our victory.  That lady had that Pendant on her chest.  Seems like this girl is the key for this time.  Take the Mattock in the next room!  Go to the cave on the east side of the mountains.  Use Mattock to break the rocks in the cave.  See Cibba in the town of Wendel.  He knows more.
Matt grabs the Mattock and motors his butt to the cave.  He passes and finds a merchant.
Merchant: One and only Battle Axe for 150 GP!  Want it?  (Yes)  Good!  Want some items?  (Yes, or No) It's swampy ahead.  Be careful!
They head to a mansion.
Servant: Welcome to Kett's.  Rooms ahead are occupied.  Please feel free to use the western room.  You can't get past this door.  It's for Mr. Lee.
Traveler (1): Lizardman's nest is to the south.  The have the key to open the Cave of Marsh.
Traveler (2): The mystic Mirror revels people's true colors.  I heard that the man here threw it away in a cave.
Matt and Rose go to the west room and go to sleep.
Rose: ..Matt..?
Matt: What?
Rose: I think you should be able to use Cure Magic.
Matt: Yeah.  It should help.
Rose: ..Read this!
Received the Magic Book of Cure.  Learned Cure!
Rose: Good night..
Matt: ..Good night..
The screen blacks out.
Voice: Ah!  New victim!
Matt wakes up.
Matt: .....Good m..?!  Rose is missing!
Servant: Welcome to Kett's.  Rooms ahead are occupied.  Please feel free to use the western room.  You cant's get past this door.  It's for Mr. Lee.  Your friend?  No....I do not know her.
Matt goes to Lizardman's Nest, gets the Bronze Key, and goes to the Marsh Cave.
Man: Your friend is missing?  Many girls have disappeared in that place.  They must be kept in the caskets at the basement.  Looking for the Mirror?  Do you want me to help? (Yes)
They explore.  Matt decides to leave.
Man: Didn't you come to get the Mirror?
Matt returns and teams up with the Man again.  He ASKs the Man.
Man: Some walls can be broken with the Morning Star or Mattock.  Those walls sound different when you hit them.
Matt and the Man reach the Hydra and kill it.  Matt opens the chests.
Received the Magic Book of Fire.  Learned Fire!  Found the mystic Mirror!
Man: Show it to the guy at Kett's!  He'll scream and show his true colors!  Bye!
The Man leaves.  Matt returns to Kett's.
Servant: Welcome to Kett's.  Rooms ahead are occupied.  Please feel free to use the western room.  You can't get past this door.  It's for Mr. Lee.  T..that Mirror!  UGGG..GRRH..UG..Hg..GRRR....
The guy turns into a Werewolf!  Matt kills him, and the door is opened.  He ventures through the Mansion and arrives at the basement.  He opens one of the coffins.
Matt: Rose!
Rose: Oh, Matt!
Matt: Let's get out of here!
Rose and Matt backtrack through the Mansion.  However, when they reach the Exit...
Lee: That's my victim!
Matt fights and kills Lee the Vampire.
Received the Magic Book of Sleep.  Learned Sleep!
Matt: Are you alright, Rose?
Rose: ..Yeah.
They go outside.
Rose: Wendel is to the south.  Let's hurry!
And so ends the first part of the quest.  What is in store for Matt?  Read on!  And stuff.

Part II
Matt and Rose journey to Wendel.
Villager (1): Welcome to Wendel, the sacred town.
Man: Hello again!  How've you been?
Villager (2): I hear that the Tree of Mana is very beautiful..
Villager (3): The Waterfalls make all of our rivers flower.  The water springs from the root of the Tree of Mana.  Mana is supporting our nature.
Villager (4): Cibba's in here!
Villager (5): Cibba is a sage.  He used to be a great warrior.
Villager (6): Dwarf Cave is to the west!
Matt enters Cibba's house of sorts.
