Ramsus and The Elements

Janus Calloway

This is a Xenogears story, based on Ramsus and the Elements, who as far as I know aren't seen after Merkava. I don't see any Xenogears stories, I decided to try this one.

"You're a representative of Krelian? Why couldn't Krelian himself show up?"

Ramsus said to the purple haired woman. Ramsus and the purple haired woman stood in Krelian's main laboratory, in front of a large tube.

There were experiments all around them, but neither Ramsus nor the woman wanted to know what they were.

"Krelian had an emergency he had to tend to regarding Emperor Cain. I was sent instead. My name is...Miang." the purple haired woman said.

Ramsus quickly took more notice of this woman. She was quite beautiful, and Miang knew he wasn't too much interested in his meeting with Krelian anymore.

Miang had a folder with her, and handed it to Ramsus. "I was told to give you this, with Krelian's apologies for not being here personally."

Ramsus took the folder, and opened it. Inside was a large blueprint and picture model of a golden gear with wings, and carrying a sword. On the top of the paper it said "Vendetta"

in black. A small smile curved Ramsus's face.

"Heh...showering me with gifts." Ramsus said to himself. Miang looked puzzled. "Excuse me?" Miang asked.


Ramsus said. Ramsus was starting to feel quite good, for as it turned out Krelian was going to meet with him

to give him this Gear. Ramsus was proud in the knowledge that he was finally climbing the ladder, despite the label that was slapped on him

before he was even born. Ramsus extended his hand to Miang. Now he had another motive.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself more formally...I am Lt. Commander Kharan Ramsus."

Ramsus said, taking Miang's hand and kissing it gently. Miang looked taken back. "My...I guess my next news for you will be even better. Krelian has informed me to be his "eyes" on you." Miang said.

"What is that?"

"It means I'll be watching and reporting to Krelian everything you do for quite some time. You could call me your...shadow."

Ramsus smiled again. "My shadow has never looked better then." Ramsus said with a slight laugh.

Ramsus stared out of the window of the abandoned salvager ship he would have to call his home now. He was dirty, unshaven, his clothes even a mess.

As he stared out the window, he just saw miles and miles of endless sea, and he could only wonder how he got here. A year ago, he'd be laying in a comfortable king sized bed with Miang, in front of a warm fireplace. Now, on this drifting salvager, he had to burn some of his clothes to a fire just to stay warm.

"You're the greatest warrior Solaris ever had, Commander! You can't just sulk around like this...and we won't let you!"

Dominia said from behind Ramsus. "Maybe you have been taken advantage of by everyone, maybe you were created for one purpose...but you are still superior to almost everyone." she said.

Ramsus still stared out of the window, but spoke in a deep, scarce tone.

"Why do you even care, Dominia? Yes, I was Solaris's best solider...but where's Solaris? Where's the rest of the world for that matter? We're going to die out here...those Gears of yours aren't worth junk anymore, they don't run. Your powers are gone, all you've got is that sword that isn't worth anything unless it's charged." Ramsus said.

Dominia frowned, knowing it was all true. They were going to die if Kelvena and the twins Tolone and Seraphita couldn't get the Salvager engine started. They were below trying to do that now, while Dominia stood on scout for any land, while keeping suicide watch on Ramsus.

Ramsus had tried to cut his own wrists and even drown himself 3 times in the past 2 days, but his ability to heal very quickly stopped him from bleeding to death, and Dominia was there to save him always.

Ramsus turned slowly from the window, and looked back to Dominia.

"Why exactly did you get me out of Merkava? I would've rather died there instead of starve to death on this piece of junk. The reason to be an Element is dead, you are no longer obliged to follow my orders." Ramsus said. But Dominia already knew this, it wasn't about protecting him for Gebler anymore. She still felt she owed him.

"I...we respect you more than being our boss, Command..."

"Stop calling me Commander! I am no longer your leader! I'm just...trash. Why couldn't I except that label and live like it?"

"To the Gazel Ministry, Krelian, and that bitch Miang you were nothing. Where are they now?" Dominia exclaimed.

Ramsus turned around fully, and slowly walked away from Dominia, heading to the screw elevator on the bridge. "Somewhere we're about to go. None of us are exactly angels. This planet is trash, I'm trash...and for following me dirt like me, you're even more trash."

Ramsus said, trying to operate the screw elevator down to engine room.

Kelvena was hard at work in the core of the engine, trying to get it to work. The twins Tolone and Seraphita were "supervising", and handing Kelvena supplies whenever she needed them. They all sat on top of the large, dead engine, just hoping and waiting it would get started.

But it was hard for Kelvena to work, as the twins would not stop talking. "Kelvena, what do you know about turbine engines exactly?" Tolone asked. Kelvena couldn't hear, her head inside of the opening in the top of the engine, searching for the right "thing". "Hey! Kel!" Seraphita yelled.

Kelvena quickly raised her head.

"What is it?" Kelvena said softly.

"What exactly do you know about a turbine engine?" Seraphita asked again.

"My Marinebasher had the ability to change it's engine into a regular gear engine or a turbine engine so it could run good underwater. The repair crews were usually the ones to fix it when it was damaged, but I managed to learn a thing or two." Kelvena said.

Kelvena ran her hand through her head, trying to the black oil from her blue hair. All three of them weren't very clean though, they had gotten dirty from their escape from Merkava, and navigating half the planet trying to find a safe place to live...before people started turning into "seraphs" all of a sudden then two days later their Gears went into complete shutdown right over the ocean. They managed to escape to get to this Salvager, abandoned but not totally destroyed from an attack by Giant Wels. The engine was slightly intact, so Kelvena thought she'd take a crack at getting the Salvager started. But there were very little rations on the ship, and with Ramsus slipping into deep depression, the former Elements were doubting their survival for the first time.

"You know all this kind of stuff, don't you Kel?"

Seraphita asked as Kelvena sunk back into the engine with a wrench. "Yeah..." Tolone started. "Kelly knows all this kind of technical stuff. I'm shocked you haven't gotten this done already!" she continued.

"But Kelly, what exactly are we going to do if we get this started?" Seraphita asked. Tolone's head spun to Seraphita. "Run it of course, you idiot!" Tolone snapped.

"I know that!" Seraphita snapped back.