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Sins of Time

Michael Ashby

Author's note: Sins of Time is set in the Xenogear's Universe. Though some of it seems a little out of that world just accept the fact that this is my interpretation of the events before the Eldrdige disaster.


The giant emigrant spaceship Eldridge, the Alliance‚s Galactic Exploration agency‚s pride and joy, was now in danger. In the lower bay in amongst the large deep range probes, Quin and his daughter, Elly, looked out of the large window. The world that they were passing stood like a beacon in the coldness of space. A refuge from the destruction that was about to come. Elly gently pulled on Quin‚s pant leg drawing his attention.

"Yes, I know," he told his daughter with a smile. "It is time for us to go."

It had taken him nearly a month to modify the probe once he found the destructive weapon that his wife had designed onboard. Not only had the people from the homeworld escaped on the Eldridge but so had the evil weapon Dues. Elly had been the one to tell him about it;she had a sense about her that defied explanation.

Quin led Elly to the probe and opened the small door. Elly obediently climbed inside and looked at her father, waiting for him to enter. Quin felt a change in the ship. The lights changed to red illuminating the dimly lit bay.

"It has started," Quin murmured. Quickly he turned to the control pad on the side and placed his hand on it. "Please, my love. Find us."

He dove into the probe and it closed shut behind him. Quin gently took his daughter's hand as the system began to place the two into suspended animation. The probe was launched soon after, speeding away from the ship. The last sight Quin saw before he fell into the deep sleep of suspended animation was the destruction of others as they tried to flee the Dues-controlled vessel.

The probe flew unhindered with its two sleeping passengers towards the planet. Behind it the Eldridge exploded, sending large chunks of ship hurtling at them. The probe fell to the earth, embedding itself into the land. Not long after a large piece of the blackened vessel fell nearby burying the probe deeper into the ground leaving it lost.

10,000 years later.

To say I was upset was a little more than an understatement. As a ship I‚m sure I would not have cared much about being placed into suspended animation, but as a human I did care. The Government should‚ve released me from my service as the soul of this ship. I wanted to be free and see the world through my eyes once more. That was neither here nor there as I awoke from the long sleep that őthey‚ had put me under. I was inside an abandoned hangar with no one other than my five sleeping female crew members. These five girls were more than their engineering talents told; their companionship kept me sane, their friendship kept me living.

Taking a look about me and my space bound surroundings I noticed that an attack had killed those that lived in the hangar. I even noticed the debris of two other living ships. I was far from surprised.  Fate must have once again intervened to keep me alive. I started up the engines and the life support systems. The girls would be grumpy if they didn‚t get a shower and a good meal. They woke up slowly as the drugs used to place people into suspended animation slowly dispersed.

"This is your Captain. The water is warm and the food ready to eat."