Through Tears
Jason Levine

And Alys faded into darkness, never to see the bright light of Motavia ever again.

Chaz could no longer hold back tears, his masculinity was not on the line in cases such as this. He collapsed to his knees, unable to see in front of him through his watery eyes. Rika was beside him, and she burst into a loud weeping, loud enough for those in the inn below to notice. Rune looked away. Even though he was trained in the deadliest of magic, he could do nothing. A feeling of guilt swept over him. Chaz, Rika, Demi, Gryz. They had traveled far to find him, and all the efforts were in vain.

Gryz walked over to comfort Rika. Demi, though an android, could still comprehend human emotion and a sorrowful feeling swept over her. Hahn and his fianc=82 slowly walked out of the room, followed closely by Rune and Gryz with Rika in her arms.

Demi gazed at Chaz for the longest time. His face had a feeling of emptiness surrounding it, his eyes were looking at the wall. She lowered her head and walked out as well, so as to give Chaz time to say his final goodbyes. Though he normally would have thanked everyone for the silent gesture they had given him, the emotions had killed his speech.

Finally, Chaz got the courage to stand up and walked over to Alys, as if he expected her to wake up any moment, smiling as if she had just played a gleeful prank. But Chaz had given up his idealism.

"You made me what I am today. Without you...without you my life would be meaningless. Now you are gone, how can I continue to fight with the same intensity and safety that I had as I fought by your side?" He barely managed to sputter a few words out. He knew he had friends who would do anything for him, but could they replace the only person who really mattered in his life? Alys was a mentor, no, a mother to him, sending out the faint symbols of love that Chaz felt comfortable being soaked with.

"Alys! Alys!" Chaz broke out into tears again and collapsed at her bedside. She had taken the blast that was meant for him.

"I should be the one where you are, not you! I'm a nobody, I'm nothing compared to you! You have the love and respect of the entire town... I have nothing." His tears landed on the bed next to him, saturating the tainted mattress.

"Alys! Alys! Alys..." He trailed off, unable to speak anymore.

Chaz couldn't sleep that night. How could he, when the one who had given him the wonderful he had now was no more? Rika and Rune had come to him during the night, each with words of comfort, but they could not possibly understand his pain. Chaz in his bitter state had merely shrugged them off, pretending they had helped relax his soul. The wind swept through Chaz's hair and Chaz imagined Alys was right in front of him, nurturing him from his grieving. Alas, even the warmest memory couldn't truly make him happy anymore. Rune had come back a while later, obviously feeling his job wasn't done.

"Hey, Rune."

Rune leaned against the railing that Chaz had supported himself against.

"How are you doing?"

"A little better." Chaz forced himself not to gaze at the tall, imposing figure of Rune.

"Well, that's good. Remember, no one expects you to get over this in one night."

Rune held out his hand and whispered a magical spell. In his outstretched hand came a small flame. The bright flame lit the night sky, and Chaz slowly turned his stare towards it.

"Listen Chaz, you must be like this fire. In it holds immense strength and power. One small fire can save a family from the cold and show the way when there is no light. But if the fire is extinguished..." Rune smashed his two hands together, putting out the flame. "...then the hope and well-being of the innocent can not flourish. You Chaz can provide all these necessities. But if you dwell on Alys, you shall be extinguished as well."

Chaz nodded. "Yes, you are right. We still have a mission left to do, and I swear by my own hand I shall make sure that evil creep Zio never breathes again!"

Together, Rune and Chaz stared silently into the night sky, forcing any differences they had to be put aside. Chaz would share the loss together with their friends; together they could understand his pain. Rika walked out an hour later, unable to sleep as well, and the three cried in silence.


The day had arrived for Chaz, Rune, Rika, Gryz, and Demi to part, leaving Hahn to mold a life for himself in his small town. A large grave had been erected for Alys, and the peacefulness of the surroundings Chaz knew Alys would have been happy with.

Kneeling down by her grave, he whispered a few words to the stone. "Alys, I'll be back. I'm, no, we're off to defeat Zio and avenge your death. I'll be protected and I'll always do my best...for you, Alys."

The last tears he could muster fell down his cheek. Chaz walked past the others, and silently the others filed behind him and walked out of the town, only to return when the mission was accomplished. Hahn and his fianc=82 waved them goodbye.

Nothing could stop Zio's destruction now. Chaz had the help of Rune and the others, as well as the Psycho Wand, the last piece of the key to penetrate the mystical shield surrounding Zio. And in the first time in many hours, a wave of happiness and determination swept over Chaz. He knew victory was awaiting him with open arms. Zio would be defeated not just for Alys's sake, but for the sake of all of Motavia!

"Alys, your love shall aid us in the final clash between good and evil. We fight this battle for all!"

Chaz walked briskly, climbing into the passenger seat of their new vehicle Demi had gotten for them and used to secure another meeting with Rune. He opened his palm, and imagined a bright flame flailing up towards him. Rune, he thought, I will be the fire that all of humanity is held up by. I will use all of my power to free my beloved homeland from any evil that may threaten it. Chaz smiled.

"Onwards, Demi! We can't let Zio get away with any more trouble! Let's do this for all of mankind!"