Introduction #2: Trailer Movie

[We have received a report from the Valendia Knights of the Peace regarding an unsolved felony that may affect state security.]

[It reads: Ashley Riot, a member of the Riskbreaker militia, has murdered a senior member of Parliament, Duke Bardorba, and is still at large.]

Hardin: ...Show them who they're dealing with! Torch the chambers and kill the hostages!!

Müllenkamp Cultist: Let's finish this 'fore the Blades arrive! Who goes there?

[The incident began with the occupation of the Duke's manor a week ago.]

Guildenstern: Have you found Sydney?

Crimson Blade: Not yet, sir.

Guildenstern: Put out the fires, or we'll lose the manor and all will be for naught! Split the knights into two groups, one to douse the blaze, the other to exterminate the traitors.

Crimson Blade: Right away, sir.

Guildenstern: ...Where are you, Sydney?

[Sydney, leader of the opposing cult group "Müllenkamp", took hostages, demanding the resignation of the cardinal and the release of prisoners.]

Sydney: Curse the Duke! Where's he hidden it?

Hardin: You sure the Duke really has it? Does the damned thing even exist?

Sydney: You doubt me, Hardin? You doubt my power!?

[What was the felon Sydney's true objective? ...And where on earth are those who escaped?]

Offscreen: F-forgive me! I did not intend... But Sydney, any longer, and there will be no escape for us!

Sydney: Stop your whimpering! You would leave empty-handed? Now, search!

[Only Agent Riot, once our dear comrade, can answer these questions. Spare no effort finding him!]

Ashley: Don't move, Sydney! I've got a bowgun aimed at your heart! Now turn 'round slowly!

Sydney: ...You're no knight, are you?

Ashley: Bind your legs with that rope.

Sydney: This is an unfortunate turn of events...

Hardin: Sydney!

Ashley: Hold it!! What's going on? You were most certainly dead.

Sydney: So... Still think the dead... only rise in faerie ... tales?

[Also, there is a peculiar rumor that many there saw a ... dragon, as the Duke's residence burned.]

Sydney: My...apologies... I've no time ... to toy ... with you.

[Good luck, and Godspeed.]


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