The Medieval Chapter

This is the most "normal" RPG-like chapter of them all. Probably the longest, too. Fights are coming at random, and the object is the same as in FF: follow the story while fighting enemies and equipping your party.

In this chapter you play the role of Orstedd, a young adventurer, and the game starts with you fightning a duel to win the princess' hand. The duel is against your childhood friend. After Orstedd having won the duel, the princess, Alisia, gladly accepts to marry him, since he seems a fine and brave warrior. On the evening after the feast that follows, though, Alisia gets literaly carried away by a winged demon, over to the Demon's Mountain. Orstedd does not hesitate to go after her, the only problem is that he probably can't make it on his own, so he decides to ask for help from the legendary hero- now an elderly man- who once fought and defeated the Demon Master. Orstedd's childhood friend decides to join him too.

It might be hard to believe with this cliche-like start, but the story for this chapter is the most radical story I have ever seen, and probably ever will see, for an RPG. This story does not go as one might think, it takes horrible turns and reveals in a painful way the backside of such conceptions as hero, friendship, rivalry and love. All in a very human way. "Human"- not in a positive sense. Live Alive is worth its price for this chapter alone, it is one of the best RPG's ever made.

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