The Wild West Chapter

Here we get to play the role of Sundown Kidd, a wanted Lone Ranger, who fights for the sake of himself and his gun. As the chapter starts, we see Sundown enter a small village. At first people are scared he will just cause trouble, but the sheriff doesn't dare confront him. When Sundown gets rid of a trouble maker, though, and agrees to help cleaning up town, the atmosphere changes. Sundown's arch-rival Mad Kidd decides to help, too. What they decide to do is to set alot of traps for the gang, Crazy Punch, as they are expected to arrive soon, seeking revenge for the troublemaker Sundown killed.

The object in this chapter is mainly to search the small town for useful objects, until the Crazy Punch arrives. Useful, that is, for traps or the upcoming showdown. After having searched all houses, you are to give orders to the people in the saloon as to what trap they should set, i.e. give them a specific item. Some people are quicker at setting traps than others. When the time is out, the Crazy Punch gang arrives, and may or may not be decreased by the traps. Lastly, you have to fight whoever survived.

This part is a little un-RPGish, since the object is just to hurry through all houses and give items to people. Even so, this is one of the better chapters due to the cute story. The number of fights in this chapter is 4, including the final battle. Might seem easy, but again, fights is not the object for this chapter. The character design is done by Osamu Ishiwata.

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