Ragnarok Online - Screen Shots
01.02.2003 What's to come in RO Game-Watch
The Christmas town, Lutie Beautifully lighted and textured snow town Toy Dungeon
So beautiful... so detailed... Nighttime in Lutie Dawn in Lutie
The beach town, Comodo Detailed Comodo structures Everything is so detailed...
Nighttime in Comodo! It's a beach party! All that stage needs is a band.
More intriguing buildings... A very tidy square Juno castle.
A building with a moat Day-to-Night transition, image 1 Day-to-Night transition, image 2
Day-to-Night transition, image 3 Polygon-based monsters Kinda of weak for a bigass dragon
Grawr! The snow fields outside of Lutie The front half of Lutie
Santa's home in Lutie
12.14.2002 The Saga
Taking out a goblin. A starting out novice. Thieves' quest - Get mushrooms!
Beat the shrooms. Thiefhood attained. GM message!
Close to death. Using /omg effectively. Starting a double-attack.
Healing before hitting a dungeon. Steel Chon Chon about to steal loot! A wolf swarm!
Cowardly mole... Don't make me jump! Pretty Kafra lady.
Battling in the bushes. Slaughtering Wormtails. Stupid squirrels.
My lonely novice... Corny jokes... A backstabbing merchant cart.
Archer killed by a summoned monster. Taking on Zeroms! Many different hair colors avaliable.
Drainlairs... I hate them. Pretty graphics! Killing ants... or getting killed by them?
Gangster masks! Really pretty scenery... So... vast...
Battling on the cliff! Assassinhood attained. Assassins aren't invincible, you know.
Critical hit! ...not dead yet?
01.26.2002 Some Official Maps
Alberta, a port town Morroc, a desert oasis The city of Geffen
Payon, by a river The bustling city of Prontera
01.26.2002 A Variety of Screenshots impress Watch
Outside a house Down by the water Equipment
Dealin' some damage Attack! Getting a breath of fresh air
A view of palms Shop 'til you drop! Trading
Shopping for accessories A rush for weaponry? Wandering about the city
Outside the gate In the desert heat.. Walking down a stone street
The city entrance
01.26.2002 Assorted Screenshots
Strolling through town The desert sands A temple, perhaps?
Along the riverfront An office? Alone in the dark
Outside a cathedral Before the podium Gathering in the city
The downtown crowd Walking in the shadows Blasts of light
Fire Bolt! That'll burn. Lightning Bolt!
Staring out over the water Walking along the lake It's a hit!
Resting on a park bench Leaving the oasis Crossing a bridge
That'll hurt. Gathering by the edge of town Outside a shrine of some sort
Inside the great hall Overlooking the river Spying from above
Starting a fire A training room, maybe? Outside of the shop
Crossroads Aboard a ship! Resting in a ship's cabin
The demonic horse attacks! Taking a break Surrounded by flowers
A narrow pass Standing before an old building Soul Strike? Sounds painful.
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