Romancing SaGa 2 - Screen Shots
Added 2.21.2011 Screens from the cell-phone port.
The Good vs. The Ugly Calling Down the Heavens The Red Dungeon
The Gardens of Avalon Yukino, the Ninja Pyrrhic Victory
Added 1.20.2010 The only decent screens to be had on the 'net.
The Dashing Swordsman A Bright Idea The Final Showdown
An Ugly Headhunter The Big Shout-Out An Interrupted Nap
Revised 04.26.04 Assorted screenies.
The overworld map. The arduous quest begins. Our party confers outside some castle gates.
A battle with a dragon. A giant strides through town as soldiers watch. A shepherd tends his flock on the snowy mountainside.
Approaching the throne of the king.
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