Introduction 1: Council Meeting

VKP Headquarters
Valnain 0:24AM

Council Member: Six hours have passed since the occupation of the Duke's manor by one Sydney Losstarot, founder and leader of the Müllenkamp sect. He and his allies have taken the Duke's family and servants hostage.
They hold the manor as we speak.

Council Member: To what purpose?

Council Member: The scum make two demands: The release of their imprisoned comrades and the abdication of Cardinal Batistum.

Ashley: Yet their religious freedoms, within reason, are protected... On what pretext should we apprehend them?

Inquisitor: We need no pretext! Müllenkamp is a pack of rogues, hiding behind a priest's frock. We believe them responsible for the attempt on our sovereign's life this Yuletide past.

Ashley: And the VKP will not free their comrades?

Council Member: Certainly not! Do you know how many agents gave their lives --

Council Member: All because of this religious freedom. Too much freedom. Too many gods. Let those cultist cur-dogs run loose, and they will bite you.

Council Member: Gods! While our Parliament cowers...

Council Member: ...Strike that outburst from the record.

Secretary: Yes, m'lord.

Shadowed man: Are cults not the templars' concern? Why must we be involved?

Council Member: .......

Shadowed Riskbreaker(s): Our Inquisitors have found that Müllenkamp's coin comes from the captive Duke himself. Indeed, Valendia might still be at war with itself, were it not for the Duke's heroism. Yet he wields much of his power from the shadows. Even after his retirement, his grip on Parliament is unrelenting. We have watched him long enough. Now it is time to act.

Council Member: Furthermore, we must discover why the Cardinal sent his Blades to deal with this incident without our approval. Inquisitor Heldricht will explain.

Inquisitor: You will go to the Graylands immediately. A map of the manor grounds is in your carriage. I've sent one of my agents ahead; she will fill you in when you arrive.

Ashley: She...?

Inquisitor: Agent Merlose.

Duke Bardorba's Manor
Graylands 1:58AM

Merlose: Agent Riot, I presume? I'm your partner, Callo Merlose. But please, call me Cal. How was your journey?

Ashley: How many are there?

Merlose: ...Our scouts report a dozen men. Of course, we have yet to spot Sydney, and there may be more inside the manor.

Ashley: Hostages?

Merlose: Including the Duke's family and servants, thirty-four. Thankfully, the Duke himself was away at the time.

Ashley: The Duke was not taken captive?

Merlose: Nay.

Ashley: How fare the Blades?

Merlose: We will have to wait and see. With the hostages inside, direct action is perilous. We must negotiate with Sydney while we collect information to aid our final --- What is this!?

Ashley: It seems the siege has begun... The Cardinal's Blades have made their move.

Merlose: We've given no such order! Their actions are in direct defiance of our authority!

Ashley: Perhaps their hand was forced?

Merlose: Wait, where are you going?

Ashley: The Blades have provided the perfect distraction.

Merlose: We must wait for reinforcements!

Ashley: Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements.


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