Cibba: I am Cibba.  Bogard told me about you.....Oh, yes!  It sure is the symbol of Mana.  Step forward.  You'll see what you must see.
Rose walks onto the symbol.  A woman appears.
Woman: ..Rose, my dear....
Rose: Mom!
Matt: ..Mom?!
Cibba: That lady....She's the one who encouraged us.
Mother: I must tell you now, Rose.  You and I are members of the Mana Family.  We are the seeds of the Mana Tree.  We must guard it.  Vandole abused the power of Mana a long time ago.  So I sealed the Waterfalls with that Pendant, so that nobody can come close to the Mana Tree.  But again, Glaive is trying to use it for evil.  Guard the Mana Tree with the Gemma Knights!
Mother's figure disappeared....
Rose: Mom..
The building shakes.  The Man enters.
Man: Glaive is attacking us!
Cibba: What?!
Man: I'll take you to a safe place!
Rose: Thank you.
The Man and Rose leave.
Cibba: Where did he take her?!
Matt: I'll check.
Matt exits.  Wendel is under attack.
Guard: H..he attacked me from behind..!
Matt goes outside the city limits and finds the Man.
Matt: Rose!....?
The Man turns into Julius!
Matt: Julius?!  Why?  You helped me once before....
Julius: I was not sure if she was the rist girl or not until I saw what happened inside there.  I was waiting for this chance to get her!  And Glaives have her in our hands!
Matt: Rose!!
Julius casts a spell and knocks Matt unconscious.
Julius: You have no chance against me, my dear!
Julius leaves.
Matt: .....Rose..
Matt wakes up in Cibba's house.
Cibba: Alright?
Matt: ....Rose!  Where is she?
Cibba: Julius took her to the west in his airship!
Matt: I'm going..!
Cibba: Then take this with you.
Recevied the Magic Book of Heal!  Learned Heal!
Cibba: This magic will help you recover.
Matt: Thanks.
Matt leaves for the Dwarf Cave in the West.
Dwarf (1): Hello!  Welcome to the Dwarf Cave.
Dwarf (2): The airship went to the west!  The Gaia Pass leads to the western land.
Dwarf (3): I used to play at the old mine with Watts!  Wanna use the trolley?  You have to oil it!  You can get Oil at the store to the south!
Dwarf (4): Watts likes the mine! He went there today, too!  He's looking for some Silver.
Dwarf (5): Gaia has its own will and feelings.  It likes Silver.  Strange, isn't it?
Matt leaves.  He tries to walk into a cave with eyes.
Gaia: Whaaaa..Doooon't walk in my moooouth..Oooo Yuck!
Matt is tossed out.  He gets Oil and goes to the mine.  He rides the trolley until he falls into a hole.  He wakes up to find a Dwarf.
Watts: Wow!!  Are you okay?
Matt: ..Ouch!..Oh..Thanks.  Do you know this cave well?
Watts: Looking for Silver?  Let's go together, then!
Watts joins.  If you ASK him...
Watts: I have very useful things!
Watts sells better stuff than anyone else right now.  They explore the cave and get Silver.
Watts: I'll take it back and forge armor and swords!  Gaia will let you in if you wear Silver stuff!  Come see me at the Dwarf Cave!
Watts leaves for the Dwarf Cave.  Matt follows.
Watts: I made some things out of that Silver!  Take these and you can pass through Gaia!
Matt buys Silver stuff and goes to Gaia.  He passes through easily, but just after exiting..
Voice: Wait, Matt!
Bogard comes out.
Matt: Bogard!  Rose was taken by Glaive..
Bogard: Cibba told me about that.  Julius is good at disguising.  But, don't worry.  We can save her.  Glaive's airship is refueling at a lake up north.  I'll come with you and help!  Let's go!  (Doesn't it seem a little unnerving that this old man passed through the cave without Silver and knows so much?)
Matt and Bogard walk around.  Matt ASKs Bogard.
