Angel of Silence

Kailyssa Lockheart


The gently blowing wind rustled her short platinum hair. All was peaceful around her; no children running around screaming, no chickens clucking away. Just the way she liked it.

Primera was sprawled out on the ground, hands behind her head. She looked up to the sky, her amber eyes glistening in the half-hidden sunlight. The sky above her was a dark blue, with only a few stray clouds floating lazily across the heavens.

"What are angels?" She had once asked Billy. She could not speak, of course, but she and Billy shared a special bond, and Billy could tell what Primera wanted just by looking into her dark pool of eyes.

"Angels are god's helpers who watch over everyone on Earth," he described in his usual philosophical tone of voice. "Everybody has his or her own guardian angel, and are observed by them all the time. They even come down to Earth, disguised as human beings."

Then where was Mother's angel when she died? Primera wanted to ask. But she didn't, for it would make her and Billy upset again, and she didn't want that to happen.

Where's my angel? Primera asked herself, still gazing up at the un-answering sky. Show me, please. The clouds seemed to look down at her, unsure of what to do.

They soon decided, however, as the sun glared brightly down upon Primera, so bright she had to shut her eyes. She sat up, rubbing her face as if to get rid of the blinding spots. She opened her eyes...

And found herself staring up at the most beautiful woman she'd ever laid eyes on.

Her chestnut brown hair flowed inches past her ankles, beaming with a powerful radiance. Her eyes were the color of emeralds, and seemed to smile down at Primera, piercing the very depths of her soul. A small nose framed the center of her face, and was very slightly turned upwards. Her lips were the color of a carnation, the edges curled up in a small but mysterious smile. A creamy complexion enveloped her body, making herself look more healthy and young than she let on.

But what astonished Primera was the dress she wore. The dress itself was pure white, and looked like it was being worn for the first time. Its sleeves reached out to just above her wrists, and ended in a band of white lace. A small ring wrapped itself around the space between her thumbs and forefingers, and attached itself to the ends of the sleeves. The neck ended in a V, and was outlined with light pink roses. The waist was made of and elastic fabric, unlike the spider's web silk of the rest of her dress, and was designed with tiny white roses embedded into the dress. The bottom, which ended at the ankles, was outlined with pearl white beads. And to match, she wore a choker made entirely out of beads. From top to bottom, this woman was a treasure.

Primera tried to stand, but wound up falling back down again. She could not take her eyes off of this newcomer.

"Hello, Primera," the woman said. Primera felt a tingling sensation run up and down her body. This stranger's voice was just as lovely as her outward appearance. It was like a bird singing its song of love.

"Do you know who I am?" She asked in that melodic voice. Primera slowly shook her head. She tried standing again, and found she could finally steady herself.

"I'm your guardian angel."

Primera's eyes grew wider, if at all possible. She put a hand on her head, suddenly feeling very faint. The angel knelt in front of her, placing a hand on her tiny shoulder.

"Be calm, young one," she said, and instantly Primera felt rejuvenated.

"I came with a message from your mother," the angel said, a twinkle in her eyes. Primera's head snapped up to face her.


Her angel smiled faintly. "Your mother loves you very dearly, and watches over you every second of the day. She wants you to watch over Billy, for you are his guardian angel."

Wonder spread over Primera's face as she recalled what Billy had told her.

"They even come down to Earth, disguised as human beings."

I'm an angel?

"Yes, you're an angel," her angel told her, as if she could read thoughts. "You are his angel of Silence."


"I must go," Primera's angel whispered, kissing Primera lightly on the cheek.


"Goodbye, my little angel," she said, ascending back up to the heavens. Within seconds, she was gone.


Primera spun around and saw Billy standing before her, giving her his special smile.

"Something wrong, Primrose?" He asked, using her favorite nickname. Primera shook her head, beaming up at him. Billy gently lifted her into his arms, kissing the top of her head.

"You can tell me, Primrose," he murmured into her ear. "You can't hide anything from me, you know." Primera look into his ice blue eyes, and pretended to zip her mouth shut.

"Oh, I'll get it out of you one of these days." Billy grinned at her, holding her more tightly. He turned to head for the house, but stopped short and pointed. "Look, Primrose! That cloud over there looks just like an angel!" Primera followed his gaze and, there, with all her brilliance, was her angel, smiling so brightly Primera had to shut her eyes.