The Real Ricdeau

Chad 'Graeystone' Harger

Fei literally barged into Citan's house with Elly behind him. He found Citan, Yui, and Midori eating dinner as if nothing was happening.

Citan looked at Fei and said, "Hello Fei."

"Don't 'hello me' Citan!" Fei shouted. "What in the hell do you think you are doing!?"

"So you heard," answered Citan in his usual calm voice. He had hoped what was going to happen would happen before Fei and Elly found out. The two of them had wanted to live away from the rest of the world for a few years. After all they went through no one begrudged them their wish. The only two people who knew where they were living was Bart and himself. "I guess Bart told you even though I"

"Of course he told me!" interrupted Fei. "Do you think with such a decision he would want to sit by while a friend"

"Enough!" snapped Citan in voice neither Fei or Elly ever heard from this man. Citan was surprised by his own reaction. He thought he had proven he could control his dark side when he and the other invaded Solaris. Citan took a deep breath and felt Yui take his hold of his hand underneath the table. He gently squeezed her hand drawing strength and calmness from her.

Yui smiled gently. "Please now is not the time. Now is the time for remembering the good times, not for talking about what is to come. We just sat down to dinner. You and Elly are welcome to join us."

Fei nodded feeling his anger disappearing. Two more chairs were brought out and supper was eaten in silence.

After dinner Fei and Citan stood outside the house. The sun was setting along with Fei's anger. He always felt it had something to do with being in Yui's presence. He did know he acted like a jerk when he and Elly bursted in like they did. With very little time left he interrupted precious time Citan should be having with his family. "Doc, I'm sorry for barging in like that."

"I guess it could not be helped," said Citan. "I thought about getting word to you from the start but I know you well enough you would have done something rash that most likely involved Xenogears."

"The only thing I needed to know was that the whole thing was a sham," said Fei.

Citan shrugged. "I guess in a way it was a sham. I did after all request it."

Fei looked at his friend in horror. "Why?"

"For the world and its people to move on, everyone who has committed, or permitted crimes to be committed, has to be held accountable. Wether such actions happened in Solaris or on the surface."

"Damn it Doc! No one said a word five years ago when we defeated Deus! Why bring up the past now!" demanded Fei.

"You were away five years and so much has happened since then. Those of us who committed or permitted crimes to happen on Solaris' behalf decided to do this. The Elements, new and old, and the four members of that Solaris Special Op Forces who raided Bart's pirate layer and hassled you later on agreed to it. We even helped capture those who were on the run from justice."

"I know all of that," said Fei. "But the rest were cleared. Bart even told me you spoke on Elly's behalf because she never did anything. . .except. . ."

"Land her Gear in Lahan which many would feel was her fault," finished Citan. "Elly still feels responsible after all of this time does she not? To the point where she would turn herself in."

"How did you clear her?" asked Fei.

"While you were passed out after Lahan was destroyed, I checked the remains for survivors and the dead. I came upon a Gear that was hit from behind. I found it rather odd so I checked and discovered the flight recorder still intact. I never really did get around to looking at it until the trials started. I discovered that data contained shows that she was indeed hit from behind by a rather powerful missile. The energy source of the weapon is something I have only seen three times."

Fei's eyes widened with understanding. "Id, Grahf, and myself. I didn't know until Grahf showed up in desert that he was the one from that night. Of course he knew where I was. I guess when Weltall was stolen he decided to use that as an excuse to try to awaken Id."

"It could be," said Citan. "Anyway with what I discovered it cleared Elly of any wrong matter. On the whole it did not matter who Grahf shot at as long as whoever it was landed in Lahan so he would have an excuse to go after you."

"Then what about you Doc? Why did you do this? What could you have done that would warrant your own sentence?"

"How could I not?" asked Citan. "You remember what happened when we went through Solaris."

Fei's body went numb. After what happened he and Elly became a vegetarians. Neither of them could eat meat again without remembering that horror they witnessed. "You had no control over that," said Fei. "What could you have done?"

"I have asked myself that many times without any answer. Yes it is true I knew about it but I never did anything. Me who had the Emperor's ear and did not do anything. I could have asked the Emperor to stop it but I did not. In my own way I was just as responsible as those who ran the machinery."

"Tell me what happened at your trial Doc. Please at least tell me that much," said Fei.

"Yes I do owe you that much," said Citan.


The last day of the trials were over. Although most of the people on trial were acquitted, only a couple of scientist who were involved with Krelian were found guilty. They made no excuses and were proud of what they did. Everyone knew if they were ever let free they just repeat what Krelian had created. For these two there would be no imprisonment, exile, or suspended animation. For them it would be death.

Citan shook his head as they were taken away to their deaths. Everyone was relieved that it was finally over. The last nail had been hammered into the coffin so the nightmare could be buried. Unfortunately Citan had to remove that last nail for a brief time.

"It has been a very long road," said Zephyr, who was the judge for these trials. "Now at long last we can finally move on and hopefully we shall move peacefully. I hope we have learned from the past"

"Your Honor," interrupted Citan. Everyone in the courtroom looked at Citan. If it was one person least likely to interrupt it would be Citan.

Zephyr blinked twice at the outburst. "Is there something wrong?"

Citan's expression became grim. He realized his body was shaking. It was the first time that happened since he met the Emperor face to face. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Citan said, "Your honor it is not over yet. There is one person who still needs to be tried."

"Who is left to be put on trial?" asked Zephyr.

Citan's hands clenched into fists. 'This is it. No turning back.' "I am," answered Citan. Around him the courtroom exploded with shouts. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Sigurd, Jesse, and Kahr look at him in shock.

Zephyr was now totally confused. She had believed everyone who was to be tried had been so. Even Sigurd, Jesse, and Kahr turned themselves in because they were of Solaris. Sigurd and Kahr were found innocent because of the horrors they endured at Solaris' hands and it was decided Jesse was clear when it was decided that he had his families best interest at heart when he left. Jesse tried to live away from the conflict instead of dragging his family into it, but the death of his wife had dragged him back into it. But why would Citan want to? Zephyr stopped in mid-thought. Here before her was Citan the doctor, Citan the unassuming person who could make himself appear or disappear without anyone knowing it, Citan the person who is rumored to have been close to t