Why a script for Vagrant Story? Well, it started when the Technomancy crew beat the game, watched the amazing ending, shook our heads a few times, and then finally turned to each other and said:

     "So what the hell WAS that?"

     We had enough questions that we knew it was time for a replay of the game. We also knew that at least a few of us would eventually want to write fanfiction about the game. In order to do that, we needed to get things just right. So, rather than just replay the game, we decided that we would record it and type up the script, for anyone else who was also curious.

     (Actually, D stated loudly that she would not type up the script, in the hopes of being talked out of it, and was instead talked in to it. She enlisted help, of course.)

     There are limited actions mentioned here -- just enough to make things make sense. Also, room changes are not included, so it's possible that one character speaks multiple times in a row. Breaks in the scene or breaks for battles/room changes/etc are indicated by a line. At some future date, we may go back and add actions, but it's slightly outside the scope of this project at the moment.

     These files were typed by D (alanna@mancer.net) and proofread by Arielle (nekoleo@cybernothing.org) and Ashlea (arlierma@mtholyoke.edu). We were working with a Game Clear Data save, so there are segments of this script that are not accessible on the first playthrough. All dialogue was videotaped and gone back over for accuracy.

     ALL FILES CONTAIN SPOILERS. This is the entire text of the game. Do not come whining to us about how the suspense has been ruined if you read.

     We welcome linking, but PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE FILES FROM THIS SITE. This is a labor of love, and like any labor of love, it is incredibly time-consuming. Please don't screw over the people who put such effort into these projects, or in the future, people might not undertake them.

Vagrant Story, all its characters, and all associated text is copyright © 2000 SQUARE Co. Ltd. All rights remain with original authors. This script is provided for educational and informative purposes only. WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS WITHIN.