By: Melissa McClendon

~So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters~

The good things never last... Grandfather had always said that and now I know it to be true... Yui sighed, closing her golden eyes and finally allowing a single tear to fall as her husband rode off in that damned land crab of his into the early dawn after Fei... Fei... She trembled as the crisp mountain air kissed her bare skin, quickly reminding her that she was standing in her backyard with a house full of the Lahan survivors wearing nothing but a thin chemise. Slowly, as Citan and the land crab finally disappeared from her visual range, she walked back inside his workshop to collect her clothes from their little... distraction the night before and to get dressed in preparation for the long day ahead.
He told me to go to Shevat and wait for him... But I'm not just some damned housewife! He knows that I can't just sit and wait patiently for him to waltz back through that door, unharmed... He'll be hurt... Solaris will be the death of him and all because of... Fei... She finally collapsed against the wall where Citan had first taken her the night before in a frenzy of passion, the reality of their newest situation finally hitting her. Everything had been perfect before Fei came along... It had been bliss... Just Hyuga, Midori, and myself living in Shevat... When he finally told me that the Emperor had demanded he complete one final mission, I knew things would never be the same for us...
Damn you, Hyuga Ricdeau... Why did I have to fall in love with you?..."
Well... Its not like I purposely fell in love with him... It just... happened... Even after we came to the surface, we were still happy... Even with the threat of Id looming over us...
Yui sighed, deciding it would do her absolutely no good to dwell over the matter, it was out of her hands. How dare I suggest he ignore his emperor? With that final thought, Yui finished donning her dress and walked back to the house to prepare breakfast for the Lahan survivors. I hope Midori was alright last night... Neither of us being in the house with her...

~Never cared for what they say
Never cared for the games they play
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
And I know~

The day before, after the Lahan

The Uzuki home

Midori Uzuki stared with an emotionless gaze in her tiny chair at Dan as he sat brooding in the corner of the kitchen. As always, she had expressed little and said nothing, even as her mother and father scuried about the house treating the wounded and... disposing of the dead. Fei had left hours ago under the advice of her father through the Blackmoon Forest and onto Aveh, far from the path of destruction he had created the previous night.
Her dark brown eyes shot up, Dan's sudden sniffling breaking her train of silent thought.
Was he... crying?... Its understandable... He just lost his sister...
"...Alice..." He buried his reddened face in his hands to hide his fresh tears.
Atleast he isn't yelling at Daddy and Momma anymore... Midori cringed and scrunched up her tiny nose at that thought, reminding her that Dan was the reason she had a headache now. ...Maybe I should say something to him...
Midori opened her small mouth to say something to Dan when Yui came storming into the kitchen, causing Midori to quickly refrain from her desired action when she realized her mother was very angry. She glanced around the corner to see Citan coming their way, his face and body expressing nothing but the pace of his step and the fact that Midori could sense her father's frustration told her otherwise.
Oh dear... Her parents rarely fought, especially when they knew others were around, but when they did, it seemed like the whole world was coming to an end.
" Yui, will you please calm down and listen to me--" Citan managed to hide the edge in his voice, but Midori instantly sensed it.
" No, Hyuga !" Midori winced, her mother was either too angry to care whether others heard her call her father by his real name, or they had finally settled in all of the survivors and they didn't realize Midori and Dan were sitting right in front of them. Midori glanced over at Dan to witness his reaction. He was still sobbing in the corner, oblivious to everything. " I don't care! I never cared for what they say and nothing in your power can change that! They've always came first! Before me, before yourself, before Midori, your own daughter! Now your going to go off and get yourself killed for something you don't even believe in and you don't care how this will effect me or your daughter !"
" Yui..." He grabbed her gently by her shoulders to calm her down and would have embraced her had she not pulled away from him.
" Don't touch me ." She hissed. Midori knew her mother was hurt and was using every bit of her willpower to not break down and cry in front of him. " I don't want any memory of your touch when you're gone ."
" Damn it, Yui !" Citan finally lost his temper, grabbing her wrist and forcing her to look into his eyes.
Midori gasped, she had never known her father to be violent, especially with her mother, although she could sense there was a darker side to Citan Uzuki.
Citan paused, hardly believing what he had just done. He tore his gaze away from Yui's emotionless gold eyes, finding his daughter and even Dan staring at him in disbelief.
" Doctor Uzuki... " A young woman, one of the survivors of Lahan, hesitantly began, finally breaking the tension. " Its my son... I think you may need to take a look at him. "
Citan didn't even look at the girl, instead he was staring back at Yui, waiting for any change in her emotionless face. There was none, not even the quickening of breathe. " I will be there in one moment, miss ."
" Thank you, doctor ."
Midori knew her father wanted to say something to her mother, so many things...
So much pain... He doesn't want to leave us... I don't want him to leave... Momma, please make him stay! Say something, Momma! But it was to no avail, neither Citan nor Yui said a word and he finally walked off, no external changes to his appearance even though Midori sensed his despair.