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In the world of Lagoon, all lands float onto the blue sky. Inside this world, there is a small country called Kahna. In legand, Kahna is guarded by Bahamut, the King of Dragons sleeping in Bahamut Lagoon. Now Kahna is under attack - by the evil empire Granbelos. Granbelos turns the sky red, and its army is now surrounding Kahna. Now the King of Kahna arrives at the Bahamut Lagoon, hoping that he can wake up Bahamut and save Kahna.

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Prologue : The Fall of Kahna
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
Chapter 2 : The legend we are dreaming of
Chapter 3 : Campbell, the Green Continent
Chapter 4 : There're full of regrets
Chapter 5 : Emperor Zauzer
Chapter 6 : It's not a dream
Chapter 7 : Legend of the Dragons
Chapter 8 : Dragon's Air Combat
Chapter 9 : Hamarl, the Miracle Continent
Chapter 10 : Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 11 : Sacred Dragon Livajazan
Chapter 12 : Spies!!!
Chapter 13 : Godrand, the City of Magic
Chapter 14 : When Garuda wakes up...
Chapter 15 : Battle in the Hot Sand
Chapter 16 : Sacred Dragon Yulmungald
Chapter 17 : The New Era's Door
Chapter 18 : The Place as Promised
Chapter 19 : Farewell, Matelight!
Chapter 20 : The Sky of Sadness
Chapter 21 : Sacred Dragon Bahamut
Chapter 22 : The Final Battle
Chapter 23 : The Collapse
Chapter 24 : To homeland ...

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