The Science Fiction Chapter

In this chapter you play the role of a newly constructed service robot, named Cube. the story takes place on a spaceship, Egit Ergosum, heading home for earth, carrying one passenger, Dars, and an alien creature, the Behemoth, destined for examination. The first mission Katu, the robot constructor, gives Cube is to wake the other three in the crew. All are excited to see the new service robot, all except Dars, who hates machines. As the crew slowly starts working, Katu gives Cube some simple instructions to follow. "go there", "do that". Cube is free to go all over the ship except the private chambers. Everything seems to work fine. But suddenly the radio starts malfunctioning. Somebody must fix it.

Event unfold one after another, and the only thing Cube can do is drive around on his treads, and listen to what people have to say. Sometimes fulfill a small task. And soon, something more...

There is one very interesting thing with this chapter. Not counting that you can login into a games machine and play a game (Captain Square) consisting of fighting scenes a la Live Alive, there is not a single fight throughout the chapter. The only thing the player is to do is drive around and follow events. Thus, this chapter might also be called quite un-RPGish, but the characters are extremely well done, and the story is somthing of the most exciting things I've ever experienced. Perhaps because it's so short and cute, compared to Final Fantasy. This is one of my absolutely favourite chapters in Live Alive. The character design is done by Yumi Tamura- a girl!

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