The poem was written to the music of 'Your Sanctuary' in Earthbound. The content does not seem like Earthbound, but if you ever heard the 'Your Sanctuary' music, then it is easy to see why this is an Earthbound poem.

The music of 'Your Santuary' is composed of three parts, the first ambiance (when you first get to 'Your Sanctuary'), the actual melody (which is subdivided into eight parts and united towards the end of the game) and the final melody (which is the music played after one of the subdivided melodys are complete.) The music would definatly add to the poem. It's one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard in any RPG.


Below the moonlit pearls,
nature sings its song.
He dances,
She dances
To the music of the stars.
To the music of Sanctuary.
They are both in flowing white
like clouds drifting in the sky.
The angels of the celestial skies.
He is a white butterfly.
She is sea foam.
White lilies under the rainbow stars.
The wind,
the stars,
the quasars,
the cosmos.
Male with hair like honey pouring from a jar.
Eyes of sapphire horizons.
A marble statue created by a god.
Female with hair like a bushel of crimson roses.
Eyes like trees in a dark forest.
They are pure white gold.
They are stars that shine forever.