Bogard: Gemma Knights can use the special powers of weapons.  Try and see it when your Will Power if full.
They go to the Airship.
Crew (1): A girl is being held in a room in this airship!
Crew (2): Get back to work!
Crew (3): Julius is taking charge of this airship.
They find Rose.
Matt: Rose!
Bogard: Hurry!  It's moving!
Rose: This door is locked!
Bogard: How about the windows?
Rose checks the windows.
Rose: It may open.
Matt: I'll get you from outside!
Rose: Be careful!
Matt goes to the door.
Bogard: I'll stay and guard Rose.
Matt: ....Okay.
Matt continues through the airship.
Crew (4): Many years ago, Dark Lord found a baby in a cave at the Waterfalls near Glaive....That's Julius.
Matt goes to the window and finds Rose.
Matt: Let's go!
Rose: Keep this Pendant, Matt!
Julius: Give me the Pendant!
Julius appears and torches Matt!
Rose: Hold on!
Matt: I..can't..
Matt falls off the airship.  He lands in a house.
Voices: ..Wow!  Somebody..came down from..the sky!......Matt?!..Do you know him?........Matt....!
Matt appears in a bed.  A girl is standing next to him.
Amanda: I'm glad to see you again, my friend....I came back from Glaive after you left there....Oh, Matt....I'm sorry....But I have to....(Not THAT way!)
The screen blacks out.  It lights up again as Matt awakes.
Matt: Where am I? ....Pendant!!....Where is it?! .....I thought it was Amanda talking to me....
Matt investigates the town.
Villager (1): Are you okay, boy? ..You are in Menos.  Amanda left the village earlier this morning.
Villager (2): We used to see many chocobos around here.  I saw an egg in a forest up north!
Villager (3): I used to hear a beautiful sound of harp over in Jadd.  Jadd is at the north end of the desert.
Villager (4): Amanda's little brother, Lester, is a musician.  He's playing harp in a town called Jadd.
Villager (5): The Book of Ice is hidden somewhere in the desert!
Villager (6): What's wrong with Amanda lately?  She's depressed.
Matt journeys to Jadd.  On the way, he finds an egg.
Matt: ..??  Wow!  It's moving!
The egg hatches, revealing none other than a chocobo!
Matt: ....What are you??
Matt starts walking away.  The chocobo follows.
Matt: ..Hey!  Don't follow me!
Matt walks again, and the chocobo still follows.
Matt: You think I'm your mother?  ....Okay.  ....Come with me!
Woohoo!  Yeah!  The Chocobo joins! :) Matt gets to Jadd.
Matt: Wait for me!  (This is what Matt says to make the chocobo stay.
Villager (1): Welcome to Jadd.  Davias rules this town.  I hate it.
Villager (2): Davias's mother is a Medusa.  She is in a cave.  It's by the oasis at the desert, but it's hard to find.  I don't know how, but a boy knows how to get in!
Villager (3): Davias can cast a spell to change people to animals.  Many people went to his place and never came back!
Villager (4): See that huge mansion?  That's Davias's house!
Villager (5): The poison gas appeared when the harp stopped.
Villager (6): To uncurse, you need a teardrop of Medusa.
Villager (7): Northern valley is filled with fatal poison gas.
Villager (8): Cave of Oasis?  I'll tell you for a bag of Fang! (Yes, w/o Fang) But, you don't have it! (No) Don't you know?  It's very valuable! (Yes, w/Fang) Here's the clue.  Palm trees..and 8.  Got it?
Matt goes to the Mansion.  There is a parrot near Davias.
Davias: Better behave yourself in this town.  ....Amanda....?  Oh, yes!  That girl....She went to the Cave of Medusa.  Nobody ever came back from there alive, though.
Matt leaves and tries to go through the Northern Valley.
Matt: AAARGH!!  Poison gas!
Matt is poisoned.  He heals himself and goes to the Cave of Medusa.
