Near Future Chapter

It is the near future. Not-so-lawful guys are roaming the streets and life for orphan Akira Tadokoro is little more than a crude fight for survival. Akira is an esper, and can read people's thoughts.

The goal with this chapter is just to keep the story going. Akira lives in a small town in which there are 7 locations to which you can go. Speak to people, read their minds, and do what people tell you. Or do what people tell you NOT to do. The story in this chapter is quite good, but there is one problem, unless you do the ONE thing you're supposed to do, the story will not continue. (Once I was stuck for hours until I realised you were supposed to visit the toilet three times). This is a big drawback but the chapter is otherwise good. Enemies chase you when you move between the different locations on the town map. The story takes a rather surprising turn at the end, here too. The character design is made by Kazuhiko Shimamoto.

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