The Kung-Fu Chapter

This chapter is set in China. An old martial arts master, Shinzan Kenroushi, decides that it is time to find a fitting disciple to preserve his art of fighting. There is trouble in a village nearby, rumours about a clan of thieves in the forest, and an uproar in another village. Soon Shinzan has found three possible disciples; the agile and quick girl Lei Kuugo, the fat but strong Samo Hakka, and the small, tiny but hard-working Yun Jou. One should become his disciple, but who? And Shinzan has inadvertedly acquired unwanted enemies.

This chapter is also much like a "normal" RPG, except the fights are few and rather easy. The object is to train the three pupils like you think is best, and finally to choose your heir.

The story in this chapter is extremely good, and the music is fantastic. Definitely high-class RPG, but short. The character design is done by Yoshihide Fujiwara.

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