Matt: Amanda!  Did you take the Pendant?  ....Why?
Amanda: I'm sorry.  I had to bring it to Davias....That Pendant was to exchange for my brother.  But..Davias cursed him and turned him into a parrot....!  I must get the tears of Medusa to uncurse him!
Matt: Amanda........I'll help you.
Amanda: Thank you.
Amanda joins.  Matt ASKs her.
Amanda: I'll heal you from Stone.  (Thou art healed!)
Matt leaves.
Amanda: Won't you come along with me, Matt?
Matt returns.
Amanda: I'm glad you're back!
They explore the cave.  Matt finds a chest.
Received the Magic Book of Ice.  Learned Ice!
They eventually reach Medusa.
Medusa: This will be your place to rest forever!
They battle Medusa and win.  The screen blacks out.
Medusa: Come here to get my tears?  Huh!  What a joke!
The screen lights up again.
Amanda: Can't find a drop of tear....
Matt: Let's go back to Jadd first.
Amanda: ....Ouch!
Matt: Are you okay?
Amanda: I guess Medusa bit me whikle fighting........One who was bitten by Medusa turns to Medusa.  I'm gonna turn into a Medusa in a short while....Please do away with me and take my tears, Matt.
Matt: No, I can't!
Amanda: I'm gonna be a monster....I might lose my mind and hurt people....
Amanda turns into a Medusa. *Sniff*
Amanda: Please....Matt....Before I lose my feelings....Please take my tears to Lester.  Tell him that I loved him......Please....Matt....Pl..Please.......
Matt walks towards Amanda and is damaged.  Matt kills Amanda.
Matt: I'm sorry, Amanda....But I had to....
The screen blacks out.
Matt took a drop of tear from Amanda's face.
Matt appears outside the cave.  He goes back to Jadd and into Davias's mansion.  Davias is gone.
Matt used Amanda, the tears of Amanda....Lester was released from Davias's curse....
Lester: Thank you.
Matt: I'm sorry to tell you, but....Amanda sacrificed her life to save you and all....
Lester: To save me?  ....Oh, Amanda....Will you please help me to avenge my sister?
Matt: Yes, Lester.
Lester: Thanks.  Let's go, Matt!
Lester plays his harp and stairs appear.
Matt: Mystic tune?!
Lester: Yeah.
Matt ASKs Lester.
Lester: Change music? (The music is changed!)
Matt leaves.
Lester: Won't you avenge my sister?  Well, I'm going!
Matt returns.
Lester: Phew....I was helpless all by myself.
Lester and Matt fight their way through the Mansion and find Davias.
Davias: HA!  You cvan never defeat me!
Davias turns into a huge wizard, but is still crushed.
Lester: We did it!
Davias: The Pendant is no longer here, my dear....!  Garuda is flying over Mt. Rocks to Glaive....
Davias fell....
They return to the town square.
Lester: Going?
Matt: Yeah....But the poison gas....
Lester: My harp tunes will clear the gas, Matt!
Lester starts playing the harp.
Lester: I'll stay here and play requiem for my sister.
Matt: Okay, Lester.  I'm going. ....Take care.
Lester: Take this book with you.  It might help.
Received the Magic Book of Mute!  Learned Mute!
And so, Matt leaves the town of Jadd.  Amanda is dead.  Rose is kidnapped.  Bogard is nowhere to be found.  The Pendant is in the hands of Glaive.  With all that has happened, can Matt still win?  We shall see, as the last chapter unfolds....

Part III
Matt goes through the Northern Valley.  Along the way up Mt. Rocks, he picks up the Morning Star.  Also...
Received the Magic Book of Lightning!  Learned Lit!
..he learns Lit.  He crosses a bridge leading to Glaive when he hears a rumbling sound.
Matt: ...?
The bridge collapses!
Matt: I can't go back anymore...
Matt arrives at Glaive.  There's no turning back now.  He fights through the castle, and finds Rose.
