Sudeki - Screen Shots
01.19.2004 Fansite Package
Up Up and Away! The green castle Faces only mothers could love
Insert joke about wood here Ocean shack One word: Cinematics
Peter Pan impression High level fire Aim for the eye
Towering castle Villiage square Technology is your friend
Thats a big moon Rushing into battle Peaceful farm and burning hay
The Tiki Room The Tiki Room pt 2 Fight outside of Fransentia
These guys don't look happy to see you Summoning a giant green ball of light Is that foilage or blood?
Flight 1242 leaving for The Land Of Oz Ready to attack Shield spell
Wouldn't you want to grab her too?
08.20.2003 Fairly common screens
My legs could do that... if you broke them. Run run run... And the battle begins.
V is for Victory! Green green green... Scantily clad goodness.
Enough spiders, already! Unfriendly(but pretty) surroundings. An aura of light.
That thing scares even me! This will make you hate spiders even more. Those red things are pixelated! Arr!
Blue blue blue... In the heat of battle. An effective circular slash.
05.19.2003 E3 Screens
We'd like to welcome you! Bizarre times call for bizarre... people An encounter in a temple-like place
Nice slash, dude A beautiful environment Poised for battle
A bridge, and green all around Less green, but equally beautiful "PS2 fanboys... come to us..."
On the run The magical elbow Boo!
A summon?
12.24.2003 More Screens
A large fort Simple dwelling Fire! Fire! Fire!
Casting magic KABOOM! A library
Wide shot of a village Racing down the path *cough*
Cool glasses Sword of fire  
09.28.2002 First Screens
Electric triad Ugly arachnid An "explosive" attack
Fleeing from something Summoning fire is all in a day's work Peace!
Look at all the greenness... She must have obtained that staff from the green place Extermination
What could be in there? Bright white light will surely beat back those creepy crawlers Look at it this way, it'll eat all the giant mosquitos!
Spraying webbing A shiny sword "Get down, my green staff doubles as a laser cannon!"
Outnumbered, but not overpowered Swinging your sword always causes a green trail! You gotta feel kinda sorry for those poor green things
Firey... Get a prism, and it'll turn into a rainbow!