The Primal Age Chapter

In this chapter you follow the neanderthal boy Bogo and his fellow ape Gori. This part is very much like a "normal" RPG, with a set story that takes twists ans turns during play. Fights are fairly common, though the number of foes is limited. Each and every foe is invisible on screen, but Bogo can SMELL them. Press the Y button, and clouds of smell appear on screen. The foe (although moving) is somewhere near that cloud.

In this chapter there is _no_ dialogue! All conversations are done with wordballoons with pictures in them, signs and screams, which results in a _very_ funny RPG.

After spending one day hunting animals, Bogo awakens in the middle of the night, noticing something strange in the air. He soon discovers the pretty girl Belle, who has fled from a band of not-so-nice guys. Bogo decides that this girl is worth fighting for, and goes after her when she's kidnapped again, by the oh-I'm-so-cool Zaga, who obviously wants Belle for himself. Well, Bogo doesn't have much of a choice, since he's just been chased out of his village by the angry chief who only sees him as a trouble maker.

In this chapter you also have the possibility to combine 2 items in order to create some new armour or arms, just like the doctor can do with potions in FFV. The twists and turns of the story makes this chapter a very good part of Live Alive. Character design in this part is made by Yoshinori Kobayashi.

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