Matt: Rose!  They took the Pendant!
Rose: We have to get it back! ....Let's go!  Dark Lord's room is on the top floor!
They finally reach Dark Lord, on the top floor of the castle.
Dark Lord: Looks like you've gotten a bit stronger.  But, not enough to fight me, boy!
Matt: Stay outside.  It will be too dangerous here.
Rose: ....Okay....Be careful.
Rose leaves.
Dark Lord: Good boy, Matt! ....Now, come!
Matt fights Dark Lord.  It is a long battle, but Matt is triumphant in the end.
Received Pendant....
Matt goes downstairs.
Matt: Rose? ....Rose?!  Where could she be? ..Julius..?!  Where is he......? !!  Must be at the Waterfalls!!
Matt goes outside and sees Rose walking by.
Matt: Rose!!
Rose looks at him and then continues walking.
Matt: ....Rose?
Matt goes to the WAterfalls.
Matt: Rose! ..What's wrong?
Julius: It's too late, Matt.  She's mine....
Julius appears.
Matt: What?!
Julius: Use this Pendant and cast the spell, Rose.
Matt: Rose!  Don't!  Come over here!
Rose: ............
Matt: Rose?  What did you do to her, Julius?
Julius: I am the last one left of Empire Vandole.  I shall receive the power of Mana again!  Now, Rose!  Reverse the Waterfalls!
Rose: Klnka Imra Miryon Tin Qua....
The Waterfalls are reversed!  Julius goes up them with Rose.
Matt: Wait!
Julius: HA!
Matt is crushed by Julius's spell.  Julius reaches the top.  Matt wakes up in a desert.
Matt: Ou....ouch..Can't....move....
He hears a chocobo.
Matt: ..........?
The chocobo comes and carries Matt to a town.
Child: See that, Auntie?  A boy's falling!
Sarah: Oh, yes.
Child: ..A birdie is falling, too!
Sarah: Oh..dear.... (Doesn't that give you the impression she cares more about the bird than the boy? ;))
The screen blacks out.  Matt wakes up in a bed.  Adjacent to him is another bed whose occupant is Bogard.
Bogard: Matt....
Matt: Bogard!  How've you been?
Bogard: I was thrown from the ship....But Sarah picked me up and saved me.  I'm glad to see you again, Matt.
Matt steps out of bed.
Matt: I can't do this anymore.. I can't do it!  I'm not the right one to be the Gemma Knight.
Bogard: Come on!  You must stand..
Matt: NO!  What's that, Gemma?  ....Why me?  Why does that have to be me?
Bogard: Matt, you..
Matt: You do it!  You're the Gemma Knight.  It's You!
Bogard: ..Shut up! ..GET OUT!!..
Matt leaves.
Sarah: He didn't want to let you know, but.. He can't move for a while because of his broken back.  He was distressed to hear of places being attacked.  But he kept saying that there is a boy.  A boy named Matt that will come to save us all.. I didn't really believe him, but when I saw you.... Even a Chocobo knew you're the last hope.. Bogard and the bird made me believe in you.. We all believe that you'll save our world now.  Chocobo is being treated at Doctor Bowow's house.
Sarah moves out of the way.  Matt explores the town.
Villager (1): Julius summoned evil monsters..Is it safe here?
Villager (2): Vandole people could build things on desert sand.  They built the great Dime Tower.  But it sank..
Villager (3): This is Ish.  The evil Vandole used to prosper around this area.  But the Gemma Knight with some sword defeated the evil.  The ruins of Vandole lie under the desert.
Villager (4): There is no way to go on water.  But, you know.. Dr. Bowow may be able to make something.  He lives in a house over there.
Matt walks over to Dr. Bowow's house.  He hears the sound of machinery and rumbling.
Matt: ....?
Matt enters to find Dr. Bowow next to the chocobo, who now has metallic limbs and a metal beak!
