Lea Monde: Town Center West Revisited

Samantha: We can pass through here. What have you found?

Guildenstern: Ancient Kildean lettering... It's quite worn, nigh unreadable.

Samantha: Anything useful?

Guildenstern: I think not. Yet...

Samantha: Yet?

Guildenstern: The carvings are particularly deep in places.

Samantha: They're quite charming... What do they mean?

Guildenstern: There's more here... and here.

Samantha: Ancient Kildean... From Müllenkamp's time.

Guildenstern: Ah, truly. These were written before the birth of St. Iocus... A time when sorcerers were common as sellswords. What is it?

Samantha: The Cardinal, he will stop the legacy of Müllenkamp ... the Grimoires... from falling into the wrong hands, will he not?

Guildenstern: ...Of course, my love. To cede its power to a fanatic such as Sydney would be madness.

Samantha: I fear he already has the Gran Grimoire. What think you?

Guildenstern: I do not know. Yet surely we would not be here, chatting so amiably, if he had.

Samantha: The Gran Grimoire .... the ultimate codex of sorcery.

Guildenstern: It is only a book ... a covenant. Yet it is the prime mover, the machinery of life itself.

Sydney: And if you had that "book"?

Samantha: Sydney....

Sydney: You wouldn't know what to do with such power!

Samantha: Then pray tell, for what purpose have you been in league with the Duke these many years? You seek to control men ... nay, to control God Himself!!

Sydney: Oh, please. Warping the minds of men and shepherding the masses has always been your church's domain. You lure sheep with empty miracles and a dead god. ...or perhaps you, too, are a sheep, Samantha. A poor little lamb, bleating for your faith as though it were milk of the poppy. Yet mark your savior well, for he is one of the demons you so fear, Samantha.

Samantha: Be silent!

Sydney: A sweeter faith still is the draught called "Love".

Guildenstern: Be wary, Samantha!! Don't let him get to you!!

Sydney: Ahh, truly the Cardinal's own hand. Your will is strong, Guildenstern.

Guildenstern: ...You are not the only shepherd here, Sydney!

[Sydney teleports behind Guildenstern and swipes at him with his sword.]

Guildenstern: Watch your crook, lest it be wrenched from you.

[Sydney disappears]

Guildenstern: It's no use. We must make haste.

Samantha: The fiend!!

Guildenstern: Run, Sydney, run. You will be ours in the end.

Ashley: The Gran Grimoire...


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