Dominion - Screen Shots
01.25.2003 Initial Screens
Makes you wish you had a camera, doesn't it? "'Tis no mine... this is a tomb." Frank and Hank have self-esteem issues
A gorgeous long shot "Okay, we'll put the house over *there*..." A bad camping place
True distance Village at the foot of a castle We all know what really happens in the cemetery
Anyone feel like they're watching House on Haunted Hill? "The trees... they're whispering!" A rolling forest
Seeing the forest for the trees A mesmerizing crystal clear lake Going for a swim
Preparing for ambush? Coming into a clearing A well trodden trail
Choice property! A lovely morning in the forest Hark! Who goes there?
Water objects Don't go snooping around! How did we get up here?
It's not polite to look over someone's shoulder! Flying through the air again... Frollicking with the forest wildlife