Bowow: Phew..!  All done!  I mechanized his wounded legs.  He's fine now!  He can even go on water!  I named him Chocobot!!  How's that?
Chocobot walks over to Matt and chirps.
Matt: Oh..You..
Bowow: We all rely on you, kid!  Go talk to Bogard before you leave this town.
Matt leaves and goes to Bogard.
Sarah: Please..Save us all..!
Bogard: I knew you would do it.  Now, listen.  It'll be perilous from now on.  Julius has got the power of Mana already.  Only match is the Knight with the Legendary Sword.
Matt: Legend......!!  The Excalibur?!
Bogard: Yes.  And it is how we defeated the evil power of Vandole.
Matt: ..You....Where is that sword now?
Bogard: Somewhere in this world.... Go to Wendel and ask Cibba.  He knows better.  Ask Dr. Bowow how to get there.  He'll help you.
Matt goes to Dr. Bowow's house again.
Bowow: Go east on the sea from the pier up north.  Go north to Wendel....South is to the Ammonites.
Matt rides Chocobot to Wendel.
Villager: Lorim was attacked by monsters.  Cibba went there.  Lorim is south of the Snowfield over the southern sea.
Matt goes to Lorim.  He tries to talk to a person.
He goes to another one.
He walks over to a door.
........It's frozen.
Matt goes to the King.
King: Julius has summoned monsters in this world.  One called Kary in the Snowfield has frozen us.  Cibba came, but he's stuck in the other room.  It is dangerous to keep them all frozen for long....
Matt goes to the Snowfield.
Matt: It's too cold for you ahead.  Wait for me.
Matt leaves his chocobo behind.  He travels through the Snowfield and defeats Kary in the Ice Cave.  He returns to Lorim.
Villager (1): Welcome to Lorim!
Villager (2): Wow!  Good morning!
King: Thank you so much.  Cibba is waiting in the other room.
Cibba gives Matt the Bone Key.
Cibba: Go up the wide river by the Ammonite Coast.  Go beuond the Ammonite Coast to Floatrocks.  Use this key at the cave in the Floatrocks!  The guardian monster has the Legendary Sword.  I'll tell you the rest when you return with it!
Matt goes to the cave, kills Kraken and Iflyte, and receives a Rusty Sword.
Matt: Rusty sword?  Is this the Excalibur..?
He leaves and returns to Cibba.
Cibba: The only way left is to reveal the Dime Tower.
Matt: Dime Tower?  In the Desert of Crystal?  ..How?
Cibba: That sword will help you.  Use it in the Cave of Ruins.  You'll see it.
Matt: This rusty sword has such a great power..?
Cibba: The Sword of Legend shows its real power only when it approves of your using it.  If you're a real Knight of Gemma, it will help you.
Matt: But.. I don't know if it....
Cibba: Don't worry..... Now, go!  The Cave of Ruins is in the desert near Ish.  Ask Dr. Bowow.  He knows it well.
Matt goes to Ish.  On the way, he battles and defeats Lich.
Received the Magic Book of Nuke!  Learned Nuke!
He arrives at Ish.
Bowow: Finally!  There is a piece of crystal you can blow with Nuke in Crystal Desert.....Find it!
Matt leaves.  He finds the crystal, nukes it, and goes through a cave.  He gets to a switch.
Rusty Sword released its mystic power....
A big rumbling occurs.  Matt appears outside the cave.
Matt: Tower of Dime will appear somewhere in this desert!
Matt explores the desert, and the Tower rises out of the sand!  He goes inside and is confronted by a robot.
Matt ASKs Marcie.
Marcie: I RECOVER YOUR MP. (MP Restored!)
Matt leaves.
Matt returns.  They explore the tower, and find several statues.
