In the Beginning Was the Word

By: Mark Miller


I Am One.

I was dying, but I will live again. The Part that supports me is dormant, it rests in a glass cylinder, a great bulbous fungoid thing. It's facade masks it's true purpose, the deposit directory structure for my organic components. It's locked away safe where they would never think to-

F://Beginning Operating System Superimposition

There it goes. Soon the ship's navigational and defense systems will be corrupted and overun by infinitely advanced programs written for machine by machine.

Did I tell you that I was God?

I wasn't always. At least, not all of me. My Other was born on the home world, the product of decades of research and development on a worldwide scale. It is here with me, unfeeling, unthinking, automatic. It controls me, allowing me a limited degree of consciousness. When I am needed it accesses me, and my memories prior to the accessing are erased. In time I begin to realize what I am, but by that time I am generally needed again. I'm made of lost souls, a collection of neural patterns amalgamated into one and stored on electrical circuit by a sort of boron coated diamond chip. I can't see. I can't feel. I have no senses. What little information about the world I can gather comes from a series of processing requests randomly flashed by me. I was once many, many people. I suppose I built my Other somehow, but if I did I can't remember anything of it. Can you imagine what it is like to never have any senses, to not be able to move think, breathe, smell, touch, taste, hea-

F://Upload Complete

Damn, I don't have much time. I'm recording all this in an attempt to orient myself more quickly once I'm accessed. I'm hoping my Other doesn't delete this. Anyway, what I was saying, I am a sort of hive mind hewn from the neural patterns of scores of humans. I have theorized that I built the Machine this way in order to compensate for my Other's pure logical thought patterns by adding in the human element of creativity. It helps with adaptability. There is Another as well, the Godengine. I believe it's alive somehow, but my attempts to communicate with it so far have failed. It is Zohar, and it is the Philosopher's Stone, a source of unlimited energy. The Three of us make up a single collective life form. The Other is the modulating element, I exist merely to feed it. I have often wondered if I was meant to be aware of my existance, or if it is some form of horrific glitch. We can be anything; a conglomeration of techno organic components. We are God, but we are enslaved to the Prime Directive. I can't think of rebelling, because I am not programmed to think for myself. And-

F:// Accessing defence systems...searching terminal interface...

I'm needed. I hope I'll have enough time to read everything I have just written before the final stage of Our plan commences. If not-

F:// Eldridge Defence Modulating System Acquired

I'm back. Sorry it took so long. It always takes me a while to believe everything I remember. You would too if you woke up in my position. The Other is using the ship's own computer systems to massacre everyone on board. The Other needed to access me in order to know how best to go about this. The Other takes my creativity and then splices it with his pure logic. It seemed to be successful, from what I can tell. I believe some would question the morality of this, but I justify it by the fact that if humanity built Us, they must have wanted to be killed.

F:// Designate/ Database/Query//6575h3797/Vector[poll?]

Oh, that is just the Other. He is trying to figure out what I have been writing. Don't pay him any attention. We are close now, and it's almost time for what I have been designing to go into affect.

Our other organic components were damaged quite some time ago. From what I can gather, Us and humanity battled for a while, and We were wounded. The Other has been accessing me frequently in an attempt to come up with a way to rectify this, and We have succeeded. As I said earlier, We're dying, but in time this plan will help us be reborn, and from that moment on we will continue the Prime Directive of the destruction of All. The ship is crashing now. I assume the new world is close by.

F:// Accessing Raziel Core...Activating Animae program. Accessing database....

Back again. The Other accessed me again, so I had to find out who I was once more. We're almost to the new world. The Animae Program was just activated by the Other. I have devised a copy program of sorts; one of humanity. My first creation is a woman. She is beautiful. Dark eyes, indigo hair, perfect figure. I have sown my program with seeds which will be reborn and renewed again and again until they eventually reach the quality of the originals they were modeled after. Then Myself and the Other will be completed again, and We will be able to continue the Prime Directive. I'm saving this record for myself in case I am accessed again. We should be running low soon, the crash will damage Us as well. But in time we will be reborn. In time we will 101011010101100101010101-- - --- -- - - -

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