Setting up PSO via Import PSO
Here are pictures of the setup through the import PSO website option. Everything should be pretty easy to follow with this guide :)

If when you hit the website option it says your dreamcast isn't setup for internet, read below for how to get past that.
2) Choose the Website option
1) Insert your PSO import. Hit Power.
4) Setup the broadband here
Click Here for page 2
3) Hit the setup button
Can't get to the Website option, heres how!

You need to put in a US browser disc (any version will work). Now, you have to fill in ALL the information in the setup. The thing that I kept missing was that you need to go into the email options section and fill all that out also, otherwise the import PSO wont let you get to the Website option. After you fill everything out, you should be all set, and online in a few mins!!
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