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The Fading Jewel

By: Chad 'Graeystone' Harger

Author's Note: This story starts two weeks after the fall of Deus.

Bart observed the ruins that was once Lahan. Bart looked at the rebuilding effort taking place. It was ironic that the people of Lahan, who did not depend on technology like the rest of the world once did, was actually rebuilding at a rate faster than say Nortune. Already three houses halfway finished.

"So this was Lahan," said Emeralda. "Where Fei once lived."

"So it is," replied Bart looking at green haired beauty. He still could not get over it. After her, Fei, and Citan returned from the lighthouse, everyone was shocked at her change. He recalled when the three of them walked into the gun-room. Everyone was surprised at Emeralda's new body, especially the men. Unfortunately for Bart, Margie was there also. It was also unfortunate for Bart that Margie elbowed him in the ribs.

"Thank goodness you arrived," said the construction foreman. He came up and shook Bart's hand. "If this wasn't so important, we wouldn't have called you in."

"What's the problem?," asked Bart.

"We have a giant boulder we can't move," replied the foreman. "We are out of explosives, and it's buried to deep into the ground to get a pulley properly attached to it."

The three of them walked over to the boulder. Bart realized the foreman was correct. There would be no moving this thing by conventional means. Know he knew why Citan had asked him to take Emeralda.

Bart asked Emeralda, "Do you think you can do it?"

Emeralda smiled, "No problem." She then cracked her knuckles, a habit she picked up from Rico, and walked over to the boulder.

"What's she going to?," asked the foreman.

Bart smiled broadly. "Just wait and see. You'll be surprised." Yet Bart was concerned. A few hours after the fall Deus, Emeralda suddenly went back into her reclusive shell. She was like that for two days. Then she disappeared for three days. She returned two days ago and continued on as if nothing had happened. Although she seemed alright, she had the look of the inevitable.

Emeralda looked at the boulder. It was to wide for even her stretchable arms. Normally she would just rap her arms around it and toss it. She was a lot stronger than people believed. If she still had access to Ether, she would have used Dark Beast, and be done with it, and Hammerhead would take to long. Emeralda finally decided on Divider. "I am going to use Divider. Make sure everyone is clear. This rock will no doubt throw shrapnel all over."

The foreman looked at Bart, "What is she talking about?"

"You'll see soon enough. Just do as she says and get everyone out of the way," ordered Bart. He had seen her do this only once before. When they had infiltrated Solaris, they ended up being trapped in a room by a guard robot. Emeralda just stood in front the giant machine. Billy told her to get back, but she ignored him. Instead she looked the robot in the eye. She smiled and then her body stretched like taffy and disassembled into it's individual nano-components. Then the components passed through the robot. The robot shook and threw sparks as Emeralda passed through it. The robot shuddered even more after Emeralda passed through and reassembled herself. The robot then fell to pieces. Bart shuddered. He hoped he never had to see her do that to a living being.

Bart now watched as Emeralda passed through the boulder. He heard the foreman whisper, "What the hell?" Bits and pieces of the boulder flew out from the inside. The boulder shook as if it was being destroyed from within.(Which it was.)

Emeralda finally passed through the boulder and became whole again. Suddenly she fell to her knees. Bart realized something was wrong with her. He ran to her side. "Emeralda, are you ok?"

Emeralda looked at his friend, "I seem to have over-exerted myself." She then passed out.

Bart looked at her in shock and horror. This should not have happened. Not to her. He grunted as he picked her up, she was heavier than she looked. It was then that he noticed the right side of her hair was white like Sigurd's.


The Yggdrasil was the only piece of working technology left in the world. Knowing the ship would be needed in the months to come, Fei, Rico, and Citan took the power core from Xenogears, and rigged it to ship. Fortunately the power core was more than capable to handle the job required of it. Yggdrasil became a flying hospital and relief ship, and most importantly a symbol for the future.

All of Emeralda's friends were in the gun-room, with the exception of Citan, who was exa