Phantasy Star Trilogy - Screen Shots
12.04.2004 More Generation 2 Screens
Outside of Paseo Party organization Enter the hunter
Walking around town The call of the wild Nei's stats
System options It slices, it dices... Nei gets ticked
Nei on the attack Whose bright idea was this? Level up
Foi selected Foi in action Zan selected
Zan in action Grantz selected Grantz in action
Guess who? Distraction in battle = A Bad Thing Just a dream...or is it?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Dramatic split-screen Rudo speaks
Entering the northern bridge Don't I know you? Definitely a fixer-upper
Well, at least the undertakers are rich
11.28.2004 Phantasy Star Generation: 2 Screens
Nooo! Title Screen I bet she has excellent hearing
Good luck breaking through that An overhead view Tron?
A very mechanical environment Fighting two purple robots and a cloud
01.06.2003 First Peek
Look! A Map! Spiffy New Battle  
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