Lea Monde: Town Center West

Grissom: Well?

Crimson Blade: Just a workshop. Nothing else here.

Crimson Blade2: We've still no word from Squad 3.

Grissom: They're dead then...?

Crimson Blade2: I ... I could not...

Grissom: Did you not verify their corpses?

Crimson Blade2: S-Sir, my apologies.

Grissom: Coward! Ye are a stain on the escutcheon of our order! The loss of our brothers cannot be helped. Pray that fate will not be as cruel a mistress to us. Search! The rathole Müllenkamp's been using is here somewhere! Leave no stone unturned!

Crimson Blade: Sir!

Grissom: I, for one, cannot leave this accursed city soon enough.

Crimson Blade: Well? Find anything?

Crimson Blade: Naught but dust on this side, sir.

Crimson Blade: We shall join the others, then. Yet crossing the river means...

Crimson Blade: It's too dangerous inside the city walls. You heard what befell our brothers!

Crimson Blade: Yet we waste our time here...

Crimson Blade: The cold ones will not walk under the sun, but soon night will fall...

Ashley: I'll have to find another way around.

Grissom: Answer wisely, and you may yet live. Now tell me where Sydney hides!

Müllenkamp Cultist: ...Save your breath, knight.... You fools think the Dark will bend to you?

Grissom: We are prelates of the Lord, scum. We are not here to bend aught, we are come to cleanse! Now there is still time. Pray ... perhaps He will forgive. And I will pardon your sins in His name.

Müllenkamp Cultist: ...Go to hell.

[Müllenkamp Cultist turns into snowflies]

Guildenstern, offscreen: So end those who serve the Dark.

Samantha: What mean you?

Guildenstern: The Dark is formless and invisible. It invades the body like a plague, an unseen visitor. Yet those it taints become ... undying.

Samantha: Undying...?

Guildenstern: Yes. They do not die.

Samantha: But ... he did die. Turned to dust... Leaving no tracxe. Did he not?

Guildenstern: What is death? Is it the ruination of the flesh? Surely, that is death, but it is only one facet of the truth. True death ... is the death of the soul.

Samantha: And theirs is not a true death?

Guildenstern: Even should their flesh crumble to decay, their souls will wander eternally. The undying of Lea Monde do die... But it is ... an incomplete death.

Ashley, to himself: An incomplete death...

Guildenstern: Trapped in purgation, they yearn for life. Thus they seek bodies without souls... And the "corpses that walk" are born. They say the howl of the north wind is the cry of the wandering souls... Grissom, gather our remaining men. Join with Tieger's knights, and crush Müllenkamp. Go!

Grissom: By your command.

Samantha: ...Will the same happen to me?

Guildenstern: You will not die. And ...

Samantha: And?

Guildenstern: There is one who has found the true undeath. Immortality, my love.

Samantha: Let us search for this ... Sydney.

Ashley: So the Cardinal seeks immortality....

Duane, offscreen: That's right. But it's naught that concerns you.

Duane: An incomplete death's more than a VKP butcher deserves.

[They fight, and Ashley kills Duane.]

Duane: G-god... My soul .. is not ready....

[Ashley turns to see Guildenstern watching him.]


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