True Fantasy Online - Screen Shots
02.09.2004 More Screens GameSpot
Troll from the dark. Prepare for battle. Cooking
Ho he ho wo ho hum Now I'll read from the good book. Come to crash the party.
Can't see very well. Purple monsters Dragon knights?
Quite the group Time to rob the rich We have all you need.
Look out! Making my little dude. I don't like any of these colors.
Oh, he's a she now. This Dwarf will be made for magic. Hey she's taller then my guy.
I don't know what's being adjusted. Boost those stats. Lets see if I can make her with le... I mean more.
I want purple hair! Average Joe. She looks like an every day girl.
She's a bit more built. He's 8 feet for muscles. He looks good.
She's going to beat them all in the end. Wizard robbery. Keeping watch.
Talk, talk, talk. Looking at the sun rise. Peaceful town.
Ride to battle. This town will be easy to take over. I can't see where they are running too.
Nice necklace. Waiting for something. Uh, what's she doing up there with two guys going down.
Ridding the horse. Dragons are fun. Fight it out!
Fishing. Lumberjacks. Quite the kitchen.
Prepare. The weekly gathering spot. She's got quite a palace.
The town has grown. Fight while ridding. Surrounded.
10.11.03 A bunch of screenshots!
Just after the sun sets. Look at the guy with the afro! LOOK! A spire of some sort.
A very strange town, yes? Skittering PCs. Nothing better to do than fish.
This town seems a bit tropic, eh? The rich ones always have it nice. Yet another town scene.
A port. The gate is CLOSED. No admittance! No need for train warnings.
Tall railroad. These colors seem just a bit drab. Nighttime in a gritty town.
Ooo, elven girls. Doesn't seem like just a peaceful ride. Stabbity stab stab!
A fresh new adventurer ready to die. Wait, he's on our side... right? No plants I know of have eyes.
It doesn't appreciate so many people attacking. Arr to the beastriders! More of a princess than a magic user, looks-wise.
Ranger bumming around town. Ranger wandering. Jeer at the stubby little dwarf, kids!
A (cute) Cleric, perhaps? The ears just don't match the face. Create a (cute) character.
True Fantasy Smokestack action! Colorful compared to other towns. A pasty sorceress.
A cart caravan. Gah, lens flare! Pidding around town.
Be a chef! Ugly nose...? Staple flying broom...check.
Average semi-pointy weapon...check. Scantily clad elven girl...CHECK. It just wants yum-yums.
NO PETS IN THE CASTLE, geez. Is the skeleton or the butch woman scarier? Riding along, whee.
What IS that tree growing on? Ze royal red carpet, yez? A placid fountain.
Ambling through the streets. The prince battles! The game has plenty of curves...*ahem*
Chattering in the castle.
05.16.03 A fistful of screenshots
Stick 'em up! Mines cooler then yours A elf and a dwarf, out for a walk
Just call me the Weed Eater Neat lamp post Hey, how come we have to ride horses?
A starless night Hi ho camel! Nice ride
Voyage on the sea I want a red one Down boy!
Do we have to fight that? Fancy meeting you here Harpy attacks
Nighttime to.. .. Daytime Roadside stands
Like my pad? He looks like a happy fellow Who's buying the next round?
An ordinary purple witch
03.13.03 A Few More Shots Magic Box
Hello. I'm going to kill you now. It's always the dwarf... Wow, where did *that* come from?
When insects take steroids... Well, hello there! Leprechaun stats?
Hey, it's Saria! More stats ...and this must be the diet screen!
A real happening place, eh? He appears a bit out of place "This one time, at band camp..."
"Hand over the goods, or I poke you!" To be a fly on the wall
02.22.2003 Additional Screens
She looks a little lost Bustling town in the evening "...they'll take the shirt off your back..."
Priestess in a short skirt? Relaxing in the tavern The hunt is on!
Organic lighting? Beautiful day Bad plant!
Panoramic town shot
9.15.2002 The first handful of shots, big and small!
Her armor isn't very... protecting. Nasty troll! Wash your toes. Dragons are sooo~ cute, right?
A fine mug o' ale! Ahhmm! *poke poke* Yeah right... Fishing for... fishies.
A place to meet and greet! Look, the Magic Kingdom castle! Why can't people just walk?
Waiting in line. Medieval Six Flags? Attack the tree! Do it! Kind of crowded for the country.
Looks like the gang's all here! You're dead. No questions. Oooooore! Mine faster, you slugs!
Kind of looks Spanish inspired. You missed... the ship... Chaaaaaarge!...?
Kill the Harpy! Camel - pseudo-speedy Orc Orc.
Lumberjack skills! Increase your wood! Your common skeleton warrior appears. ~The lizardman walks alone~
I think people are dying here... Troll never give up! Troll die first! That's a lot of ivory you could sell...
Goblins - pseudo-intelligent It's my cousin! Oh wait, a monster...