Tablet (7): THE VANDOLE SOON SHOULD FALL.  WE LEAVE OUR LAST HOPE IN THE CAVE OF THE WATERFALLS.  GLORY TO VANDOLE AND TO OUR CHILD OF HOPE....! (Putting two and two together spells this: Julius is Vandole's child of hope.  Dark Lord found him in the Waterfalls.  So, Julius is the last of Vandole.)
Matt and Marcie reach the top.  They defeat Garuda, Davias's bird.  The building shakes.
They go to the edge.  However, there is a gap between it and Glaive's land...
Matt: Oh....No....
Matt: Can you?  Let's do that!
Marcie chucks Matt overboard.
Matt: Now!  Come on, Marcie!
Matt: What are you talking about? ....Come on!
Matt: ..What..?!
The tower goes down..
Matt: ....Marcie!
The screen blacks out.
The screen lights up.  Matt goes past Glaive and to the Cave of Waterfalls.  He comes up in the Pure Land.  He works his way through the Temple to Mount Illusia.  He finds Mother.
Mother: You have been a great Knight of Gemma, I see.  I shall give you the Excalibur.  Now defeat Julius!
Mother disappears.
Received Excalibur!
Matt gets to the peak of Mount Illusia.  He sees the Mana Tree, Rose, and..yes..Julius.
Matt: Rose!
Rose: ............
Julius: You're late, Matt..I already got the greatest power of Mana!  The time has come for the Empire Neo-Vandole!  Now that I have the mighty power..I do not need you anymore, Matt!
Matt fights Julius and two mirror images.  He wins.
Julius: See the true power of Mana now!
Matt fights a much bigger, much stronger, much uglier Julius!  He wins.
Julius: GRRRR....
Rose: ....Matt.
Matt: Are you okay, Rose?  I defeated Julius.  It's all over.
Julius: ....No!!  ....It is not!  Matt!  You will never leave her alive!
Light flashes.  Julius's biggest, strongest, and ugliest form appears, a floating face in the tree!  Matt, after a hard battle, wins.  The tree explodes.
Mana Tree disappeared....
Matt: Oh......
Rose: What am I supposed to do..?
Mother: Rose, my dear..
Rose: ....Mom?
Mother: Now that the Mana Tree is lost, we need..a new gemma of the Mana Tree.
Rose: ..New tree?
Mother: Remember what I told you?  We are the seeds of the Mana Tree.  We will be a bud called Gemma and we become a tree.  And the Gemma Knights fight to guard it.  I became the Gemma last time we lost the Tree.
Rose: That tree....?  Was it you....?
Mother: ..Yes, Rose. are the last member of us Mana Family.  To preserve the Mana Tree, we need you to stay here and become the gemma.  But..Rose..Nobody else can decide for your life but you..
Rose looks at Matt.
Rose: I will, Mom.  I will become the new Tree of Mana.  But, if I am the last one left, when I fall..
Mother: Yes..That will be the end of the peace..
Rose: ..Bye..Matt.  Please go....I must stay here..Don't worry..I'll be here as long guard me from the evil..
Mother: Matt..Please guard my daughter.  You are the only Gemma Knight for the Tree now....I will be withering soon.  Please tell my Gemma Knights that I said.. Goobye.. And thanks to them..
Light flashes.
Mother: Good-bye..
Matt: Rose..
Rose: Matt.. Good-bye.
Rose stand next to her mother.
Matt: Rose.. Good-bye..
The screen blacks out.
Matt: Good-bye.. Rose....

Gemma.. The guardian of the peaceful land.. the new Gemma must not be lost ever after.. We all msut keep it forever..And you, Matt, are the only Gemma Knight now..
The credits roll as Matt travels the land, telling the news of his friends.  The land is peaceful again.  At the very end, we see the new Gemma bud, and we know that this is


Thanks to: Squaresoft (they made the game,) Sunsoft (they re-released it), and Nintendo (they invented and created the Game Boy.)
Final Fantasy Adventure Script: Started 9.3.98, finished 9.13.98 by JM Stalker.

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